does blink camera require subscription

I’ve always wondered, does Blink camera require subscription? Would it be possible to use it even if you are not subscribed?

Before purchasing, it’s imperative that you know whether your Blink camera will function or not even if you do not have a subscription.

I made this guide for everyone who is thinking of purchasing a Blink camera for their homes or offices!

You can use your Blink Camera even without a subscription but only to see motion alerts and access the Live View feature via the Blink app.

To be able to understand this better, let me dig deep into the details of Blink Cameras.

What Does the Blink Camera Subscription Include?

what does subscription includes

You’ll easily be able to understand how Blink cameras work without a subscription if you know the inclusions of having one.

With a subscription to the cheapest and most basic plan, it can give you:

  • Access to save and record motion alerts
  • Save and record Live View sessions for later reviews
  • Utilize cloud storage
  • Have access to all cameras using the Blink app
  • Photo or image capturing
  • Rapid Video Access (RVA)
NOTE: These are only the general features that a subscription or a package can give you. You’ll find more specific details when you dig deep into each plan individually.

These are all the features and functionalities you will not be able to use if you are not subscribed to any Blink plan.

But the question still remains – does the Blink camera require a subscription? Would the camera be useless without a plan?

Let me go through the actions of what you can do in the event that you have a Blink camera installed but it’s not paired with a plan.

Does Blink Camera Require Subscription?

does blink require subscription

No, Blink cameras don’t actually need a subscription to work and function like a standard or a normal surveillance camera.

In fact, both indoor and outdoor Blink cameras will work like regular CCTV or surveillance cameras even if you do not sign up.

You will even get and save motion alerts, as well as two-way audio as added or extra features!

When you think about it, these features of the Blink camera still weigh more than other surveillance cameras out there.

It could be a bummer for you not to be able to save and record video clips from Live View, share videos with other authorized people in your home, or capture images from these videos, but overall, it’s a decent device.

How Much is Blink Subscription?

If you’re itching to grasp any of the features that require a subscription, you might as well be asking, “how much does the plan cost anyway?”

The subscription packages that Blink is offering are categorized into two different plans: Blink Basic Plan and Blink Plus Plan.

how much is the blink subscription

The Blink Basic Plan costs $3 per month per device and can offer everything that a free plan does but with added:

  1. 90 continuous minutes of Live View streaming
  2. Motion detection and Live View recording
  3. Unlimited video history (60 days)
  4. Video sharing
  5. Rapid Video Access (RVA)
  6. Photo or image capturing

On the contrary, the Blink Plus Plan, which costs $10 per month comes with unlimited support for different devices.

Also, it has all these but with added 10% discount on all Blink devices on Amazon and extended warranty coverage.

Storage is an important part of home security. But can you do it without a Blink subscription? Is it even possible to do so?

Yes, it actually is! And here is how you can store or save media from your Blink camera without a subscription!

Can You Save Clips and Manage Your Blink Cameras Without Subscribing?

can you save clips without subscribing

If you’re looking to save and record the contents of your outdoor or indoor Blink cameras without paying a monthly fee, you’ll need to purchase Sync Module 2.

In case you don’t know, Sync Module 2 is a device or az coordinator that’s made for the Blink system.

It’s a device you plug into your wall outlet and connect to your WiFi. What this does is act as a center point for all activities and responses that your Blink cameras have.

Apart from this, equipping your Blink system with a Sync Module 2 allows you to:

  • Remotely arm and disarm multiple Blink cameras
  • Save the camera’s batteries by controlling them when not in use
  • Improving and developing your personal user experience

How to Record and Save Recordings Without a Blink Subscription

Follow these steps to be able to use your Sync Module 2 to save and record video clips and manage up to ten different Blink cameras and devices!

Step #1: Download and Install the Blink App

install the blink app

First things first, make sure that you have the Blink app ready.

If you don’t have it yet, you can download it from either the App Store or the Google Play Store. Wait for the download to finish, and then create an account.

Step #2: Create an Account

Once done with the download and installation, create an account by entering your email address and password.

The system will send a notification to the email, and you have to confirm it for security and verification purposes.

Step #3: Add Your Sync Module to the Blink App

After the verification, the next step is to add your Sync Module 2 to the Blink app and link it to one another.

To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect from WiFi and locate the Sync Module (check the last 4 digits of the serial number)
  2. Once done, go back to the Blink App and tap on Blink > Add Sync Module.
  3. Locate the WiFi you intend to connect the Sync Module to.
NOTE: For this process, you will need the serial number of the sync module. Alternatively, you can also scan the QR code for the WiFi credentials.

Step #4: Link Your Sync Module to Your Blink App

Then, proceed to link them together by following the on-screen instructions carefully and properly.

link your sync module

The lights on your Sync Module 2 need to be a steady blue and green light to signify that it has been linked and connected properly.

Step #5: Insert a Compatible USB Cable

To be able to view offline videos, insert a flash drive or a hard drive for storage. The allowable size is up to 256 GB of storage!

NOTE: It supports Type-A USB ports and cables.

Step #6: Restart and Enjoy

When done, restart your device and enjoy remote control over your Blink cameras!

The Sync Module 2 is compatible with mini cameras, indoor (2nd gen), and outdoor Blink cameras!

That’s it! It is simple to still have video storage without paying a monthly premium!

Although you need to pay a one-time fee of $35 to buy the unit, this will be the first and last payment you will make to store your clips and recordings!

Even if you are not subscribed, your Blink cameras will still function normally, just without some features! You can use a local drive for storage, so, don’t worry!

Final Words

If you were asking, does Blink camera require subscription, no, it doesn’t! Once you become familiar with the process, it will be easygoing for you!

No need to subscribe to get video and motion alert recordings – get it for only a one-time payment for the Syncing of Module 2!

Nicole B