how to temporarily disable ring camera

If you don’t know how to temporarily disable Ring camera, make sure to stick by the end of this post as we will uncover everything you need to know.

We’ve prepared several ways to temporarily turn off the camera and solutions in case you stumble upon a problem.

To disable the Ring camera, you must first open the Ring app on your smartphone. Then, click the three lines on the top left and select which devices you want to adjust. On the next screen, turn the record motion off, and to enable it later, do the same thing but this time with the enable button.

If this quick overview did not help you temporarily disable the motion sensor, we’ll explain everything in detail next.

How To Temporarily Turn Off Ring Camera?

how to disable ring camera

Many users were willing to know how to temporarily prevent their Ring camera from recording.

In other words, they were asking how to disable the motion record off of their Ring camera and how to enable it later.

Here is the oversimplified step-by-step guide:

  1. Download the Ring application to your smartphone.
  2. Connect the app to your Ring device.
  3. Enter the Settings.
  4. Choose your Ring device.
  5. Turn off, sensor motion.

This will disable your motion recording until further notice. If you’re having trouble with any of the steps, we’re about to introduce a detailed step-by-step tutorial and include everything that you might need.

Step #1 Download Ring App

The first thing in your way of disabling and enabling Ring motion record anytime you want is to gain access to the Ring app.

You will need any device with an OS that supports an app store, from which you can download apps, such as the Ring app.

Get your smartphone and open the App Store. In the search field, type “Ring” and the first result that pops up on the top of your screen should be the Ring app. Select the app and click on the download button.

Wait for several minutes for the download to finish and then the Ring app should be on your phone!

Step #2 Connect Ring Device To App

Now that you’ve downloaded and applied the Ring app on your smartphone, the next step in learning how to temporarily disable your camera is pairing your smartphone with the camera.

To interact with the app, you’d be asked to log in to your Ring account. If you don’t have an account, next we’ll explain how to create one. It’s free!

How To Detect Smartphone?

Now that you are logged into your Ring account, the next important thing you should do is actually discover and pair with your smartphone using the app.

We’ve provided you with a small-step list to make the process more accessible:

Step #1. Take your smartphone, locate the Ring app and open it.

Step #2. Go to Options of your Ring app and tap on the setting labeled as Set Up a Device.

Step #3. Now Scan the QR or MAC ID barcode located on the back of your Ring camera device. Users prefer dismantling the Ring camera for this part of the process to avoid possible hardware injury on the device.

Step #4. On the next screen, you must provide details about your location and specify other network settings.

Step #5. Finally, name the connection your device is going to use from now on.

Easy as that, you have set up a new device. To connect, open the Bluetooth settings on your phone and the Ring device should be named after what you’ve called the connection at the end of the process.

Step #3 Disable Ring Camera

The steps below will show you how to temporarily disable Ring camera, but make sure that the Ring device is connected to power and working.

If the device was recently discharged or factory reset, you might have to connect your Ring application over again.

Here is how to temporarily disable the Ring camera:

Step #1. First, grab your smartphone and open the Ring app.

Step #2. Go to the Settings of the Ring app by tapping on the three lines located on the top left.

Step #3. Click on the device and select which device you are willing to adjust. On this page, you will be able to find your specific Ring doorbell under the name of the connection you’ve established earlier. It will always be named that way for future connections.

Step #4. Now that you’re on the adjustment page, locate where the Record motion feature is.

Step #5. Next to the record motion feature, there should be a slider in green color.

Step #6. If the slider is green, tap it once until it turns gray. Gray color means that the feature is disabled, and your Ring camera is currently not recording any motion.

Step #7. (Optional) Whenever you want to enable the motion recording of your Ring camera, execute the same steps but this time, click the slider until it turns green!

This is how you enable/disable your Ring camera temporarily. In case you experience any issues with turning on and off your motion sensor, next, we’ll take a look at some well-known issues and how to deal with them.

Can’t Disable Ring Camera?

In case of any issues, you can try to re-download the application, restart your WiFi, and lastly your restart your smartphone.

These approaches should be helpful in recalibrating all Ring settings including the motion sensor camera.

There is nothing that could prevent you from interacting with your Ring camera settings and if you are unable to, then the issue is not from your side.

Feel free to contact the Ring support team for further assistance and hopefully they will point out the exact cause.

To temporarily disable your Ring motion sensor, you must access the Ring app and control your Ring camera from there. You can disable and enable both Ring and its camera whenever you want to and for uncertain periods of time!

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Bottom Line

Now that you know how to temporarily disable Ring camera, you shouldn’t have issues turning on and off your camera whenever you want!

Even if it doesn’t work for you, you can always reach out for further assistance from the Ring support team.

Nicole B