why is my blink camera flashing red

Asking “why is my Blink camera flashing red constantly”? Stop asking and start reading. In this post, we’ll uncover the true reason why Blink cameras are flashing in red and what could possibly go wrong.

Then we’ll move on to proven methods to fix your issue as fast as possible.

If your Blink camera is flashing red, it usually indicates an issue with either the software or the hardware. It could also be related to your internet connection, the motion sensor, or the batteries.

Let’s first answer why would your camera blink and then provide you with the best troubleshooting solutions recommended by the community.

What Does Red Light On Blink Camera Mean?

In most cases, a red light on your Blink camera will most certainly indicate a fault with your device.

Whether it is the batteries or lost connection with the network, the red light will notify you of the issues in a slow, pulsive pattern of blinking.

Here are some of the causes that might be causing your Blink camera to flash in red:

1. Faulty Batteries

Faulty batteries can also cause blinking issues. If the batteries of your Blink camera ran out, the red light will indicate the issue.

2. Setup

During the time of your Blink camera’s initial setup, the red light will start blinking but it should go away after a short period of time.

3. Connectivity Problems

An issue with the connection of your Camera with the internet will be indicated as a red flashing light.

4. Detected Motion

Your camera has a built-in motion detector, which will cause the LED to blink every once in a while your camera detects movement.

5. Hardware Issue

Lastly, a hardware issue with your camera in general, might also cause the LED to blink.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the main suspects, let’s proceed with the most efficient troubleshooting solutions against the problem.

How To Fix A Red Light On A Blink Camera?

fix blink camera flashing red

Before we proceed, make sure that you have waited at least a couple of minutes for your camera to run.

Sometimes when booted, your Blink camera could blink in red until it finds its connection with the network and starts functioning properly.

If the red light persists even after a couple of minutes, proceed with the first method:

Method #1 Power Cycle The Camera

The first and most easy solution that works similarly as a reboot, is the power cycle process.

Instead of only rebooting your camera, the power cycle would also discharge the device of any remaining electricity, dealing with any bugs or glitches.

Here is how to power cycle your Blink camera in a few easy steps:

  1. Unmount the camera from the wall stand.
  2. Unscrew the battery compartment and pop out the batteries.
  3. Wait for 15 seconds straight and insert the batteries back into their position.

While you’re at it, make sure the battery compartment is clear of any dirt that could be compromising the batteries’ position.

Method #2 Replace The Batteries

If a power cycle didn’t do anything, then perhaps the batteries could be running low, thus causing the red light to blink.

Since batteries could be different with all models of Blink camera, check the type of your own camera’s batteries and grab a fresh pair.

To replace the batteries, simply open the compartment and take the batteries out as you did in the last method.

Only this time, you would place the fresh pair of batteries you’ve acquired into the battery position.

Once you’re done, make sure the batteries’ poles are positioned correctly and reinstall the compartment on top.

Method #3 Move Blink Closer To The Module

blink camera flashing red

Somewhere in your household, there would be a sync module, installed specifically for your camera.

The closer your Blink camera is to that sync module, the better signal it will get and the information flow will improve as well.

If you’ve placed the camera too far away from the given module, however, the red light can come off as a notification for lost connection with the sync module.

Walls do not matter here, as long as the physical distance between your camera and sync module is less than 10-15 meters.

Reposition your camera the same way you’ve installed it and make sure the sync module signal strength on your camera is at 3 bars.

Method #4 Reconnect Your Camera With WiFi

Now that you know why is my Blink camera flashing red, then you’ve probably figured out that it could be the network. Well, this is what we’ll be targeting in this solution.

As we’ve mentioned previously, your camera would blink for a minute or so after the startup until it gets connected with the WiFi. If the connection fails, however, your camera will keep on blinking until reconnected.

To reconnect your Blink camera, you must have the mobile app installed on your smartphone, which we assume you already have.

Open the mobile Blink app and follow these steps to reconnect your Camera to the WiFi:

  1. In your Blink mobile app, head to the “Network and Connectivity” tab.
  2. Scan for networks via the “Search” button.
  3. Once your network has been located by the Blink app, press it once.
  4. Enter your WiFi password.
  5. Tap on Confirm and wait for your password to authenticate the connection.

If the connection keeps failing, troubleshoot your network by hard resetting your router and reconnecting all cables.

There is no point in proceeding any further if there are ongoing connectivity issues with your network. Make sure to solve them first, because if there are connectivity issues, the reason behind the red light is clear.

Method #5 Confirm Motion

It is possible that your Blink camera detected a motion, which initially is going to make the LED on your device flash.

If notifications are enabled, you will receive a mobile notification that will let you confirm that you’ve spotted the motion with your own eyes.

If the notification hasn’t been confirmed, however, the Blink camera will still blink until the very moment you tap on the notification and confirm the motion your camera detected.

To confirm the notification, press on the message sent by the Blink app once until you’re sent to check out the footage. Then your camera should stop blinking.

Method #6 Reset The Camera

If nothing worked and the camera keeps on blinking, you should factory reset the device in an attempt to fix the red light.

Keep in mind that this process will hard reset the camera, making it reboot and updating its software.

To factory reset your Blink camera, follow the steps down below:

  1. Grab a sharp object (needle, paperclip, etc).
  2. Insert the sharp enough object into the small hole in the back of your Blink camera.
  3. With a slight push, press the internal reset button of the camera with the object.
  4. Hold it down for 15 seconds.

Your camera will now reboot, and you should wait for a couple of minutes. Remember that once the camera reboots, it would still blink in red until it reconnects with the WiFi.

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Bottom Line:

To fix the red flashing light on a Blink camera, first, try to power cycle the device and inspect the batteries. Next, check for any motion and move the camera closer to the module. Finally, perform a factory reset and reconnect it to WiFi.

Now that you know why is my Blink camera flashing red, you will be able to easily fix the issue with our solutions.

If in the end, you’re still unable to stop the flashing red light on your device, give Blink support a call to elevate your case for even further troubleshooting.

Nicole B