blink sync module not connecting to wifi

Blink sync module not connecting to WiFi and you’re wondering where the problem is?

Search no further and join our guide to identify and resolve the problem in a matter of minutes.

Here we’ll describe all possibilities and address each of them until you are left with the true cause of your problem.

Your sync module’s connectivity might be suffering from several factors. Ensure your network is reliable and relocate the sync module closer to the router. If you’re using cellular, make sure the base station is near a window and check if you have any data left.

Before we list any of the solutions, let’s review what are the potential causes that are making the WiFi on your sync module (base station) drop.

Why Is Blink Sync Module Not Connecting To WiFi?

Your Blink sync module might have disconnected from the WiFi due to network problems, caused by your router.

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Some users are even using cellular data to connect their module, but we don’t recommend using that type of connectivity since it isn’t designed for continuous usage.

Here are some of the reasons that might be preventing your base station from connecting to WiFi:

1. Network Problems

An issue with the WiFi or the network in general, might disconnect all of your devices, not only the sync module.

2. Out of Range

In case your router’s WiFi doesn’t reach all the way to the sync module, you won’t be able to connect the device.

3. Incompatible Network

Your sync module might not be compatible with the network your router is transmitting.

4. Power Issues

If your sync module is going through power-related troubles, it might fail to connect with WiFi of any kind.

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5. Wrong Password

Lastly, if you’re inserting the wrong WiFi password when hooking up your Sync module, it will definitely fail to establish the connection.

Note: The chances are low for the problem to be with your sync module.

In most cases, users who are struggling with similar types of issues report that troubleshooting their network/WiFi, resolves the problem.

However, let’s continue with the solutions.

How To Fix Blink Sync Module Not Connecting To WiFi?

fix blink sync module wifi

Now that you know what could be happening to your sync module, let’s review the best solutions available.

Remember not to skip any of the steps, and apply the solutions in the order they are listed for best results.

Solution #1 Reconnect Sync Module

It is possible that you’re doing something wrong while connecting your sync module.

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This is why we are going to guide you through the process in a detailed step-by-step tutorial.

Follow the instructions down below to connect your Sync module to the WiFi network:

  1. Make sure you have the Blink app installed on your phone.
  2. Enter the app and select “Home front” or “Home back”, based on where the sync module is located.
  3. Tap on the cogwheel at the bottom of the page to enter the settings.
  4. In the middle of your screen, there should be a button with the sync module which you have to click.
  5. Stand close to the sync module until the app detects it.
  6. Tap on the connection and select your network.
  7. Lastly, enter the WiFi key and tap “Confirm”.
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Note: Double-check if you’ve selected the correct network and you’re inserting the WiFi key right.

If that didn’t resolve the issue, then let’s check what the situation is with your sync module itself.

Solution #2 Hard Reset The Sync Module

hard reset blink module

Although the issue is most likely related to your network, we suggest performing a hard reset on your Sync module to clear out any power fluctuations.

This process would practically discharge your device, therefore preventing the device from randomly turning off.

To hard reset your sync module, follow these steps:

  1. Unplug your sync module’s power adapter from the outlet.
  2. Wait for 5 minutes in order for your device to be discharged.
  3. Re-attach the power adapter and wait for your sync module to boot.

Once you have executed these steps, try reconnecting your sync module with the instructions back in Step #1.

In addition to this solution, you can also try connecting your sync module to a different wall outlet, in case you feel insecure about its power supply.

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Solution #3 Connect Blink To A Different Frequency

The problem might be within the network frequency. The Blink sync modules will connect to the 2.4Ghz band so if you’re using the 5Ghz band, now is the time to change it.

Note: Routers that support the 5Ghz band, can have up to two networks.

So, if you have the 5Ghz network setup, you don’t need to delete it. Just add another 2.4Ghz one.

change blink frequency

Follow the steps down below to create a separate 2.4Ghz band, to connect your module:

  1. Copy the default gateway of your network in the “CMD” (Command Prompt) of your Windows, by typing “Ipconfig”. You can also Google “What’s my IP?
  2. Paste the default gateway in your browser and use admin/admin as default login credentials in the following screen.
  3. Go to the Network tab and inspect the frequencies.
  4. If your router is compatible, you can have up to 4 fields you can host a frequency on.
  5. Tap on an empty field and select its frequency which should be 2.4GHz.
  6. Create a WiFi key and name your network (we suggest naming it “2.4”, so it becomes distinguishable from your current one).
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Once you have executed these steps, confirm the changes and restart your router. Try connecting your Blink sync module to the brand new network and check if that resolves the problem.

Solution #4 Disable Any VPNs

disable vpn blink

If your Blink sync module isn’t connecting to WiFi, then you might have a VPN on your mobile device/PC connected to the network.

If you do, you should disable it in order to connect your sync module to the WiFi.

If you’re using an active location-altering service, this will impact your ability to connect to the sync module and therefore connect it with the network.

Make sure to delete, or temporarily disable any active VPNs or firewalls and try connecting your sync module with the instructions back in step #1.

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Solution #5 Change Your Network’s Name

Certain older firmware versions of Blink sync modules had troubles connecting to WiFis or networks with special characters included, such as: &, =, @, %, :, ;.

We suggest setting the rename of your network and making sure it does not contain any of the characters listed above.

Even if your device has the latest firmware installed, such characters could still cause incompatibility with your sync module.

To correct the name of your network, you can either enter the router settings with the instructions from Step #3 or use the committed router app if you have one.

Solution #6 Troubleshoot Your Network

If nothing worked so far, then perhaps the problem with your sync module is caused by the network/WiFi connectivity.

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The internet’s workability can be interrupted from various sources, including increased bandwidth usage, to internal problems with the router.

Follow the bullets below to boost your network and solve any ongoing issues:

troubleshoot network

1. Hard Reset your Router

Unplug your router’s power adapter for 5 minutes and re-attached it once the time has elapsed.

2. Reconnect all Cables

Make sure all of the cables in your router’s configuration are attached correctly. Reconnect the internet cable, all Ethernet connections as well as the coaxial cable if you’re using a TV service.

3. Relive your Network

Prevent large data handling tasks. You can reduce high-quality streaming, downloading/uploading, and seeding until you figure out the issue with your Blink sync module.

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After executing all of these steps, try reconnecting your Sync module to determine if the issue is fixed.

In case you’ve identified a network issue that you cannot solve, contact your ISP for help.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, if your Blink sync module doesn’t connect with the network, try hard resetting the device and plug it into a different outlet. Next, make sure to use a 2.4GHz frequency and exclude any incompatible characters from the network name.

Lastly, troubleshoot your internet and try reconnecting the sync module with WiFi.

Now that you know why the Blink sync module not connecting to WiFi, we hope you’ve managed to resolve your problem by the time you’re reading this.

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Connectivity problems could be easily caused, but with the right approach, you can always resolve them in no time!

Nicole B