how often to charge ring doorbell

So, you are wondering how often to charge Ring doorbell? You are not alone! Ring is a top choice regarding video doorbells and home security, and it is easy to see why.

Installing Ring devices is a breeze, but how often do you charge a ring doorbell?

It is best to charge your Ring doorbell at least every six months, but it can be based on your usage, internet strength, app settings, and other environmental factors. 

Importance of Battery Life for Uninterrupted Ring Doorbell Performance

battery life and doorbell performance

Ring’s lineup of Video Doorbell models includes several wireless options.

These intelligent doorbells utilize rechargeable battery packs that you can conveniently detach and recharge as needed.

Remember that it is important to keep the battery in good shape to use your doorbell.

It is essential for:

  • Video recording, motion detection, and real-time alerts
  • Uninterrupted security
  • Reliable surveillance during power outages
  • Better connectivity with the Ring app
  • Real-time notifications
Fact: Ring doorbells can use batteries but are just as easy to connect to your existing doorbell wiring. 

How Often to Charge Ring Doorbell?

proper way to charge ring doorbell

The battery life of most Ring video doorbells typically ranges from six to 12 months.

However, this can vary depending on factors such as:

  • Climate
  • Usage
  • The specific model you have

But, sometimes, you may not be charging it for long enough. How often is good enough?

Charge your Ring doorbell at least every six months – but it could be earlier depending on your usage. 

Charging Ring Doorbell Based on Models

charge ring doorbell based on models

Some Ring Doorbells are hardwired and do not require any battery, but others come with a battery pack.

How often you charge them depends on their models, as they have varying battery capacities. 

For instance: 

Ring Door BellBattery LifeBattery Capacity
Ring Doorbell WiredN/A — hardwiredN/A
Ring Battery Doorbell PlusUp to 8 months5,800mAh battery pack
Ring Doorbell 2nd-generation6 to 12 months with normal usage6040mAh Lithium ion
Ring Doorbell 36 to 12 months with normal usage6200 mAh
Ring Doorbell Pro N/A — hardwiredN/A
Ring Doorbell Pro 2N/A — hardwiredN/A
Ring Doorbell EliteN/A — hardwiredPowered by ethernet

Company’s Take on Charging Ring Doorbells

According to Ring, you must recharge their batteries after 1,000 uses.

Their ratings are tailored for typical usage, which amounts to three to four “events” within 24 hours. 

If used extensively, the battery is not going to last long.  

Fact: Ring batteries may deplete within a matter of weeks if the doorbell continuously detects passing vehicles on a bustling street. 

Time It Takes to Charge Ring Doorbells

charging ring doorbells time

Okay, so how long do you have to charge a ring doorbell? The charging time for the Ring Doorbell battery usually ranges from 5 to 10 hours.

Ring claims its batteries have a lifespan of approximately 6 to 12 months. However, it will rely on several factors, as previously stated.

Fact: It is possible that some Ring Doorbells may need to be recharged as frequently as once a month. 

Best Way to Charge Your Ring Doorbell Battery

ring doorbell charging ways

The charging process will vary depending on the specific Ring device you own. 

Original Ring Doorbell

  1. Begin by loosening the security screws.
  2. Detach the device from the mounting bracket.
  3. Look for the micro-USB cable at the back.
  4. Use it to connect the bell to a power source. 

Second-Gen Ring Doorbell

  1. Begin by loosening the screw.
  2. Carefully remove the faceplate.
  3. Gently press the release tab.
  4. Now, carefully slide out the battery.
  5. Use the micro-USB port to charge the battery.

Important Factors Having an Impact on Charging Frequency

having an impact on charging frequency

When it comes to charging Ring doorbells, many factors can impact how long it takes to require a recharge. For instance:

Weather Conditions

Expect your battery life to come down a bit in colder climates. Battery life may also suffer due to higher temperatures.

Here is a bit about the critical temperatures to avoid:

  • The battery may fail to hold charge effectively at 36F.
  • The battery may not charge at all at 32F.
  • The battery may become dysfunctional at 5F.
Fact: All Lithium Polymer batteries have a hard time maintaining charge under 36F.

Your Usage

If you use it more often, you may need to charge your Ring doorbell earlier than expected.

Battery life may come down due to increased activities, such as:

  • Video recording
  • Motion detection
  • Live View
  • Real-time alerts
  • Two-way audio communication

The Quality of Wi-Fi

How strong your Wi-Fi signal is will also impact the battery life of your Ring doorbell.

The Ring doorbell is forced to transmit its signals at a higher power, draining your battery faster.

Best Charging Practices for Optimal Battery Performance

best practices for optimal battery performance

Keeping your Ring Doorbell charged is essential to maintain uninterrupted home security and convenience.

Here are the steps to follow to charge your battery properly: 

Step #1: Initial Charge and Calibration

  • Charge your brand-new doorbell and calibrate before use.
  • Find the charging cable and adapter and plug it into the doorbell.
  • Connect the adapter to the power socket and charge it.
  • Wait until it reaches 100% capacity.’ 

Step #2: Monitoring Battery Level

Once you have initiated the initial charging, watch your Ring Doorbell’s battery level through the Ring app.

  • Launch the Ring app on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Select the doorbell you wish to monitor.
  • Keep an eye out for the battery percentage indicator on the main screen.

Step #3: Work Out a Charging Schedule

You can establish a charging schedule per your usage by monitoring the battery levels.

For instance, if the battery usually lasts two weeks, plan a charging session every other week. 

Getting a Better Understanding of Low Battery Indicators

understanding low battery indicators

It would be best if you do not ignore any low battery indicators to keep using your Ring Doorbell uninterruptedly.

Your Ring app sends notifications when your battery is running low and offers helpful tips to extend its life.

Here’s how to turn it on:

  1. Install the Ring app.
  2. Open it.
  3. Access the device dashboard page.
  4. Look for notifications.
  5. Toggle them on and off.

You will get low-battery reminders through email as well as your Ring app. 

More about Low Battery Notifications

about low battery notifications

Expect to receive a notification the moment the battery level on your Ring doorbell drops below 30%.

You can find this notification in three different sections of the app:

  • You will get notified, just like the motion alerts you already receive.
  • Look for a vibrant red “low battery” icon on your device dashboard.
  • Look out for a small red dot on your event timeline. 

Using Official Ring Accessories for Optimal Charging

It is advised to utilize the official Ring accessories for the optimal charging experience and to prevent any potential issues.

These accessories are specially crafted for Ring devices, guaranteeing seamless compatibility and optimal safety.

Here are a few official Ring accessories that you can use to charge your Ring Doorbell conveniently:

Ring Doorbell Charging AccessoriesDescription
Ring indoor power adapterIt lets you connect your doorbell directly to a power outlet, ensuring continuous supply.
Ring Solar PanelThey use solar energy to charge your doorbells and serve as an eco-friendly option.
Ring Quick Release Battery PackIt simplifies battery replacement and lets you charge without interruption.

Quick Tips to Extend Ring Doorbell Battery Life

extending ring doorbell battery life tips

If you think your Ring doorbell battery does not last as long as expected, here are some steps to take:

  1. Limit the Live Feed use to conserve power
  2. Change motion sensitivity to reduce unnecessary alerts.
  3. Opt for custom motion zones.
  4. Reduce video quality in the Ring app to preserve battery.
  5. Keep the app and firmware updated.
  6. Place your doorbell in areas with moderate temperatures.
  7. Invest in a Wi-Fi extender.
  8. Opt for Motion Snooze to turn off detection at certain times.
  9. Consider turning off audio streaming.
Fact: Using a high-quality third-party charger may work, but it is better to opt for the official adapter to avoid battery issues. 


Learning how often to charge Ring Doorbell is important because it can enhance lifespan.

Knowing when to charge will also ensure uninterrupted surveillance, which is paramount.

Just be sure to install the Ring app and watch how well the battery is doing; you will do just fine.