directv remote volume not working

DIRECTV remote volume not working is a typical issue with this portable handheld device. But people with hearing problems would have to struggle to keep up with their favorite digital satellite channels on the screen.

Sometimes, even those who quickly get annoyed with loud sounds may also be at a disadvantage from having a malfunctioning DIRECTV remote volume.

Today, we will look into the usual reasons why your DIRECTV remote volume not working and how to fix this problem.

How to Get the Volume to Work on My DIRECTV Remote

Most of you may have asked yourselves how to get the volume to work on my DIRECTV remote? But before we dive into the possible troubleshooting techniques you can try out, let us first discuss the primary reasons why this issue occurs.

Obstructions Between Receiver

Since the Genie controller sends signals to your receiver, your two devices’ pathway must be clear from obstructions. Aside from this, wireless equipment, such as microwave ovens, baby monitors, and cordless phones, may also interfere with your reception.

Low Battery

One of the most usual culprits for this issue could be your set of batteries. If your device has had the same set of batteries for months or even years, you may want to try replacing them as soon as possible. If not, a low battery power might interfere with your receiver reception.

Unresponsive Buttons

Another typical reason you are having difficulty changing your controller’s volume is due to unresponsive buttons. When this happens, you won’t be able to adjust your show’s loudness and change from one channel to another.

Not Programmed Properly

DIRECTV users need to point their remote controls to their receivers to control their television. However, if your devices are not correctly programmed, you might have a challenging time controlling your program’s volume.

Fix DIRECTV Remote Volume Not Working

fix directv remote volume not working

There are several straightforward techniques you can try out on your own to resolve this issue. We suggest you do these first before purchasing a new controller or contacting DIRECTV’s technical support.

Step 1. Remove Obstructions

Before trying out other complex techniques, make sure that there are no physical obstructions between your DIRECTV controller and receiver. Put away wireless devices that may interfere with your signal and place them as far as possible.

Step 2. Replace Batteries

If your room no longer has physical obstructions between your controller and receiver, your next course of action should be checking whether your batteries are in good condition.

You can do so by pressing and holding any button on your device for a few seconds. A green light indicates that you have adequate battery strength. However, a slow, blinking light or none at all means that you need a new set of batteries.

Step 3. Reset Remote and Receiver

The best way to resolve unresponsive buttons is by resetting either your remote or your receiver.

To reset your receiver, you can follow these steps to guide you throughout the process:

1.  First locate the red button on your receiver. Typically, DIRECTV receivers will have this on its side or inside its access card door.

2.  If there is no red button on your device, you can unplug its power cable instead.

3.  Wait for around 15 seconds and then plug it back in.

4.  Press and hold this button until your device restarts automatically.

However, if resetting your receiver does not resolve your issue, you can try any of the methods below to reset your remote:

Method 1

  • Press the Menu button, and then navigate the Settings tab.
  • Click on the Remote-Control menu and choose Pair/Program Remote.
  • When prompted, enter the 5-digit code for your respective TV manufacturer.
  • You can visit their official remote code webpage to find yours.

Method 2

  • Press both the Select and Mute buttons together until the light indicator blinks thrice.
  • Press 9-8-1 in the same order and then Select.
  • Wait until the remote blinks four times, indicating a successful factory reset.

Step 4. Pair Your Remote with Your Receiver

If you are unsure whether your controller is appropriately set up to control your receiver, you can follow these steps to guide you throughout the process:

  • Hold the Enter button on your device for at least three seconds.
  • When a Source menu pops up on your screen, select your preferred receiver input source.
  • Afterward, press both the Enter and Mute buttons on your device simultaneously while pointing your remote to your receiver.
  • If your device was successfully paired, you should see the Applying IR/RF Setup message on your screen.

Re-program Genie Controller

If you reset your device, you may need to re-program your Genie controller again. Fortunately, you can do so automatically or manually.

Automatic Programming

The most convenient way to program your controller to your television is by automatic programming.

You can follow these steps to guide you throughout the process:

Step 1. Press both the Enter and the Mute buttons simultaneously while pointing your controller to your receiver. Release the buttons once the light indicator on your device turns and blinks green twice.

Step 2. Afterward, you will receive the Applying IR/RF Setup on your television screen, indicating that your set up is ready.

Step 3. Press the Menu button on your controller, and then go to the Settings & Help menu.

Step 4. Select Settings and then choose the Remote-Control option.

Step 5. Select Program Remote and then follow the instructions on your screen.

Manual Programming

If you cannot program your remote to your television automatically, you can follow the steps below for manual programming:

Step 1. Press both the Select and the Mute buttons simultaneously while pointing your controller to your receiver.

Step 2. Release the buttons once the light indicator on your device turns and blinks green twice.

Step 3. Type in 9-6-1 on using your device when prompted.

Step 4. Click on the Channel Up button and then the Enter button afterward.

Step 5. Confirm your selection. You will then receive an on-screen message indicating that your device is ready for set up.

Step 6. Follow steps 3 to 5 of the Automatic Programming technique.


After reading these steps, I am sure you can fix your DIRECTV remote volume issue. This non-working is not a serious issue and can be fixed as mentioned. However, if still your issue is not fixed you can contact the support staff or get a new remote.

Nicole B