samsung tv smart hub won't start

If your Samsung TV smart hub won’t start, we are here to help! In this post, you will get familiar with what might cause this issue and what are the methods to solve it.

The workarounds are proven to work by people with the same issue as yours and we have prepared everything at your disposal in an easily accessible manner.

To fix the issue, you can try to reset your smart hub. If this doesn’t work, check for a software update and verify your Samsung hub’s internet connection is fine. 

Then delete any unused apps and perform a power cycle on your Samsung hub about which we will discuss more further in the post.

Before we jump right into the solutions, you definitely need to learn more about the possible causes and their origin.

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Why Samsung Smart TV Smart Hub Won’t Start?

There could be several factors impacting your Samsung smart hub’s functionality.

It could either be a pending software update or an inappropriate power flow within your device.

To provide you with a better visual of what you are dealing with, here is a list of all possible causes:

  • Wrong activation
  • Pending software update.
  • Bad internet connection.
  • Bad boot.
  • Inappropriate app files
  • Hardware Issues.

Even if we have missed something it will most likely be resolved if you apply the upcoming methods precisely. Shall we move on?

How To Fix Samsung Smart Hub Not Working?

how to fix samsung tv smart hub

Now that you are familiar with the possible causes it is time to start troubleshooting, regardless of your case.

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Our recommendation is to apply the methods in order so you can effectively identify and resolve the issue.

Method #1 Activate Smart Hub

The very first thing that you should start with is properly activating your Smart Hub.

Many people reported that the Smart Hub is not working, where the real problem was inappropriate setup. 

If you have concerns that you were not able to follow the Samsung’s’ setup instructions, here is a simplified guide to activate your Smart Hub:

  1. Press the Smart Hub button.
  2. A message Downloading – Installing should appear.
  3. You should also see an internet message, that your Smart Hub is connected to.
  4. Choose Agree on all prompts that appear.
  5. Press OK when the update message appears.

The setup might take a few minutes, so you have to be patient. Once ready, press the Smart Hub button on your remote to start and check if now everything works.

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If not, let’s move on to the next method.

Method #2 Power Cycle

If restart was not enough or not possible, here you will learn how to perform a power cycle.

This method won’t only entirely restart your TV but will also contribute to a cold boot and clean services.

To perform a power cycle, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off your Samsung TV using the remote or the buttons on the side.
  2. Unplug the power cable from the power source.
  3. Wait for an interval of at least 3-5 minutes.
  4. Plug the power cable back into the power source.
  5. See if the issue still persists.

This is how to efficiently perform a power cycle on your Samsung TV.

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This method is universal and can also be applied in other situations as well, so don’t doubt performing a power cycle whenever you’re having any tech issues.

This way you will evade any further complications related to the malfunction of the power strip device.

Method #3 Troubleshoot Internet Connection

If your Samsung TV smart hub won’t start even after performing a power cycle, then we’re left with the possibility of a faulty network connection.

If your network is not strong enough you won’t be able to benefit from any sort of streaming services or broadcasted from the Samsung smart hub.

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In some cases, it won’t even start so troubleshooting your network remains one of the most important methods.

Here are a few steps that will improve your network:

Use Wired Connection

One of the ways that can significantly boost your network’s speed is to wire up your connection. This task will be performed using an Ethernet Cable.

All you have to do is look for an ethernet slot somewhere throughout your TV.

Then simply plug the ethernet cable into the router and navigate it to your Samsung TV’s slot.

This way you will benefit from the original speed of your network and evade Wi-Fi-related slowdowns and other bothering events.

Relocate Router

If using a wiring connection does not seem to quite fit your situation, there is still another try-worthy method to eventually boost your connection.

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Simply relocate your router as close as possible to your Samsung TV and pair it via WiFi.

For instance, if your connection is a 5GHz one which is the fastest connection of all currently, keep in mind that the signal will have a hard time traveling through walls.

While the 2.4GHz signal will easily travel through up to 3 walls without any difficulties.

In that regard, we recommend learning more about your network before attempting any of those tips to apply the correct steps.

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Restart Router

A basic method to refresh your connection is to restart and power cycle your router. Simply turn off the device and unplug the power cable.

Next, simply wait for a few minutes and turn it on again.

This process should resolve temporal slowdowns and faulty packages that might be slowing down your connection, so make sure to apply the method regularly.

Method #4 Update TV Firmware

As we have mentioned above, one of the main reasons you might not be able to access the Samsung smart hub is due to a pending firmware update.

Make sure to check the settings of your TV and click on check for updates.

If there is anything new ready to be installed, make sure to select the download & install button and let your TV get its new firmware version.

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At this point you have to be patient as the update can take up to 15 to 20 minutes.

Note: During the update, your TV might restart several times.

Method #5 Troubleshoot Hardware

If you have tried everything so far, we are left with the possibility of a hardware issue.

Don’t get discouraged yet, because there are a few things left that you can try at home and possibly resolve the problem.

You can start with testing your Smart Hub on another TV. If it does not work, then there is definitely something wrong with the hardware.

In that regard, it could be the power cable, and replacing it would be the only thing left to do at home. If possible, check for the issue with a brand-new cable.

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Samsung Smart Hub Isn’t Working Still…

At this point, we can conclude that your Smart Hub might be having a hardware problem, especially if it has been exposed to physical or water damage.

If nothing had helped so far, our last suggestion would be to seek further assistance from the Samsung support team.

Upon getting in touch, we suggest including what you have tried so far to avoid repeating recommendations.

Bottom Line

Those were the best fix methods related to Samsung TV smart hub won’t start.

We hope that you have managed to fix your problem and if not, at least you have learned something new.

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If you are interested in more similar posts, make sure to visit our blog in which we regularly upload smart home solutions.

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