why is my blink camera black and white

Asking “why is my Blink camera black and white”? You’ve just found the answer! Your Blink camera will become black and white when the IR mode stays enabled.

You can either change the feature to “OFF” or set it to “Automatic”, which will switch the lights based on the field your Blink camera covers.

Your Blink camera is in black and white due to the dark location it is located in. Place the camera in a brighter place so it could capture a field with additional light. The camera is also in black and white due to the “NIGHT VISION” mode, which you can disable from the app settings.

Let’s review in proper detail what is causing the blank and white recordings on your Blink camera before we move on to the troubleshooting.

Why Is My Blink Camera Recording In Black And White?

causes of blink black and white

Generally, your Blink camera shouldn’t be recording in black and white. We can say that Blink cameras come with a variety of equipped features and color recording is one of them.

If your camera records in black and white, there could be two general causes for that problem.

Cause #1 Enabled “IR” Mode

When having the IR mode enabled on your Blink camera, you will see that all of the recordings that the devices make will be encoded in a black and white background.

All Blinks cameras contain the IR mode in their settings, which can be either enabled, disabled or set to the automatic option, which regulates the feature.

This is one of the major causes of why you are seeing the recordings of your Blink camera in black and white and is used when your camera records dark areas.

When you use your Blink camera to capture a field that is not bright enough for the colors to appear, the “IR” mode will become active, if set to auto.

Cause #2 Inappropriate Lightning Condition

The second cause for the problem is the inappropriate lightning condition in your camera’s field of view.

Chances are that your Blink camera finds it hard to capture dark areas.

Regardless of which problem your Blink camera is experiencing, we will go through the best 3 troubleshooting methods to solve the problem with your Blink camera’s recordings.

How To Fix Black And White Blink Camera Recordings?

fix blink black and white

The methods that are coming up in our guide were extracted from Blink themselves and users who are experiencing the same problem as you are.

Make sure to apply them consecutively and test your camera out after each method, to determine if the issue was to be solved.

Here’s how to fix the blank and white recordings on your Blink camera device:

Method #1 Disable “NIGHT VISION” Mode

When it is night outside, you could also refer to the IR mode as some sort of night vision for your camera, that is going to help the device record in the dark.

Although the night vision mode helps your camera make recordings in the dark visible, this is what’s making the recordings blank and white.

The area that your camera captures in the dark must be encoded in black and white in order to be visible.

It’s impossible for the device to generate colors and capture them when the field of view is not visible enough.

After answering “why is my Blink camera black and white”, let’s first disable the IR mode:

How To Disable IR Mode On Blink Camera?

  1. Open the Blink application on your smartphone.
  2. Ensure that the camera is connected to the application.
  3. Go over to the settings of the app.
  4. Tap on your camera device and enter the Camera settings.
  5. Locate the paragraph of the settings, labeled with “NIGHT VISION”.
  6. Next to the “Control Label”, make sure to put it to “OFF”.

Note: Putting the night vision to off mode will result in darker videos of your Blink camera.

However, they will no longer be in black and white, which is hopefully to your liking.

Method #2 Elevate Lightning Condition

check light condition

If you don’t want to mess with the night vision mode and want your camera’s video to be visible in the dark, you can solve the black and whiteness by elevating the lighting condition.

Note: Keep in mind that your Blink camera will only convert videos to black and white whenever the field of view is too dark to capture and you have the night vision mode enabled.

In that regard, the only way not to mess with the night vision mode and stop this is to increase the lighting in your camera’s field of view.

How Can I Elevate The Lightning Condition?

Night lamps. The best way to elevate the lightning condition is to add over-the-night light sources.

Night lamps can do splendid work at elevating the lighting’s condition when you put them in your camera’s range.

Notice: When putting on the night lamps, ensure that you have at least 3 lights that are being captured by your camera.

You can also put them close to the camera’s capture borders but this will not significantly increase the light and videos may still remain in black and white.

Method #3 Reposition The Camera

reposition camera

If the previous two methods just simply haven’t been eligible to you, you can attempt one last thing.

That is to reposition your Blink camera somewhere else, where supposedly there are fewer objects.

When having your camera positioned in an enclosed space, no matter how much you increase the lighting in the area, you will still see that some of the videos remain black and white.

That is because of the large objects captured by your camera. The field of view your Blink camera must cover, shouldn’t be blocked by walls or objects.

In that regard, position your Blink camera somewhere else temporarily, to determine if the blank and white videos are going to be solved.

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Bottom Line:

Thus, to fix the blank and white recordings of your Blink camera, disable the “IR” mode and position the camera somewhere else. Make sure to add enough light sources in your camera’s FOV to prevent the videos from converting to black and white.

Now that you know “why is my Blink camera black and white” and are aware of the possible ways to remove the problem, the rest is up to you.

There is only one thing you should know as the last word – the darker the area, the more black and white you will see in your Blink camera’s recordings!

Nicole B