how to turn off auto dimming on samsung tv

If you’re looking forward to learning how to turn off auto dimming on Samsung TV then you’re at the right place.

There’s been a misconception about these features because the way to disable them differs on old and new Samsung models, but we got you covered regardless!

The general way to turn off the auto-dimming on a Samsung TV you must first enter the settings of the device. Then go to System > Echo Solution > Echo Sensor and by sliding the button, choose to enable or disable the auto-dimming.

This workaround might not apply to your Samsung TV model and if this is the case then there is a different approach.

How to Disable The Auto-Dimming On Different Samsung Models?

Since the way of disabling the auto-dimming feature differs in the old and new models of Samsung TVs, we will cover both.

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In that regard, you will need to identify which year your Samsung model was released and then apply the corresponding method.

How To Check My Samsung TV Model Release Date?

You can check what year your Samsung TV has been released by opening the manual of your device or on the back panel sticker of your TV.

In both places, you should see a combination of numbers that will represent a specific Samsung TV model on the official Samsung site.

Once there and you insert your TV model number, the release date should appear next to it.

Once you’ve got an idea of when your TV model was released, apply the correct guide below.

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We will start with the models released in 2016 or older first and then models released in or after 2017.

How To Turn Off Automatic Dimming On Samsung TV (2016 or Older)?

0ld models

To disable the auto-dimming feature on your Samsung TVs (released in 2016 or older), follow the steps below:

Step #1. First, grab the remote of your Samsung TV and select the menu button.

Step #2. Go to the system options and scroll down to reach the Echo solution tab.

Step #3. Highlight the echo solution tab and click the OK button to access the feature.

Step #4. In the echo solution tab, locate the Echo sensor feature.

Step #5. Next, find a slider that is usually in green color if the feature is enabled.

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Step #6. (Optional) If the slider is in green color, highlight it using your remote and press it once to turn it off (It should become gray once it is disabled.

Step #7. (Optional) If the slider is in gray color, highlight it using your remote and press it once to enable it (It should turn green once it is enabled)

Again, if your TV is released in 2017 or after, this guide will NOT work, instead you will need to use the steps below.

How To Turn off Auto Dimming On Samsung TV (2017 Or Newer)?

new models

If your TV has been released in or after 2017 then this means that there is a different method for you to disable the auto-dimming feature.

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Note: The auto-dimming feature on Samsung TVs released after 2017 is labeled under Ambient Light Detection in the settings.

Now, to locate and disable the ambient light detection follow the steps below:

Step #1. First, launch your Samsung TV and check if the ambient light detection is active. The ambient light detection will set your TV’s dim according to the brightness in your room.

Step #2. Open your TV’s menu and head to the settings.

Step #3. Locate the General tab and press the OK button once while the tab is highlighted.

Step #4. In the general tab, scroll down until you find a feature named Ambient Light Detection.

Step #5. Click on the feature and wait until you are redirected to the Ambient light detection settings.

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Step #6. Find the on/off button for the feature and configure it as per your desires.

Note: All settings below will help you customize your TV’s auto-dimming and configure it as per your requirements.

How To Disable The Auto Dimming Feature On Samsung TV Permanently?

For some of you, simply disabling the auto-dimming feature from the TV’s menu might not work and re-enable after the first firmware update.

There is a way to disable the feature permanently and prevent it from auto-enabling in the future.

Note: This method only works on Samsung TV’s release in or after 2017.

Here we will disable the auto-dimming feature permanently by entering the Service Mode. To execute the process rightfully follow the steps below:

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Step #1. To enter the Service Mode, execute the following sequence of buttons: Mute > 1 > 8 > 2 > Power Button (TV should reboot).

Step #2. After the reboot, a menu should appear where you should select SVC.

Step #3. Next, go to Other Settings and choose CAL Data Backup. The TV screen might flicker and bring you back to the menu.

Step #4. Once you’re back in the menu, highlight Advanced and press “0” four times on your remote.

Step #5. A new menu will appear where you should select Picture_2D.

Step #6. Go to SubSetting.

There you will be seeing many options, two of which will be PMW Mid and PMW Min. Simply press on each one after another and set their Value to 100 using the remote.

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Note: You can also set the PWM_MOIVE_INI to 100 as well to avoid the scenario in which a certain movie will have a dimming decoder to lower your brightness.

This way your TV will remain at its finite brightness and never be able to change, except manually of course.

You can always come back here and follow the steps to enable or adjust the dimming feature on your TV as per your requirements.

Depending on your TV release year the way to disable the feature and its name are different. For older devices, you need to find and disable the Echo sensor feature, as far as newer devices you’ll be looking to disable the ambient light detection.

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Bottom Line

Now that you know how to turn off auto dimming on Samsung TV explained in detail, it is up to you to decide whether to keep the feature turned on or off.

After all, the auto-dimming might be useful for some and frustrating for others so make sure to check what customization settings there are!

For more detailed guidelines such as this one, don’t hesitate to check out our technical blog to learn more easy fixes for your smart home devices!