how to save ring doorbell video without subscription

If you’re wondering how to save Ring doorbell video without subscription, well, here we will explain how.

There are a few really easy ways to save a video your camera has recorded, without paying the monthly subscription.

Videos that your Ring doorbell records are usually stored for 30-60 days without having an active subscription. Without one, if you’re viewing the video through a phone, you can screen record the video and save it permanently.

Using a desktop PC, the same screen recording is possible using some capturing software.

Now when you have a basic understanding of how saving without a subscription works, let’s take a look at the different ways of doing it.

How Do I Save My Ring Doorbell Video Without Subscription?

how do i save my ring doorbell video without subscription

Before we proceed, make sure your phone is connected to Ring and you’re eligible to access the temporal recordings your Ring camera makes.

Also, ensure that the notifications for movement on your doorstep are enabled and you know whenever a motion is detected.

Now that we have this in mind, let us proceed to the best ways to save Ring videos without having an active subscription.

Method #1 Use Phone To Record Videos

If you have notifications enabled on your Ring, you will know whenever a motion is detected and when your camera records. This is where your duty kicks in.

While your camera records and you’re viewing the live flow, you have to screen record the device you’re viewing with.

The video will be temporarily stored in the Ring cloud anyway, but you will have the video on your device still.

This way you will bypass going to the cloud and downloading any of the videos your Ring camera records. That on the other hand requires a subscription.

How Do I Screen Record?

Well, nowadays no matter what OS you use, the app store always has a variety of different screen recording apps.

Newer iPhones and Android devices have an inbuilt screen recording feature so all you need to do is put the live view of your cameras and hit record.

Pro Tip: You can try to rotate your phone horizontally to turn the video and form the perfect recording canvas.

Method #2 Use 30-Day Free Trial

If you have recently bought your Ring doorbell and are still wondering how to save Ring doorbell video without subscription, you can use the 30-day free trial provided by Ring!

During those 30-days of the free trial, you will be able to share, store and save videos of your Ring camera records.

In other words, you get 30 days of premium Ring subscription the first time you activate it.

How Do I Activate the Ring 30-Day Free Trial?

Well, it is pretty easy to access the 30-day free trial. This trial usually pops up as an ad for new Ring accounts, but you can Google it to see the page where all specifications are written by Ring.

To activate it, on your new account, click on the button Start 30-day free trial, on the official page of Ring, and follow the on-screen instructions.

They will require your card to verify that you are a user and after this, the 30 days will start counting down.

Notice: After the 30-days are over, Ring will apply a $3 charge to renew the subscription unless you cancel it beforehand.

If you have activated your Ring trial before you won’t be able to acquire another 30 days free for this account.

Method #3 Save Videos On Computer

Literally, any computer that has internet access can view the Live View on Demand that is provided by Ring without any subscription.

In other words, you will be able to observe your camera’s view in real-time on your computer. If you can view it, you can record it.

All you need is to install the Ring software and access your cameras to watch their feed. While there you can use a 3rd party recording software or an inbuilt application.

Here is some recording software that will get the job done:

  • Fraps (up to 60 frames per second recording)
  • OBS – Open Broadcast Software
  • Screen Recorder

Simply go in Google search for any of this software and simply download & install them.

Once ready, access your camera’s live footage and start recording your PC desktop. In the end, you’ll have saved video on your local storage, without having a Ring subscription.

Do I Need a Ring Subscription?

The ring subscription contains all premium features available for your Ring doorbell camera.

However, one of them is the ability to save short recordings your camera creates to a digital cloud where you could view them later.

Except only for saving videos, you will also be able to share and redirect them.

For instance, whenever your Ring doorbell detects a motion at your doorstep and starts recording, you will get a notification that this video is being uploaded to the pointed device.

Unfortunately, without a subscription, you won’t be able to save any of the motion sensor detected videos as they will be deleted as soon as the new recording is ready.

The only way to acquire storage and save all of them is by subscribing.

How Long Does Ring Doorbell Save Video Without Subscription?

As we’ve mentioned above, Ring will save your video for a short period of time, until it is downloaded or deleted.

This time is usually 30-60 days as it differs throughout the regions. In America for instance, that period is 60 days, in Europe, it is 30.

But what happens when the video is deleted automatically when the period runs out?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to recover the video in an official way, but if you’ve used a messaging app to transfer or share the video, the recipient may still have it.

Saving videos through Ring without a subscription is easy if you’re targeting to record the Live Feed. Motion sensor videos will be deleted and there is no way to get your hands on them without a subscription.

Recording your live feed would be the only way to export any Ring videos locally.

Bottom Line

Now that you know how to save Ring doorbell video without subscription, the only thing left is to try it.

There is nothing illegal here as if Ring didn’t want people to record their Live Feed they would have excluded this possibility.

For more helpful guidelines regarding Ring doorbell, visit our blog that has all kinds of technical solutions for your smart home products!

Nicole B