ring doorbell can't hear visitor

Your Ring Doorbell can’t hear visitor? Well, this is a common issue and you’re not alone!

It can be very frustrating when you can’t communicate properly with someone at your doorstep due to a problem with your Ring Doorbell but fear not.

In this guide, we will walk you through some simple troubleshooting steps to help you resolve the Ring Doorbell issue with ease…

The Ring Doorbell may be unable to hear the visitor due to factors such as low volume, a muted microphone, weak WiFi strength, or an outdated Ring app.

Well, all you need to do is troubleshoot your Ring Doorbell by addressing all possibilities in an individual manner.

Let’s dive further into the guide!

Ring Doorbell Can’t Hear Visitor? – 9 Easy Solutions!

If your Ring Doorbell is not hearing you or a visitor, try the following easy fix methods!

1. Reboot your Ring Doorbell

reboot your ring doorbell

Sometimes the Ring Doorbell is simply facing bugs and glitches, which prevent the doorbell from hearing the visitor.

The quickest way to begin the troubleshooting is by simply performing a reboot on your doorbell in easy and non-technical steps.

Here is how to reboot the Ring Doorbell:

  1. Open the Ring app and tap on the Menu ☰ on top.
  2. Press on Devices and then select your Doorbell.
  3. Tap on Device Settings and then Device Health.
  4. Scroll down the list and tap on “Reboot This Device”.
  5. Wait a couple of minutes for your doorbell to reboot.

When your device restarts, then check to see if you can easily hear and speak with the visitors!

2. Perform a Two-Way Talk Test

perform a two-way talk test

The Two-Way Talk is a great feature of your Ring video doorbell that allows you to directly speak with your visitors through the Ring Video Doorbell.

Therefore, if your Ring Doorbell is not hearing, it’s possible that there is an issue with your device’s live view, leading to audio issues.

Here is how to perform a two-way talk test on Ring Doorbell:

  1. Open the Ring app and tap on the Menu on the top.
  2. Then, press on Devices and then choose your doorbell.
  3. Next, tap on the Live View button on the doorbell page.
  4. Press the Microphone and Speaker icons to enable them.

Once you’ll get the live view of your Ring camera doorbell, then test whether the two-way audio from both ends is working correctly and you are hearing your visitor.

Quick Tip:

If you still can not hear the visitor on your Ring Doorbell, try the same two-way audio process with another phone.

This helps you determine whether the issue is specifically with your Ring Doorbell or your mobile device.

3. Check for Bluetooth Interference!

check for bluetooth interference

Another factor can be the Bluetooth interference on your Ring app device!

If any device is connected to your mobile via Bluetooth connection, especially during a Live View Call then that’s why you are not hearing the visitor.

The solution is to simply disconnect all Bluetooth devices and then open a Live View to check.

How to Open the Ring Doorbell Live View?

  1. Open the Ring app and go to the Menu ☰ on top.
  2. Press on Devices and then choose your doorbell.
  3. Tap on the Live View” button on the doorbell page.
Tip: Feel free to toggle ON and OFF the Bluetooth on your mobile to refresh the connection!

4. Inspect Ring Microphone & Volume

inspect ring microphone and volume

There is a chance your Ring Doorbell’s volume is set too low,  which is why your device is not hearing the visitor.

Also, if your visitor is not hearing you then it is possible that you forgot to turn on the microphone during the live view of your camera doorbell. 

  • Simply double-check and adjust the microphone and volume settings!

Step #1 Inspect Microphone Settings

  1. Open the Settings on your mobile.
  2. Find and tap on App Management.
  3. Then, press “Apps List or “Apps”.
  4. Scroll down and tap on the Ring app.
  5. Then, look for the Microphone option.
  6. Tap on the Microphone and allow it.
inspect microphone settings

Step #2 Inspect Ring Doorbell Volume Settings

  1. Open the Ring app and press on the top left corner.
  2. Tap on Devices and then choose your Ring Doorbell.
  3. Press on Device Settings and then on General Settings.
  4. Tap on the Volume Settings and drag the volume slider.
Note: Make sure the volume of your mobile is set to High Level!

5. Check the Ring Audio Privacy!

There is a privacy feature called “Audio streaming and recording” for your Ring video doorbell that allows it to choose which zones to listen to and record audio from.

This feature is usually enabled by default for the Ring Doorbell. 

check the ring audio privacy

However, there is a chance that the doorbell audio privacy is turned off for your device and that’s why your Ring Doorbell can’t hear visitors.

Here is how to check the Ring Doorbell audio privacy settings:

  1. Open the Ring app and enter the Menu ☰ at the top.
  2. Then, tap on “Devices and then on your Ring Doorbell.
  3. Press on Device Settings and then Privacy Settings.
  4. Tap on “Audio Streaming and Recording to enable it.
Info: When you are done configuring the settings, then restart your mobile and open the live view to perform the two-way talk test and test.

6. Check the Doorbell Signal Strength

check the doorbell signal strength

The next thing you should check is the network strength of your Ring video doorbell because a weak Wi-Fi signal can always cause audio issues with your Ring two-way audio.  

Before you go to check the network strength of your doorbell, power cycle your WiFi router to refresh and strengthen the internet connection on your devices.

Here is how to check your Ring Doorbell signal strength:

  1. Open the Ring app to go to the Menu.
  2. Press on the icon and then Devices.
  3. Then, select your Ring Doorbell device.
  4. Tap on Device Settings > Device Health.
  5. Find “Signal Strength” under Network.
  6. Check the results:

✅ If RRSI is green, your Ring Doorbell has a good connection.

✅ If RRSI is red or amber, your Ring Doorbell has a weak connection.

Note: If your Ring Doorbell has poor WiFi signal strength then relocate your WiFi router to a more central location or closer to your Ring Doorbell. 

7. Adjust the Ring Motion Sensitivity

adjust the ring motion sensitivity

If your Ring Doorbell is set to send notifications based on motion detection then it is important to ensure that the motion settings are correctly configured.

This is important because whenever the doorbell detection zone is too narrow then it doesn’t trigger and may cause audio delay.

Here is how to adjust the Ring Doorbell motion sensitivity:

  1. Open the Ring app, and press the Menu icon.
  2. Tap on Devices and then select your doorbell.
  3. Then navigate to the device’s Motion Settings.
  4. Move the slider to adjust the detection sensitivity.
Reminder: When ready, open the Live view of your Ring Doorbell and check for two-way talk!

8. Update the Ring Application

update the ring application

Keep in mind that using outdated app software can cause system faults, bugs, and glitches that eventually affect the device’s performance.

If your Ring Doorbell is still not hearing visitors, then you need to verify that you’re using the latest version of the mobile app.

Here is how to check for software updates:

  1. Open the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Use the search bar to find the Ring application.
  3. Then, tap on the app name when it appears.
  4. Look for the Update button under the app name.
  5. If the Update button is available, begin updating.
  6. Wait a few minutes until the update process ends.
Info: If your Ring Doorbell is connected to WiFi, then it will automatically update its software during peak hours!

9. Factory Reset the Ring Doorbell 

factory reset the ring doorbell

If you have tried everything and the problem with your Ring Doorbell persists, try performing a factory reset to restore the device to its default settings.

The good news is that this process will help but will delete all data and you have to set up everything from scratch. 

Note: Steps to factory resetting the Ring video doorbell may vary between models!

Here is how to factory reset the Ring video doorbell:

  1. Disconnect your doorbell from the power source.
  2. Remove the security screws of your doorbell.
  3. Pull off your doorbell from its bracket on the wall.
  4. Then, locate the Setup Button on your device.
  5. Press and hold the setup button for 10 seconds.
  6. When the flashings stop, you’re in Setup Mode.
  7. Reconfigure your Ring Doorbell from scratch.
Tip: If you need more help or guidance, reach out to Ring Support.
contact ring customer support

Quick Recap:

If your Ring Doorbell can’t hear visitor, power cycle the doorbell and verify that the WiFi signal strength is optimal.

In addition, we recommend tweaking the Ring Doorbell motion settings as well as updating the Ring app before ultimately, performing a factory reset. 

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