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A Blink camera is one of the best ways to keep an eye on your property. But, there would be times when you need to remove it from the mount – like when you want to relocate it.

So, in this guide, we’ll be discussing with you the steps on how to remove blink camera from mount.

We’ll go over the steps completely and comprehensively so that you wouldn’t need another guide for it.

Removing a Blink camera from its mount is simple. First, you simply have to set it up at a height where you can reach it. Then, while keeping the mount stable and steady, carefully pull the base (bottom) part of the camera from the mount.

Detach it completely from its connection.

Keep reading, and you’ll find detailed instructions on how to remove your Blink outdoor camera from its mount in no time.

Before that, though, let’s briefly discuss too few things about Blink – which is the manufacturer of these security cameras.

About Blink Camera

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Blink, an Amazon company, is one of the best indoor/outdoor security cameras on the market.

Customers say Blink cameras help homeowners prevent or solve thefts, watch children, or even keep an eye on the wildlife.

Plenty of Blink users have seen deer in their backyards through their outdoor cameras.

Blink offers top-rated indoor cameras as well as outdoor options too! All of which can be mounted on high parts of your home.

You can keep tabs indoors and outdoors from a Blink app on your phone. In addition to that, you can also store footage on the cloud for an affordable monthly fee.

If you want to monitor your home at a low cost with technology that’s easy to use, Blink is a great choice. There’s no contract involved, and Blink cameras integrate well with smart home systems.

Given its connection with Amazon, Blink works with Alexa. 

While you are adjusting your thermostat with the Alexa app, you can also peek inside your home or outside, as shown with the Blink camera mounted on your property.

Blink outdoor cameras are among your many options. They can be the best, especially if you’re looking for budget-friendly monitoring, easy to install and operate!

Blink Outdoor Camera Mounts

Blink cameras come with a right-angle adapter/opening tool and a cone-shaped mount.

The package also includes two screws for attaching the mount to your property.

Extra mounts are available on Amazon, as are Blink accessories.

Once you know where you want to place your Blink camera, secure the mount to the surface with the included screws.

In horizontal locations such as a ceiling, use the right-angle adapter. It snaps into the opening on the back of the camera. Press the adapter onto the connecting point of the mount.

Pro Tip: You’ll hear a “snap” that will let you know the camera is securely mounted.

If you are vertically mounting the camera to a wall or post, connect the camera directly to the cone-shaped mount, snapping it into place.

Reasons to Remove Blink Camera from Mount

If Blink cameras are among the best options in the market, why remove them?

Here are the most common causes why you need to unmount your Blink camera:

When You’re Painting/Repainting

Are you planning to paint the exterior of your house or the room inside your home where your Blink camera is mounted?

If so, then you need to make sure to remove the camera from its mount.

This will give you the assurance that neither the camera nor the mount is going to be spoiled.

Pro Tip: Once you're done painting re-install the unit again. Replace the mount and reinstall the camera when the paint is dry.

When You’re Cleaning

Power washing your home is great for its appearance, but you should remove your Blink camera first to prevent it from being damaged.

You may also want to remove the camera mount to clean underneath. Once the surface has completely dried, you can replace the mount and camera.

Pro Tip: You can clean your Blink camera, too. Use a product suited for glass cleaning and soft tissue or a microfiber cloth for best results.

When You’re Moving/Relocating

Are you planning to move to another home? You’ll want to take your Blink camera with you to your new residence.

Unmounting your Blink camera may be the easiest part of your move! You’ll need to remove the camera and then unscrew the Blink camera mount.

When You’re Changing Its Batteries

Since the Blink camera is wireless, you’ll need to change batteries from time to time.

In fact, it’s easier to change camera batteries when the camera has been removed from its mount.

Extended-life batteries come with every Blink camera except Blink Mini, and they tend to last about two years with average use.

Pro Tip: Changing the batteries is easy. You simply need to unmount the camera, locate the battery tray, and take the old ones out to be replaced by the new ones!

When You Want to Change the View

Last, but most definitely not least is when you plan on changing your security camera’s view.

If you want to change the location of the mount for your Blink camera, you will first need to remove the camera from the mount. Then unscrew the mount and move it to its new location.

Once you have screwed the mount into place, press the Blink camera into its connection on the mount. A “snap” will tell you that it’s firmly in place.

Pro Tip: You’ll usually need a power drill to create holes in the new location. 

Ensure that you know the measurement of the distance of these screws between each other.

How To Remove Blink Outdoor Camera From Mount? – Complete Steps

remove blink camera

Removing a Blink camera from its mount is quick and easy.

Here are the steps for how to remove a Blink camera from its mount. The best part is that you won’t need any tools — a ladder or stool would be more than enough.

Step #1: Set Up a Ladder or Step Stool

The first thing you want to do in removing your Blink camera from its mount is to put yourself closer to it.

What does this mean? – It means you need to set up a stool or a ladder that’ll take you closer to it. 

When you get one, refrain from setting it directly below where the camera is. Make sure you have an angle where you’ll easily be able to adjust and toggle the device.

Pro Tip: Get a ladder or a stool that’s steady and strong. You can get one along with the likes of those that have rubber stoppers attached on the bottom of the legs.

Step #2: Hold the Mount Steady

After that, the next step is to firmly grasp the camera mount and hold it steadily. As the mount is not large, holding it still isn’t difficult.

The camera fits into the mount snugly, so you will need to hold the mount to keep it still while performing the next step in the process.

Step #3: Pull the Camera Away From the Mount

Finally, grasp the bottom of the Blink camera and pull it firmly, but carefully from its mount.

Pro Tip: Don’t be afraid to pull the camera away from its mounting bracket with some force.

This is the reason we asked you to hold the mount firmly. Of course, you still need to do it carefully.

I’m Having Trouble Removing It, What Should I Do?

Did you carefully follow the steps we outlined above and you can’t seem to find the sweet spot to remove it? If, so, what you want to do next is contact Blink’s customer support.

It’s doubtful that you will need to do that, though. These cameras have been designed to be trouble-free and easy to use.

Setting it up is simple for these wireless cameras, and since they come with their own mounts, they fit on them perfectly.

They’re also easy to remove from those same mounts.

To unmount your Blink camera, you simply need to ensure that you’re able to reach it without any problem – in a comfortable position. Then, hold the mount firmly and tightly. Then, pull the camera away from the bracket.

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Last Thoughts

Blink cameras are easy to use and affordable. Since Blink is an Amazon company, Blink cameras integrate well with Alexa. Even though that’s the case, you can also use them with other smart home systems, too!

This simple and reliable home monitoring system is easy to mount, and fortunately, it’s also easy to learn how to remove the Blink camera from the mount.

You won’t even need to get your toolbox out. Pulling the Blink camera firmly away from the mount is all that’s required.

We hope these steps enlightened you on the process of how you can successfully unmount or remove the camera from the mount.

Our tutorial is excellent, because, even if your technical know-how isn’t that great, you’ll find our guide easy and understandable! 

Nicole B