how to reset vizio tv without remote

How to reset Vizio TV without remote could have more than one meaning. In that regard, this post will focus on teaching you how to perform a simple restart of your TV and even factory reset if necessary.

We are not going to need a remote for any of our methods and steps so everything you need is attention.

There are also included tips and recommendations to help you avoid unnecessary complications so make sure to keep reading in order to do things the right way.

To reset your Vizio TV without a remote you will need to use the buttons located on the back of your TV. They can be found on the bottom right corner of your TV, placed by the side of the screen (panel).

Some Vizio TVs have their buttons on the right side of the panel so take a look at the back of your TV to check where they are.

In fact, this is everything that we will need for now and we are going to jump right into details in a minute.

Without further ado let’s see how to reset your Vizio TV without a remote?

How to Reset Vizio Smart TV Without Remote Easily?

Whether you are looking to restart or reset your Vizio smart TV here we will explain how and go through everything important.

Before we start, we would like to provide you with an illustration of the buttons you have on the back of your Vizio TV.

This way you will be able to easily navigate later when you will have to use them in order to apply the reset of your Vizio TV.

There are four general buttons and they should be aligned on the panel in the same way they are listed below:

  • Power Button
  • Volume Up Button
  • Volume Down Button
  • Input/Sources Button

Let’s start with a simple restart of your Vizio TV first.

How to Restart Vizio TV Without a Remote?

Restarting your TV without a remote is actually faster than doing it with the remote. Simply go to the power outlet where your Vizio TV is connected and plug out the power cable.

It doesn’t really matter if your TV is working or not. At this point, it is recommended to wait at least 3 minutes and then plug it back in.

By cutting the power off your Vizio TV will restart all services and perform a clean boot after which you can enjoy a better experience.

That remains the fastest way to perform a simple restart of your Vizio TV.

Another way to perform a simple restart would be by pressing the Power Button on the back of your TV, which should be the first button-down from the top.

Single press will turn off your TV and after a few moments, you can power it back on.

If this is not what you were looking for let’s proceed to the default factory settings restore without using the remote.

How to Factory Reset Your Vizio TV Without Remote?

how to factory reset vizio smart tv without remote

The things get a little bit more complicated here and we are going to use the buttons on the side of the TV as mentioned in the introduction.

Important Note:

Keep in mind that by performing a Factory Settings Reset, your TV will be returned to its default state. All personal settings configurations will be permanently lost.

In that regard, we recommend taking a last look at everything you’ve configured so far in order to recover it easily after the restore is done.

Method #1 – Use Back Panel Buttons

Having all that in mind you shouldn’t have any hesitations proceeding forward, so here is how to reset Vizio TV without remote:

Step 1. Ensure that your TV is ON.

Step 2. Press and hold the Volume Down and Input Button simultaneously.

Step 3. After 5 to 6 seconds a massage on your Vizio TV will appear. “To Reset to Defaults, from the back panel, press the input button for 10 seconds”.

Step 4. As the message suggests now you can release both buttons and press & hold the input for 10 seconds.

Step 5. If the reset is being done right a new message should appear. “Memory is being cleared. The display will reset shortly”.

The Vizio TV then will turn off and it should boot back up in a minute or two. Once the TV starts it will be reset to default factory settings.

Pro Tip:

If you are too slow between steps 3 and 4, the reset might not work. Ensure that you hold the input button in step 4, immediately after the message from step 3 appears.

In case you miss it the first time, there is nothing to worry about as you can try as many times as you need.

Method #2 – Use Remote Application

If method #1, did not work for you, which is highly unlikely here is how to reset Vizio TV without a remote using another method.

The downside here is that you need to have pre-configured your smartphone remote app, which will allow you to use your phone as a remote for your Vizio TV.


If you don’t have a remote and you have never connected the remote app to your Vizio TV this step will NOT work for you.

Sadly, you need a control input to your TV so you can set up the remote mobile application.

In contrast, if you have your smartphone app set up with your TV, here we are introducing the steps to restore the factory default settings of your Vizio TV.

Using your smartphone as a remote:

  • Navigate to the TV’s menu
  • Press on System
  • Tap on Reset & Admin
  • Locate and Press Reset TV to Factory Defaults
  • Enter password/pin (if required)
  • Confirm by pressing “OK

This will restore your Vizio TV to its default settings, again without using the dedicated remote.


You should be careful here if you are using your smartphone as after the default restore, your remote mobile app will no longer be linked to your Vizio TV and you will no longer have a way to interact with it.

Still Can’t Reset Vizio TV Without Remote…

If the methods above were not able to reset your Vizio TV to its default state, unfortunately, there is no other way to do so. There is no need to get discouraged as you still have a couple of options.

By visiting the official Vizio support team and explaining your issue as well as what have you tried so far.

They might be able to provide you with troubleshooting steps, especially if your back panel buttons are not working.

If by now you have noticed that a physical button on your Vizio TV back panel is not working, you can troubleshoot it yourself by giving it several firm pushes and clearing dust around it.

If you can’t manage to get it working, you can always check your warranty and if available get the advantage of it.

Another, really cheap way to interact with your Vizio TV without using the original remote, would be to buy a universal control.

Their prices are really low, starting from $13.99, and many people have reported excellent responsiveness and working functionalities.

You can’t expect a top-level performance, but we are sure that it will get the job done.

Tip: If you decide to purchase a universal remote, ensure that Vizio TV is supported!

Bottom Line

How to reset Vizio TV without remote remains a frequently asked question across many technical forum conversations.

Luckily there is more than one way to perform a restart without using the dedicated remote.

If our post managed to help you restart your Vizio TV, make sure to take a peek at our technical blog, you most certainly will find something interesting to read.

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