how to prevent ring doorbell from being stolen

Are you trying to find the best and the most tactical guide on how to prevent Ring Doorbell from being stolen?

Can’t you find the right step-by-step procedure on how you can do it?

In this tutorial, we will be walking you through the steps on how you can ensure that your security device is kept safe!

To prevent your Ring Doorbell from being stolen, ensure that it’s properly mounted onto a solid surface and has a protective covering. You can also use a backup camera that monitors it for extra protection! 

Before we jump to that, let us first clarify something that a lot of people have been dying to know about.

Would thieves and robbers be able to use a Ring Doorbell even if it’s stolen?

Can a Stolen Ring Doorbell Be Used?

A Ring Doorbell is like any other product-based service that requires an account.

So, in theory, the thief or the burglar could reset the Ring Doorbell and use it for their benefit.

However, that’s not how easy it is. You see, the process of taking ownership of a Ring device is quite complex.

The new supposed owner would have to contact Ring’s customer support for assistance. Then, on the customer service side, they’ll have to confirm it with the previous owner to see if this is valid.

In fact, by that span of time alone, the owner could already have called about the fact that the device has been stolen.

So, no matter how we look at it, it’s far from reality that a burglar can easily use a stolen Ring Doorbell. In fact, it’s almost impossible for someone to deregister the device without their consent.

Why Would a Ring Doorbell Be Stolen?

Now that we know that the intention is not to reuse it, what would the reason be?

The most probable reasons why an individual would want to steal it would be any of the following things:

  • They would sell and try to make a profit from it
  • They’re trying to infiltrate your living or working space

We know what you’re thinking, isn’t it ironic that the device that would protect you from theft and burglary is the device that would get stolen?

In case you weren’t aware, Ring Doorbells are among the costliest and most expensive devices in the market; they would really attract burglars and robbers.

So, how do you prevent your Ring Doorbell from being stolen? What are the things you can do to make sure that this doesn’t happen?

How to Prevent Ring Doorbell From Being Stolen?

prevent ring doorbell from being stolen

There isn’t a “golden rule” that you can follow in order to fend off burglars from stealing your security device.

In fact, several Ring Doorbell users reported that there were instances where it took burglars less than 20 seconds to dismount and remove the camera.

But, we were able to gather some of the best tips from people who are currently practicing it.

Here are some of the things that you can do to keep your security device safe and protected.

1. Attach and Install it to a Hard Surface

The problem with most Ring Doorbells is that the installation hasn’t been thought of thoroughly. It’s convenient to install, yes, but a lot of people tend to forget that their door frames aren’t solid.

Most of the time, people just mount and attach them onto door frames or soft walls with a few screws.

So, what you can do is to attach and install them on solid walls like cement, plasters, stuccos, or any other hard surface.

2. Use Protective Case or Covering

Another thing that you can consider doing is to utilize a protective casing or covering that is secure enough.

You can use a metal locking plate, a stainless-steel box, or a grid box, whatever you think will be the most effective.

Note: Of course, in doing this, you have to make sure that the video of the camera will still be visible.

3. Put Up a Sign

It may sound silly, but it has been reported to be the most effective. Imagine plastering a sign that says the security camera they’re looking at is connected to the house alarm, wouldn’t that be a good defense mechanism to do?

This was actually an experiment done on bicycles, where owners displayed a message that the bicycle is monitored. It cut the burglary or the robbery by a mere 50%.

You can use this to your advantage; by doing this, you can actually turn the situation around.

4. Have a Backup Camera

It wouldn’t hurt to have a secondary camera that’s watching over your primary camera, right?

This is the option that the vast majority of people take, and so far, it has been the most effective.

Thieves, per se, are careful people, and when they see another security camera watching their every move, they’ll choose not to go with their plans any longer.

For them, stealth is paramount and any sign that they’ll be caught will already be enough to scare them away. 

5. Use Neighbors By Ring

Neighbors by Ring is a feature that would help you by giving you alerts to anything about crime within a radius of five (5) miles around your location.

It’s built into the Ring app and is applicable to Ring and Amazon systems.

And that’s it! You can do one of these or you can choose to do all of them, it’ll be up to you!

What Do I Do if My Ring Doorbell Gets Stolen?

There will be instances where it’ll really be stolen, even if you protect and keep it safe to the best of what you can.

So, what do you do if this is what your situation is? What are the steps that you need to take?

  • Report the occurrence to the police as soon and as early as possible.
  • Capture images or videos of the scene, but DO NOT TOUCH ANYTHING.
  • When the police are done with the report, ask for a copy of it.
  • Report the theft to Ring and tell them about what happened.

Important: The company will replace your stolen Ring Doorbell for free. You just have to make sure that you have the police report, as well as a capture of what happened.

After you report it to Ring, you should have the replacement Doorbell within 15 days!

By installing it onto a hard surface, adding a protective casing to it, putting up a sign, and using an additional camera, you’ll be able to prevent your Ring Doorbell from being stolen! We also recommend using Neighbors by Ring for added security and protection!

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It’s almost impossible to think that your Ring Doorbell will never get stolen.

But, to heighten and improve the security, follow these methods and steps on how to prevent your Ring Doorbell from being stolen!

Nicole B