blink camera not recording motion

If your Blink camera not recording motion, then there are quite a few things that could be responsible.

Every single camera device like Blink has its own separate motion recording option that respectively toggles the feature on and off for the camera.

If not enabled, the motion recording on your Blink camera won’t work until further notice.

Blink cameras will not record motion when the respective feature is disabled. Moreover, having your camera disconnected from the WiFi or enabling any energy-saving features will also prevent it from detecting motion.

This is what the solutions include, but there are even more potential suspects.

Keep reading to learn what else could be causing the problem and then how to solve the issue in no time!

Why Is My Blink Camera Is Not Recording Motion?

Your Blink camera’s motion recording ability may be disrupted by several factors.

The problem revolves around WiFi connectivity, certain energy-saving features, and the charge levels of your device.

Here are all possible causes for the motion detection problem:

1. Motion Detection Is Disabled

In your Blink camera settings, you must have the motion detection enabled otherwise, the feature will be temporarily off.

2. Battery Problem

Your camera’s batteries might have gotten worn out and need replacing or the charge levels are so low, that the motion detection is disabled.

3. Blink System Not Armed

Through the Blink app, you can press a button that will arm your system for intruders and activate the motion detection.

4. No WiFi

Videos created with the motion recording feature must be stored locally and not having your camera connected to the internet will not let it do that.

5. Energy-Saving Feature

Lastly, any energy-saving features enabled through the Blink app will suppress features of your camera such as the motion recording with a safe of saving power.

Those were all of the possible problems that could have impacted your Blink camera’s functionality. Keep reading to learn how to solve all of them in easy solutions as it comes.

How To Fix Blink Camera Not Recording Motion?

fix blink camera not recording motion

The solutions that are coming up next are designed to troubleshoot your Blink camera consecutively.

What you should do is make sure that you’re applying our solutions in order and that you test your camera after each of the fix attempts.

Here’s how to fix your Blink camera’s motion recording feature in easy steps:

Solution #1 Enable The Motion Detection

First, you have to make sure that the motion detection feature is enabled.

Not having the feature turned on will prevent your camera from capturing any motions during the night or day and you will have to manually enable it.

Here’s how to turn on the motion detection of your Blink camera:

  1. Go into the Blink app on your smartphone.
  2. In the bottom right corner press the “Arm System” button.
  3. Wait for the application to arm your system.

When having your system armed, it will automatically toggle the motion detection feature ON.

Note: Keep in mind that arming your entire system includes all of your Blink devices.

Solution #2 Disable Energy-Saving Feature

turn off energy saving

Any enabled energy-saving features in the Blink app may be preventing your camera from recording the motion.

In that regard, what you should do next is disable any similar modes that could be responsible for the motion recording problem.

You will want to go to Blink app > Settings > Power > Energy/Battery-Saving > Off and any other enabled modes of this nature.

There are sliders in the respective tabs that will enable and disable the mode that is preventing your Blink camera from recording the motion events.

Note: Your camera may need to restart after certain modes of this type are disabled. Reboot takes 10-15 seconds on average.

Solution #3 Change Motion’ Sensitivity

If your Blink camera isn’t recording the motion, chances are that it is unable to capture any movement in the first place.

That issue could be due to low motion sensitivity.

What Is Motion Sensitivity?

The motion sensitivity of your Blink camera controls what insensitivity of movement your camera should capture.

For instance, if the sensitivity is too low, the camera will hardly capture anyone walking by. If too high, the camera may even capture a falling leaf.

How To Adjust Motion Sensitivity?

Here’s how to change the motion sensitivity of your Blink camera device:

  1. From the Blink home screen, go to the Settings by tapping the settings slider.
  2. Choose which camera you wish to adjust.
  3. Scroll down and select “Sensitivity”.
  4. Put the sensitivity setting in the middle of the slider.

If you overdo the motion sensitivity, it might even start capturing your pet’s movement.

To prevent that, do some testing by increasing/decreasing the sensitivity until it captures only human movement.

Note: The recommended values of the sensitivity are between 30 and 90. Don’t go below or over these values for best performance.

Solution #4 Replace Blink’s Batteries

change blink camera

The batteries may be the culprit to the problem you’re experiencing.

In that regard, you should replace them to make sure that your Blink camera isn’t going through some sort of power problem.

Here’s how to replace your Blink camera’s batteries in easy steps:

  1. Take your camera off the wall.
  2. Eject the back compartment and expose the two batteries (most Blink cameras use two AAs, but check the type of your own).
  3. Replace the batteries with their respective type.
  4. Install your camera back to the wall stand.

Although most Blink camera models use the same batteries, you may find that your camera’s batteries are a little larger and wider.

If that’s the case, you will want to get two of the same type for the replacement.

Note: Keep in mind that the Blink mini does not use batteries and is charged with a USB cable.

Solution #5 Reset Your Blink Camera

If nothing from our solutions worked so far, you should perform a factory reset on your Blink camera to fix the issue.

reset camera

That process for your camera is going to erase all software information configuration and solve any bugs and glitches along with that.

Here’s how to reset your Blink camera in easy steps:

  1. Go over to your Blink sync module which you should have in your setup.
  2. Press the reset button on the side of the device.
  3. Hold it down for 15 seconds before releasing.
  4. Let go of the button.
  5. Your camera will reset automatically.

Keep in mind that resetting your camera works as some sort of connection with the WiFi, so you shouldn’t bother with connecting the camera and resetting it separately.

Note: Once the reset is complete, hold the sync button on the module to re-sync your camera.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why Blink camera not recording motion, we hope that you were able to fix the issue you were experiencing.

Blink camera’s motion-detection feature is well-known to be always functional and helpful. Don’t hesitate to contact Blink, however, if your solutions somehow weren’t helpful for you!

For more similar guides and troubleshooting posts, make sure to visit our online technical blog under the link of this article.

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