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If you are wondering what Ring Doorbell flashing white means, in this post we are going to discuss everything about this topic and how to avoid the flashing light in the future.

We are also revealing how to resolve this issue along with helpful recommendations and tips that you cannot go wrong with.

When the Ring Doorbell is flashing in white, there are two potential reasons. Either your connection is lost/insufficient or the batteries on your device are running low. These two are the only possible reasons for the flashing white light so make sure to stick around to reveal the solution.

Keep in mind that a solid white light is a sign of a properly working Ring Doorbell, so this way you can find when the issue is solved.

Feel free to keep an eye on the flashing light during the troubleshooting methods to identify the cause and prevent the issue from happening in the future.

What Does Flashing White Light Mean On Ring Doorbell?

As we already mentioned, the white blinking light means that something is out of order. Another noticeable sign is the sound that the device emits when pressing the button.

Also, you should not expect to be notified by an application alert when this issue occurs, simply because the system does not connect to the app.

If this is what you’re experiencing, next we will try to resolve it. Keep in mind that even that there are just two possible reasons, the solution might require more than one fix.

Down below we have found and summarized several different methods that are highly likely to resolve the flashing light issue.

We recommend applying them in numerical order until your flashing light becomes solid.

How To Fix Ring Doorbell Flashing White Easily?

how to fix flashing white light on ring doorbell

To resolve your issue, we should mainly focus on your network after we ensure that the batteries are not worn out.

If you are wondering why Ring Doorbell 2 flashing white, keep in mind that the methods below apply to all Ring models.

Method #1 Low Battery

The Ring transformer requires a power of 16VAC or more in order to function at all. The white light might be blinking if your power supply is below 16VAC so might need to charge the battery.

According to Ring, the Doorbell battery life capacity is six to 12 months depending on how much activity your doorbell gets.

So, if you haven’t changed your battery for a while, its charge capacity might not be enough to power your Ring Doorbell anymore.

Before you rush troubleshooting the battery we recommend going through our other methods as we are still not certain if the battery is causing the issue.

Method #2 Check Network

If the mobile Ring application says that your Doorbell is offline, this is a clear sign of insufficient network connection.

To ensure that the issue is coming from your network, try to connect to any online application or just try surfing the web.

If you are unable to reach any website, then your network is down, and you have found where the flashing white light from your Ring Doorbell is coming from.


If you are concerned that your internet supplier is currently offline, you can contact them in order to avoid unnecessary efforts as the next methods are going to focus on resolving network issues.

Methods #3 Restart Router

If you are here we can assume that your Ring Doorbell does not connect to your network so let’s find a solution.

By performing a router reboot, you will restart all services and it is most likely to resolve many IP conflicts that are well-known to prevent some devices from connecting. 

Here are the steps to properly restart your router:

  • Locate the Power Button, on the back of your router.
  • Press the Power Button without holding it
  • Before turning it on, wait at least 3 minutes.
  • Press the Power Button to start
  • Wait until all services are online

Now take your smartphone and check if the Ring Doorbell white circle flashing is still there.

If it says online, the flashing light should be solid now and your issue shall be gone. If not feel free to proceed with our next step.


It is important to know that some modems have more than one Wi-Fi network.

If your Ring device and smartphone are using different Wi-Fi networks they won’t be able to interact with each other.

Method #4 Restart Your Ring Device

Ring Doorbell is proven to be a reliable device, but even the most powerful computers sometimes freeze and require a hard reset.

Luckily for you, the Ring devices are providing such an option and hopefully, a restart will get your Ring device back online.

Depending on the model you have the restart button could be an orange button, which when held for about 20 seconds will restart the Ring device.

If you are using the Ring pro model, a restart is possible by holding the “Set Up” button for about 20 seconds. Then wait for a few moments until your device fully restarts.

At this point, if the flashing white is gone, you have successfully resolved the problem.

If not, we highly recommend going over our methods again, as our next step would be to contact the official support team.

Method #5 Contact Ring Customer Service

While it is highly unlikely, the flashing white light issue might not be related to your battery nor network.

If none of the methods above were able to resolve the problem, you might have to contact the official Ring support team for further assistance.

Most likely you will have to go through a long list of troubleshooting steps and many emails back and forth, but we have found several occasions in which the Ring support team helped people with the same issue as you.

If one thing is for certain, Ring knows best how to troubleshoot their device.

Ring Doorbell White Circle Flashing Gone, But No Bell

In case you are experiencing an issue where you don’t receive any notifications or sounds from your Doorbell, you need to ensure several things beforehand.

Smartphone Microphone Access

Navigate to the Ring Doorbell application and go to your microphone settings. In there you should be able to see a microphone on and off toggle.

Even if it is enabled, feel free to turn it off and on several times as this approach is well-known to resolve glitches.

Ring Doorbell Microphone Access

On the other hand, if your Ring Doorbell microphone is toggled off, you won’t be hearing any feedback from it either.

Check if it is disabled and enable it if needed. This way you can be sure that everything that depends on your side is rightfully set.

If you still have no output from your Ring Doorbell you might have to start considering a faulty microphone.

Bottom Line

We hope this post was able to fix the Ring Doorbell flashing white light.

If you are still experiencing the issue, you should be aware that you can find Ring Doorbell replacement batteries for just $20 on the official website.

In case you were unable to stop the while light from flashing, your issue might be related to the Doorbell hardware and it might need a repair.

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