how to connect polk soundbar to samsung tv

If you don’t know how to connect Polk soundbar to Samsung TV or something does not work quite as expected, then this guide is for you!

Here we’ve prepared a series of steps to help you out with the connection between your Polk soundbar and TV.

We’ll also describe the cables you can use and how to connect them to avoid the possibility of failure.

To hook up your Polk soundbar to your Samsung TV, begin with turning both devices on. Next, acquire an HDMI cable and plug it into the HDMI ARC input of your soundbar and ARC output of your Samsung TV. Lastly, select the “D.IN.” source on your Polk soundbar and play some music to test the functionality.

If you have never connected a soundbar to a TV before, then our guide is just for you to learn everything that you should be aware of.

How To Connect A Polk Soundbar To A Samsung TV?

connect polk soundbar to samsung tv

Connecting your Polk soundbar to a Samsung TV is really easy since all you have to do is to establish the cable connection and then set up the internal settings.

Next, we will go over the complete step-by-step instructions for getting the Polk soundbar unit paired to your Samsung TV.

Let’s now begin connecting your Polk soundbar to the Samsung TV in the following steps:

Step #1 Preparation

The first and most important step is getting your entire setup ready. By setup, we mean your soundbar and the Samsung TV that you’re going to connect.

Here are some important factors of preparation for getting your setup ready:

  • Connect the soundbar to power – If you still haven’t plugged the power cable of your Polk soundbar, now is the time to do so.
  • Turn on your Samsung TV – You must turn on your Samsung TV for the connection with the soundbar to be available.

Those are the essential setup steps you should start with. Proceed with the next step in our guide to get your soundbar connected.

Step #2 Acquire An HDMI Cable/Optical Cable

acquire hdmi cable

Aside from the preparation step, you should also pay attention to the type of connection that you’ll be using.

Since you’re going to be transferring the sound of your soundbar to the TV via an HDMI cable, it’s recommended to purchase a high-speed unit.

You can also use an optical cable that connects via the exact same way as the HDMI cables, only the ports that you’ll be using are different.

Since we’re going to explain how to connect the HDMI cable, you can still follow our instructions, but instead of HDMI ports/connectors, search for the optical entries.

Although you will be connecting the HDMI to the ARC input on your Samsung TV, it’s still recommended to get a high-speed HDMI unit for even more clear sound and no disruptions.

Note: High-speed HDMI cables can be bought from any technical store in your local area.

Step #3 Locate The HDMI ARC Input/Output

locate hdmi arc Input Output

Next, you have to locate the HDMI ARC connectors both on your Samsung TV and the Polk soundbar.

Since the soundbar has only one HDMI ARC output, you should be able to find it on the back of the sound device.

As for your Samsung TV, the HDMI ARC input tends to be located on the side panel of the device or with older models, on the bottom.

Either way, it may take a minute to locate where exactly is the HDMI input on your Samsung TV, but once you’ve found it, proceed with the next step.

Tip: Under each input on your TV and soundbar there should be labels such as (HDMI 1, HDMI 2, HDMI ARC, or OPT-IN/OUT).

Step #4 Connect The HDMI Cable

After having the HDMI ARC inputs identified, it’s time to connect the HDMI cable to the ARC entry of your setup.

For this step, get the HDMI cable and ensure once again that both your soundbar and TV are turned on.

Here’s how to connect the HDMI cable on your Polk soundbar and Samsung TV:

  1. Grab the HDMI cable’s one end.
  2. Plug it into the HDMI ARC input on the back of the Polk soundbar.
  3. Grab ahold of the other end of the HDMI cable and plug it into your Samsung TV.
  4. Position the cable correctly so its body doesn’t twist or sit in an unnatural position.
  5. Attach the HDMI cable tightly, both on your TV and Polk soundbar’s end.

Once the HDMI cable is secured, the last step would be to choose the correct source.

Tip: The same steps apply for an optical cable, except that you’ll need to connect it to the optical input entries.

Step #5 Change Polk Soundbar Source

change polk soundbar source

To successfully transfer the sound of the Samsung TV to the soundbar, you have to press the source button on your Polk soundbar.

Generally, there are plenty of sources on your Polk soundbar that you can choose from.

However, based on the source, the soundbar can either be compatible or incompatible with your TV unit.

Note: Some of the sources on your soundbar may be incompatible with the TV and the audio will not be transferred.

On the little display of your soundbar, the sources will change upon pressing the source button.

You will want your soundbar to be at D.IN. source, which is the compatible option for televisions.

This is how to connect Polk soundbar to Samsung TV and what’s left is to play some music to test the system’s functionality.

Step #6 Play Music

play music

Lastly, play some tunes to test your Polk soundbar out. Ensure that you’re playing music from an audible source and you know there isn’t a problem with the mp3 file.

For instance, you can use proven sources to play music or media, such as YouTube, Spotify, Netflix, SoundCloud, and much more.

Before you play music, ensure that you’ve increased the volume of both your Samsung TV and the soundbar.

At this point, you should be hearing the Samsung’s TV audio through the soundbar.

In case something does not work quite as expected, repeat the steps from the beginning and make sure to apply everything correctly.

Note: In case something does not work, you can seek assistance from both parties, Samsung customer service or the Polk support team.

Thus, to connect your Polk soundbar to your Samsung TV, locate the HDMI ARC input and output on both devices and acquire a suitable HDMI cable. Plug both sides of the HDMI cable respectively into the device’s entries and choose the “D.IN.” source on your Polk soundbar.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you’ve learned how to connect Polk soundbar to Samsung TV you can use this method to connect almost any TV to a soundbar.

The steps remain the same for almost any TV and soundbar and if you have more devices to hook up, feel free to save this post for future use.

We hope that our article was helpful for you to connect your Samsung TV to your Polk soundbar and in case you’re experiencing difficulties, make sure to check our blog for a solution!

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