ring doorbell pro light not spinning

Is your ring doorbell pro light not spinning? While the Ring doorbell is quite simple, it is not uncommon for issues to arise.

Here are some troubleshooting advice for the Ring Doorbell.

If the Ring Doorbell is not connected to the Ring application, it will not be able to perform features such as seeing who will be at the door using the camera. When the Ring Doorbell stops spinning or stops working, it’s usually because of an issue with the wifi.

Before moving on to some troubleshooting strategies, let’s look over some of the most possible reasons:

Reasons Why Your Ring Doorbell Pro Light Is Not Working

Other common causes for a Ring Doorbell’s inactivity include:

  • The router was knocked out by a surge in electrical power
  • The router has a wire that has come loose
  • The password for the Wi-Fi has been updated
  • The battery has run out
  • There has been a brief power outage

We’ve put together some troubleshooting tips below to help you figure out what’s wrong and fix any problems you’re having with your Ring Doorbell.

Fixing Ring Doorbell Pro Light Not Spinning

fix ring doorbell pro light not spinning

Method 1. Check The Device’s Power

A power supply between 16 volts to 24 volts is required for the Ring Doorbell Pro. The wire service of a classic outdoor doorbell is usually connected to a Ring Doorbell.

It may be necessary to utilize more power depending on the situation and often your Ring Doorbell Pro is utilized, and also what operations are performed.

  1. Open Device Health in the Ring app
  2. Search for the voltage setting
  3. Find if your Ring Doorbell Pro is equipped with enough power

There is no power issue with the Ring Doorbell Pro When you select the voltage choice, make sure it reads properly or at least 3,900mV.

Method 2. Device Is In Setup Mode

The first time your Video Doorbell obtains power, it should automatically enter Setup Mode. This could be another reason your Ring Doorbell Pro light is not spinning.

If your Video Doorbell does not enter Setup Mode immediately, try the following:

  1. Press and release the orange button without holding it down
  2. Turn the power off and then back on
  3. Make a hard reset

If the light does not begin to spin after pressing the orange button, conduct a hard reset.

  1. Hold down the orange button for 20 seconds to do a hard reset
  2. The light on the front will blink a few times when you release it

This is signaling that your Video Doorbell is restarting.

Note: Allow roughly a minute for this procedure to complete, then push the orange button on the back briefly to return it to Setup Mode.

Method 3. Disconnected Ring Device Fix

It’s critical to remember that the majority of these scenarios are only transitory. In most cases, your Ring device will automatically rejoin the network after the circumstances that prompted the disconnect have passed.

Your device may, on rare occasions, remain disconnected. First, make sure the problems you’re having are caused by a wifi disconnect.

To see if your Ring Doorbell is connected to the internet, do the following:

Step #1. Select your Ring Doorbell in the Ring app, then Device Health.

Step #2. If your Ring Doorbell Pro is not connected to the internet, it will display “Offline” in the Network header.

Step #3. Next, double-check that all of your connections are correctly connected and that all of the lights on the router’s front panel are lit up green.

Step #4. Look to see if any other wifi devices are having issues connecting to the network.

Step #5. Disconnect your router for 30 seconds before reconnecting it.

Step #6. Make sure to check if your Ring Doorbell reconnects automatically.

Step #7. Setup Mode is activated by pressing the Ring Pro’s side button.

Step #8. Wait 10 seconds before pressing it again to see if your Ring Doorbell rejoins immediately.

Method 4. Charge The Ring Doorbell Pro

With moderate use, the rechargeable battery can last months between charges.

This is determined by a variety of aspects in your home’s environment, including the weather and the number of activities recorded.

Step #1. Remove the doorbell’s security screws from the base and raise it up and away from the mounting bracket.

Step #2. Attach any micro-USB charger to the Ring’s charging connection on the rear (an orange charger comes inside your Ring box).

Step #3. When the circular light on the front of your Ring gadget is a solid blue circle, your battery is fully charged.

Step #4. Using your security screws, reattach the Ring unit to the mounting bracket.

Step #5. Test your Ring Video Doorbell by hitting the front button after around 30 seconds (time for the gadget to start up).

Method 5. Perform A Hard Reset

If you’re having trouble with your Ring Doorbell, you might want to try doing a factory hard reset.

This is how it’s done:

Step #1. Find the orange button on the back of the doorbell and press it.

Step #2. For more than 15 seconds, press and hold the orange button.

Step #3. After 15 seconds, release the button. The front of the doorbell’s light should blink a few times to indicate that the device is resetting.

Step #4. Allow roughly 5 minutes for the device to finish the reset, and the hard reset should be complete.

Note: Once this has been completed try to reconnect the device to see if the issue has been resolved.

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Finally, there are a few possible causes of a Ring Doorbell Pro light not working. The main reason for this is that there is a wifi issue, and this causes the doorbell to not spin. Alternatively, the device might not be in Setup mode, this may require a hard reset to get it up and running again.

Bottom Line:

We hope that the approaches and troubleshooting processes outlined above were helpful in addressing the Ring Doorbell Pro light not working issue and that you now have a deeper understanding of why this issue occurred.

If you require any additional support with the Ring Doorbell Pro light not spinning, please contact Ring’s customer service team.

They will be able to provide you with additional troubleshooting techniques as well as additional tips & techniques.

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