vizio tv not responding to remote

Vizio TV not responding to remote is a hot topic that is frequently discussed across the technical forums. If you are experiencing a similar issue, you’ve come to the right place.

There could be plenty of reasons for this frustrating occurrence and there are also a bunch of troubleshooting methods you could try applying in order to fix the issue.

Having problems with your Vizio TV remote is a common problem that many users have and the issue is usually either with the batteries or the TV’s sensor. Today we are going to review most of the troubleshooting methods to get your Vizio TV remote working again.

Follow our steps and methods consequently and feel free to apply them to your remote.

Why is My Vizio TV Not Responding to Remote Control?

If you’re wondering why your Vizio TV is not responding, the issue is probably with the TV itself.

Although, there are a few simple things you could apply in order to refresh your TV and attempt interacting with it again.

In most cases, your TV sensors might be malfunctioning, your power source could be dirty or even damaged.

Of course, the issue could be with the remote as usual, but keep in mind that trying to interact with your Vizio TV using a third-party remote might not be the best thing to attempt.

Stick around as we list some of the best troubleshooting methods to apply both on your Vizio TV and remote.

Why is My Remote Not Responding to Vizio TV?

vizio smart tv not responding to remote

Having all that in mind we can now begin troubleshooting your remote as there is a great possibility that the issue is either with the batteries or with an incorrect power supply.

There are plenty of things you could try if you’re confident the issue is within your remote, but we have listed the most efficient methods to try in order to get the frustrating issue removed.

Method #1 Change Your Remote’s Batteries

Here we will address the issue where your Vizio TV does not respond to your remote and hopefully resolve it.

Definitely, the quickest solution to troubleshoot anything unusual with your remote is to change its batteries.

It is well known that old batteries can cause unwanted events and frustrating experiences.

It is always healthy for both the TV and the remote to occasionally change the batteries your remote is currently with brand new ones.

This will refresh the signal and make interacting with your smart Vizio TV even easier. Many of the Vizio remotes can both handle two AA or two AAA batteries.

If changing the batteries doesn’t seem to cut it feel free to proceed with our next method.

Method #2 Power Cycle Your Remote

If changing your batteries doesn’t fix the issue, maybe a nice power cycle of your remote will get it going.

Performing a power cycle is pretty easy to execute as the only thing you have to do is take the batteries out and hold the remote’s power button for a few seconds.

If implementing correctly, this method might be able to resolve the issue where your Vizio tv does not respond to the remote and get your remote and Smart TV running again

After performing a firm power cycle, insert your batteries back in the remote and check if it works.

If remotely interacting with your Vizio TV is still not possible, feel free to keep reading as we list the next methods addressing the TV itself.

Why is My Vizio TV Not Responding to Any Remote

If interacting with your TV using any remote doesn’t seem to cause any action, then we would recommend troubleshooting your TV.

In most cases, if the issue is found within your TV it is causally related to its sensors and possibly your TV’s surroundings

Keep reading as we review some of the best troubleshooting methods in order to get the issue causing great annoyance removed.

Method #1 Power Cycle Your TV

If power cycling your remote doesn’t seem to be successful, why not power cycling your TV?

The simple process involves just a few steps which you should follow closely if you don’t want any undesired events that could cause more trouble.

In order to perform a clean power cycle on your Vizio TV follow the steps below:

  • Unplug your Vizio TV’s cable from the power outlet and wait a few moments
  • Press and Hold your Vizio TV’s power button and wait some time.
  • Plug the cable back in and power it on


After performing the power cycle process, it is recommended to use a different power outlet to plug your TV back in.

This is because, there is a slight possibility for this whole issue to be based on an inappropriate power outlet.

Method #2 Clear Any Obstacles Blocking Your TV Sensor

If your Vizio TV is still not responding to the remote well, there is nothing to worry about as we have another solution that might get your Vizio TV and remote fixed.

The IR sensor located either on the bottom right or bottom left of your TV is well-known to be very sensitive and even the smallest obstacles such as the protective plastic wrap your TV comes with could be a problem.

Move anything that might be staying in front of the sensor and blocking the connection that reaches your remote.


A great tip is to dip a cotton swab into a bit of distilled alcohol and perform a little cleanup on both the TV and the Remote’s IR sensors.

That might remove any impurities within the sensors and contribute to the better health of the signal.

Vizio Smart TV Not Responding to Remote Issue Still There…

If none of the above-listed methods seems to work for you, we have also listed some alternative variations for you to apply.

Keep in mind that those methods involve troubleshooting methods that aren’t especially meant for Vizio TV but could also be applied to fix issues.

Method #1 Remote Memory Reset

A great method specifically meant for Universal Remotes, is to perform a reset of your remote.

Dispatching a reset of your remote to wield a great possibility of getting it to work again.

This is because if a remote is under persistent usage over time, it could start malfunctioning which could finally result in it losing signal with the TV’s sensors or entirely coming to an end.

In order to apply a memory reset on your universal remote, follow the steps described below:

  • Press and Hold the button called “Set” or “Setup”
  • Wait for the double blink of the LED located on the top of your remote
  • Enter the reset code which for Vizio is whether 981 or 977
  • The LED should flash twice once again which means the reset has been performed

After performing these simple steps, switch back to your TV using the button located on the top of your remote and see if it works.

Method #2 Contacting Manufacturer

If your Vizio TV is still not responding to the remote, you might want to contact your manufacturer for further support.

As mentioned above, the issue could be with the TV’s sensors and that is nothing you could troubleshoot by yourself.

Make sure to briefly describe what is wrong with your Vizio TV and list everything you have attempted in order to get the issue removed.

Bottom Line

We hope that we managed to resolve the “Vizio TV not responding to remote” inquiry and now everything is working again.

The issues on Vizio TVs are surely something common for many users and are absolutely easy to deal with.

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