How to reconnect Ring doorbell to new wifi

In this post, we will answer “how to reconnect Ring doorbell to new wifi?” and show you how to avoid well-known issues in the process.

If your Ring doorbell suddenly lost connection to your network and you are not able to get it back online, make sure to keep reading as down below we are revealing many troublesome occurrences and how to resolve them.

To reconnect your Ring doorbell you can simply use the dedicated mobile application. There you will be provided with the opportunity to reconnect, in case your Ring doorbell got disconnected at some point, or change the entire network if necessary.

In case you’re having trouble, further down in the article we will go through the method in detail.

Without further ado, let’s check the easiest way to reconnect the Ring doorbell to new wifi.

How To Reconnect Ring Doorbell To New Wifi Fast?

As we mentioned in the introduction, the fastest way to change to an entirely new Wifi is to use the dedicated mobile application.

In order to connect to a network, open the Ring app and navigate the top left three lines.

Once there tap on “Devices” and select yours (doorbell, camera, etc…). Tap on “Device Health”, which is located on the bottom of the stream, and finally select “Change Wifi Network” or “Reconnect to Wifi”.

If this method does not work for you, there is nothing to worry about we’ve thought of everything. Keep reading and at the end of this post, your issue is highly likely to be gone.

Why Ring Doorbell Not Connecting To Wifi?

ring doorbell not connecting to wifi

You should note that there is a wide range of network issues that could be interfering with your Ring doorbell attempts to connect.

Here are some possible reasons for this issue:

  • Low battery (for battery-operated devices)
  • Power loss (for powered devices)
  • Power outage – results in a temporary network loss
  • No internet connection

If you haven’t experienced power surges and your device does not use batteries, then the circle is tightened enough to conclude that the issue is coming from the network.

In that regard, we’ve prepared a complete list of troubleshooting steps focusing mainly on your network, at your disposal below.

Let’s start by ensuring several important things:

Step 1: Check Your Network

To ensure that there is nothing wrong with your network connection, simply take your smartphone out and connect to the Wifi.

If your smartphone connects successfully and there are no outages where everything seems normal, feel free to proceed with our next step.

If you notice lag, delay, or connection issues, this could be preventing your Ring doorbell from establishing a stable connection.

Step 2: Password Change

If your Wifi password was recently changed, this answers why your Ring doorbell is not connecting to Wifi.

You should open the mobile Ring doorbell application and manually enter the new password.

Even if the device was previously connected to the network it will always get disconnected upon password changes.

Pro Tip:

The above-addressed issue applies to any smart device using the network.

Step 3: Reboot Router

You can reboot your router in order to restart all services, especially the Wifi you’re trying to connect to. Turn off your router with the button on the back and wait for about 5 minutes.

Then turn it back on and wait another 5 minutes for the Wifi to get online. Test it with your smartphone first and if everything is smooth, your Ring doorbell should be able to connect as well.

Step 4: Check Your Device Power Supply (Battery Operated)

This step applies to Ring devices operated with batteries. If yours is hard-wired, feel free to proceed to our next step.

If your battery is low on power or not capable of re-charging anymore, it might be the reason why your Ring doorbell is not connecting to Wifi.

To check the health of your Ring doorbell battery follows the steps below:

  • Open the Ring smartphone application and navigate the top left three lines
  • Navigate Devices on the list that will appear on the left side of the screen
  • Select Devices
  • Select your Ring devices (doorbell, camera, etc.)
  • Press on Device Health located at the bottom of your screen
  • Search for Power Status to check the levels of your battery charge

Step 5: Check Your Device Power Supply (Hardwired)

In this step, you’ll learn how to check if your hardwired Ring devices are receiving proper power.

The steps are very similar as when checking the batteries except for at the end you should be looking if your devices are receiving power.

Step 6: Check Compatibility

If your network was recently updated from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz, your Ring doorbell device might not be able to connect.

The reason would be that some older devices do not support a 5 GHz network simply because they don’t have the proper hardware.

If this is your case, then congratulations, you’ve identified the reason why your Ring doorbell not connecting to Wifi.

Unfortunately, you might need to look for routers that can share both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks.

Step 7: Change Network Password

We have found that it is a common issue for Ring doorbell to suddenly disconnect from your Wifi.

Many people reported that they have managed to resolve the issue by changing the Wifi password.

To change your Wifi password you are going to need a personal computer or laptop. To change your Wifi password, you will need to access the router control panel.

To do so follow the steps below:

  • Open the start menu and type “CMD
  • Right-click > “Run As Administrator
  • Type /ipconfig
  • Copy IPV4
  • Open your browser and Paste the IPV4.
  • Log in by using the default credentials admin/admin (if login credentials are different, you will need to contact your internet supplier)
  • Navigate to your Wifi network (we recommend using a password without special characters)
  • Change password

Now you can open the Ring smartphone application and try connecting your devices to the network using your new password.

Ring Doorbell Still Not Connecting To Wifi?

If none of the steps above managed to get your Ring doorbell back online you might experience a severe issue.

At this point, we are not able to conclude if the issue is software or hardware related but it certainly means that it’s not your power supply or network.

The only further troubleshooting would be to check all the wires involved in the device’s installation and ensure that everything is working properly on your side.

Also, if you have a device similar to Floodlight Cam, that is connected to a light switch or a timer, ensure that the switch is “ON”, and the timer is working well.

You can always contact the official Ring customer service to update your software and troubleshoot further.

If you have completed all of our steps, you can be sure that you have everything that depends on you.

Bottom Line:

We hope our post answered the question “how to reconnect Ring doorbell to new wifi?” and get the device back online.

If you are interested in more technical solution content our blog surely has something for you!

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