directv remote volume not working

Wondering why is DIRECTV remote volume not working? Stay with us throughout the guide!

With the great number of DIRECTV remote types available nowadays, it might be or it might not be easy to rule out particular issues with the volume controller.

However, due to the plenty of information reported by users, this guide will help you indefinitely fix the issue with the remote!

To fix your DIRECTV remote’s volume issue, check the input mode and power cycle the controller. Replace the remote’s batteries, inspect the volume buttons, and consider performing a factory reset if the problem persists.

Let’s continue to unwrap more!

Why is the DIRECTV Remote Volume Not Working?

why is the volume not working on directv remote

Your DIRECTV remote’s volume controller may stop working for multiple reasons! 

  • The batteries of the DIRECTV remote control are worn out.
  • A programming issue between the remote and the receiver.
  • The DIRECTV remote is in an incorrect functionality mode.
  • The settings of the DIRECTV TV receiver are misconfigured.
  • There’s a physical or wireless interference blocking signal.
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DIRECTV Box Remote Compatibility?

You can be flexible in your choice of remote when it comes down to controlling the channels, volume, and functions of the DIRECTV receiver.

Even if the remote didn’t come with your TV receiver originally, as long as it is compatible, the volume control should be working smoothly.

Info: You can use all Genie and Gemini remotes with your DIRECTV receiver as well as plenty of universal remotes compatible with satellite technology. 
directv box remote compatibility

DIRECTV Volume Not Working On Remote7 Easy Solutions!

Tip: Follow the steps consecutively!

1. Power Cycle the DIRECTV Remote

To be able to address any underlying issues with the DIRECTV remote, it is recommended to perform a power reset to the device.

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This method will not unpair your remote from the receiver, so it’s safe, to begin with, right from the start.

Here’s how to perform a power cycle on your DIRECTV remote:

  1. Turn the DIRECTV remote upside down.
  2. Remove the battery compartment cover.
  3. Once exposed, gently take out the batteries.
  4. Hold each remote button for 2 seconds.
  5. Hold the power button for an extra 30 seconds.
  6. Then embed the batteries into the TV remote.
  7. Tightly seal the compartment cover and test.
power cycle the directv remote

Replace the DIRECTV Remote Batteries!

If the remote is still not controlling the volume of the receiver, then insert a fresh set of two AA or AAA batteries, based on the type of your remote of course.

There are plenty of universal, Genie and Gemini DIRECTV-compatible remotes that use different sets of batteries.

Note: Verify that the springs in the battery compartment are not damaged or missing!

2. Switch the Mode of the Remote

switch the mode of remote

Most remotes compatible with DIRECTV receivers, such as the Genie, Gemini, and the DIRECTV Wi-Fi remotes have an in-built mode system.

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Thus, you can change the mode of the remote and the type of devices and receivers it communicates with by pressing a button.

How to Set Correct Receiver Mode?

In order to set the correct receiver mode on your DIRECTV remote, push the mode slider on the tip of the remote all the way to the left.

You will know when the remote is in receiver mode whenever the switch displays the DIRECTV symbol on the display.

How to Change Remote’s Input Mode?

how to change remote_s input mode

If the DIRECTV remote controls only control the receiver but won’t work with your TV, set the input mode on TV”, AV1 or “AUX based on the device you wish to control.

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Also, keep in mind that the remote will control the receiver in a different way if set on a non-compatible mod.

Tip: Test with all possible modes on the DIRECTV remote to determine which one works best.

3. Hard Reset the DIRECTV Receiver!

If you’re still unable to control the volume of the receiver, then you should apply a hard reset to the DIRECTV receiver.

hard reset the directv receiver

If the receiver has frozen or cannot accept the IR signals transmitted by the remote, unplugging the device from power for a few minutes will refresh the device’s system!

Here’s how to perform a hard reset on your DIRECTV receiver easily:

  1. Locate and press the power button on the front of the receiver.
  2. Once the TV box shuts down, disconnect the power cable.
  3. Then, hold the power button on the front for up to 15 seconds.
  4. Wait for another 60 seconds while the TV box is unplugged.
  5. Connect the DIRECTV receiver directly to the electrical outlet.
  6. Turn on the receiver and test whether the remote volume works.
Tip: Test the DIRECTV remote volume control from different angles!

4. Reprogram the DIRECTV Remote Control

reprogram the directv remote control

One of the reasons why the DIRECTV remote volume not working is that the controller is now unprogrammed from the receiver.

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In order to use a remote other than the original one shipped with your equipment, you must undergo a programming process in the receiver’s settings.

How to Program a Universal Remote to DIRECTV Receiver?

  1. First, press the “MENU” button on the remote control.
  2. Select “Settings” and then go to “Remote Control”.
  3. Then, press on the  “IR/RF Setup” option in the list.
  4. If you’re in RF, change to “IR” and tap “Continue”.

How to Program Genie Remote to DIRECTV Receiver?

  1. First, point the remote towards the DIRECTV receiver.
  2. Press the “MUTE” and “ENTER” buttons at the same time.
  3. Wait for an “Applying IR/RF SETUP” window to appear.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to pair the remote.
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program genie remote to directv receiver

How to Program Gemini Remote to DIRECTV Receiver?

  1. Hold the DASH () and APPS buttons on the remote control.
  2. Keep holding until the LED light on the remote blinks twice.
  3. Reboot the DIRECTV receiver by pressing the power button.
  4. Once the TV box reboots, hold “FAST FORWARD” + “REWIND”.
  5. Wait for the on-screen prompt to occur and follow the steps.
Note: If your remote won't pair, reboot your DIRECTV receiver and try again!

5. Eliminate any Infrared Obstructions!

One of the potential reasons for your remote’s inability to control the volume of the receiver is an obstructed IR line of sight.

eliminate any infrared obstructions

If there’s something in-between the remote and the DIRECTV TV receiver, you will be unable to increase or decrease the volume until there’s a clear path.

  • Verify that there are no obstructions between the remote and the receiver!
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On the tip of your remote, you’ll notice a little red bulb, that we call “IR eye”. In turn, the DIRECTV receiver also has one of these red bulbs on the front.

Hence, both bulbs must see each other, so in addition, we recommend wiping both of them with a clean cloth.

Infrared Wireless interference?

infrared wireless interference

There could also be wireless signal interference with both IR and Wi-Fi remotes.

Move all Bluetooth devices, IR transmitters, radios, devices with metallic surfaces, and baby phones away from the receiver.

Info: Needless to say, there shouldn’t be other receivers working with the same type of IR frequency signal close to your DIRECTV box, and of course, the remote.

6. Factory Reset the DIRECTV Receiver

When you are unable to control the DIRECTV receiver’s volume with the remote, you might be facing a software complication.

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factory reset the directv receiver

To properly approach any system problems with the receiver, it is recommended to initialize the software of the TV box by conducting a factory reset process.

Alert: The factory reset is going to erase all system information stored on the device!

Follow these steps to factory reset the DIRECTV receiver:

  1. Find the DIRECTV power button on the front of the receiver.
  2. Hold the power button on the receiver for 10 to 15 seconds.
  3. Wait until the DIRECTV receiver powers off and restarts.
  4. Finally, test the DIRECTV remote control on the receiver.

How to Refresh DIRECTV Service?

directv refresh my service

Warning: Data loss!

You could refresh the service of the DIRECTV receiver by navigating into the settings. Simply go to “My Equipment & Features” in the settings and press “Refresh my Service”.

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Shortly after, a loading bar will appear on the screen of the TV and once it fills up, the receiver will reboot.

Note: The service refresh will erase all customized preferences, playlists, and favorites!

Quick Recap:

Hence, to fix when the DIRECTV remote volume is not working, first, power cycle the remote and replace the batteries of the controller.

In case the control cannot control the volume only, check for wireless/physical interference and eventually, factory reset the receiver.

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