vizio tv making high pitched noise

Your Vizio TV making high pitched noise and you want to put an end to this problem?

You’ve come to the right place!

High pitched noises coming out of your Vizio TV could be quite an exceptional occurrence since it is very possible that your TV is having a conflict with an accessory device.

We will provide you with the best fixes out there to resolve your problem in no time!

Your Vizio TV might be making high-pitched noises due to accessory interference or it is likely to be caused by a failing electronic component inside its hardware. The issue could also be occurring due to faulty speakers or a problem with the power supply.

Let’s explore what could be the possible causes that are making your Vizio TV transmit high-pitched noise in-depth.

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Why Vizio TV Making High Pitched Noise And Picture Jumps?

This quite unusual occurrence where your TV keeps making high-pitched noise and jumping pictures is most likely to be coming from problematic electronic components within your device.

It is not certain that the device is having faulty hardware parts, but there is a pretty good chance that there is a problem with the flyback transformer, deflection yoke, or even the ferrite beads.

Besides the hardware failure, here is what else might be causing these noises:

Broadcast/Media Source Issue

A problem with the channel or source you’re watching on your Vizio TV could be the origin of the weird noise you’re hearing.

Power Supply

Sometimes whenever power supplies go faulty, your Vizio TV might produce a high-pitched noise for a little time before burning out completely.

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Accessory Devices

There could be interference caused by accessory devices connected to your Vizio TV.

Speakers Problem

If you’re hearing a high-pitched noise that doesn’t stop when you’re interacting with the TV, the problem could be from the speakers.

Don’t get discouraged yet, since there are some easy things you can try to resolve the problem with your TV, before contacting a technician!

How To Fix Vizio TV Making High Pitched Noise?

fix vizio tv making high pitched noise

We’ve prepared a handful of helpful solutions you can try to resolve the problem. Before that though, we recommend rebooting your TV in an attempt to resolve the problem.

If a restart didn’t work, try some of the recommended troubleshooting methods below:

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Solution #1 Power Cycle Your Vizio TV

In case the problem is power-related, your best approach is to power cycle your Vizio TV.

This will actively discharge the device, therefore resolving any possible power complications your TV may have developed.

Here is how to power cycle your Vizio TV in simple steps:

  1. Turn OFF your Vizio TV.
  2. Unplug the power adapter of the device.
  3. Wait for 5 minutes until your device discharges completely.
  4. Reattach the power cable and turn on your TV.

Tip: It is possible that the problem is coming from the power source, so we suggest plugging your Vizio TV into another outlet for the rest of the guide.

Solution #2 Change Media/Source

change the media source

The humming noise could be coming from a source or a certain media you’re viewing on your Vizio TV.

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Before proceeding any further, it is good to change the broadcast or source you’re viewing to determine the origin of the problem.

In case you’re viewing a broadcast from a source of a third-party device, it is good to switch to a television that is proven in its quality in regard to picture and sound.

This way you will become certain that the issue is coming from the hardware of your TV and not from the media you’re currently watching.

If the problem seems to be coming from the hardware of your TV, proceed with the following solutions.

Solution #3 Accessory/Output Devices

In case you have any additional devices attached to your Vizio TV, we suggest unplugging them and then connecting them back in to discover the problematic device.

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If you have any cast devices or cable boxes and consoles, make sure to disconnect their HDMI or the cable that connects them to your Vizio TV.

If this stops the pitching then the problem is being caused by one of the devices you’ve just disconnected.

Pro Tip: If the sound seems to have stopped now, make sure to reconnect them one by one to discover which device causes all this fuss.

Solution #4 Turn Down Blacklight

change tv backlight

A feature that could cause high-pitched noise when turned all the way up is the backlight setting.

This feature practically increases the intensity of the light. We suggest turning it down a little or all the way to stop your Vizio TV from making any disruptive sounds furthermore.

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Follow the steps down below to reduce the backlight of your Vizio TV and resolve the problem:

  1. Press the Menu button on your Vizio TV remote.
  2. Highlight the Picture option in the settings list.
  3. Access the picture settings and look for a feature that is named “Blacklight”.
  4. Make sure to reduce it down to 5-10% or turn it off completely.

Note: Once you’ve disabled/turned down the blacklight, we suggest rebooting your device to apply the changes. If the issue persists, proceed with our next solution.

Solution #5 Troubleshoot Power Supply

If your Vizio TV is making high pitched noise, then you should definitely inspect the power supply as it remains one of the main suspects.

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The high-pitched noise could be coming from an internal component of your TV, the power adapter, or the wall outlet.

Below we have prepared two easy ways to discover where that high-pitched noise is coming from.

Change Your TV’s Power Adapter

check power supply tv

Vizio TVs use a standard power adapter so it should be easy for you to replace the unit. Simply de-attach the power adapter from both sides and position the new unit.

Turn on your TV and let it work for several minutes. If the pitch noise is still there, proceed with the next recommendation.

Plug To A Different Wall Outlet

We also suggest plugging your Vizio TV into a different power outlet. High pitched and humming noises could often be caused by a fault in the power supply from the power outlet.

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Reposition your TV to a new outlet and test out if the issue is still there. In case the problem persists no matter what you do, there is one more thing you can try. Let’s find out what!

Solution #6 Reset Your TV

If the problem is occurring due to a wrong setting, your best shot is resetting your TV.

Performing a factory reset is relatively easy and you won’t have to erase all of your applications or files.

Follow the instructions down below to reset your TV:

  1. Press the Menu button and open the settings.
  2. Highlight System and press OK.
  3. Choose Reset & Admin and press OK again.
  4. Click on Reset TV to Factory Defaults.
  5. When it asks for a confirmation code, use “0000”.
  6. Confirm and wait.
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The reset should be done after a while, and you will be able to tell where the problem is coming from.

In case the noise is still there, the next best step would be to bring your TV to repair service or hire a technician to look at the situation.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix high-pitched noise coming out of your Vizio TV, try power cycling the device and inspect the power flow. Change the broadcast/source and turn down the backlight setting. Lastly, you can attempt to solve the problem with a factory reset on your Vizio TV.

Now that you know why Vizio TV making high pitched noise, we hope you were able to fix the problem with our suggestions.

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After all, the issue could be occurring due to a hardware fault and the best you can do is diagnose it and have it repaired.

Nicole B