ring doorbell flashing white

Whenever the Ring doorbell flashing white, we can safely assume that the issue is not fatal, but something went wrong.

The white flashing light has quite a few different patterns and as per their meaning, we can easily understand and successfully troubleshoot the issue!

Whenever the Ring doorbell is flashing in white color, first check the table to identify the exact pattern and indication meaning.

The next step is to troubleshoot the Ring doorbell accordingly which involves everything from a power cycle to a factory restoration!

Let’s unwrap more before jumping into the troubleshooting!

Why is my Ring Doorbell Flashing White?

why is my ring doorbell flashing white

The Ring doorbell doesn’t flash in white the same every time. The white flashing light has the most meanings so we need to identify the exact indication first.

Let’s take a look at the table!

Ring Doorbell Light Indications!

Blue Light
Moving UpwardsNetwork Connection Failed
Cycling AroundCharge Percentage 
4 x flashesSuccessful Setup

White Light
Spinning whiteSetup Mode
Flashing on the rightRing Network for Setup
Flashing on the topIncorrect password
Flashing on the leftSetup Failed
Flashing ON and OFFFirmware Update
Solid whiteIdle Mode

In case your Ring doorbell network setup has failed, or the white light continuously indicates an upgrade, then we’ll be able to help. Without further ado, let’s jump into the solution steps.

Reminder: The network password is case-sensitive so pay attention when inserting the keys, especially if the white light starts to flash on the top!

Ring Doorbell Flashing White6 Working Solutions!

Tip: In case your Ring doorbell is flashing white in an unrecognizable pattern, try all steps!

1. Soft-Reset the Ring Doorbell

soft-reset the ring doorbell

Something simple, yet effective to begin with would be the power cycle process which involves disconnecting your doorbell from the power.

This method is easy to apply on both, the hardwired and battery-powered Ring doorbell models so follow the steps below:

  1. Unplug a hardwired Ring doorbell from the power!
  2. Wait for 60 seconds for a complete power circulation.
  3. For battery-power units, locate the battery release tab.
  4. Slide the tab to open and gently pull the battery out.
  5. After the power cycle is complete, turn on the doorbell.
Note: If the white light appears again, perhaps the setup fails due to another reason!

2. Inspect the WiFi & Internet

inspect the wifi and internet

The next and perhaps the most important step for most users is to inspect the home WiFi and internet connection’s consistency and reliability.

This is an easy task and would definitely help if the Ring doorbell is flashing in white light because the setup fails due to bad internet.

Test the WiFi Consistency:

Simply, use your smartphone to connect to the Ring doorbell’s WiFi and check whether you can surf the web and stream online without interruption.

If the WiFi signal strength is weak at the spot where the doorbell is installed, it’s likely for this to be the flashing white light reason.

Test Internet Consistency:

For this purpose, you need a device (Windows, MacOS, Android, or iOS) connected to the router via WiFi or Ethernet cable.

test internet consistency

Then you would need to ping, for example, Google’s DNS and check whether you send and receive packets at a consistent rate (and whether you lose any).

  • On Windows > Open Command Prompt > type, “ping -t” and press Enter.
  • On MacOS > Open the Terminal > Type “ping” and press Enter
  • iOS & Android > Download “Ping Tool” from the store and type in “ping”.
Note: Any “Packets Lost” means an inconsistency in your internet, which is why the Ring doorbell is flashing in white light.

3. Plug the Doorbell into Another Outlet

plug the doorbell into another outlet

Note: If you’re using a battery-operated (wireless) Ring doorbell, jump to the next step!

In case you’re an owner of a Ring Pro model, which has to be hardwired, and the white light started to flash without a reason, the reason might be the power source.

The fastest possible way to exclude this possibility is to plug the Ring doorbell into a different power source.

Important: In addition, avoid plugging the Ring doorbell into a power strip or a smart plug, which can additionally contribute to power fluctuations.

3.1 Inspect the Ring Doorbell Wiring!

For hardwired Ring doorbell owners, it’s important to inspect the wiring and the connectors involved in the setup.

In case any of the cables are loose or damaged, it’s highly likely for the white light on the Ring doorbell to begin flashing as an indication of an error.

Note: A faulty wiring often leads to power insufficiency, and must be checked necessarily!

4. Update the Ring Doorbell Firmware!

update the ring doorbell firmware

One of the reasons why Ring doorbell white light flashing, is due to an ongoing firmware update, and there are two possibilities – the update is not finished or the update failed to complete.

If the white light is flashing on and off, this is an indication of an ongoing software update, and it would be best if you wait until the completion.

However, If the white light has been going on and off for more than 30 minutes, it’s time to attempt to manually update the doorbell.

How to Manually Update a Ring Doorbell?

  1. Open the Ring mobile application.
  2. Select the Ring doorbell device.
  3. Go into the “Device Health” tab.
  4. Next, select the Firmware tab.
  5. Check for available updates.

The Ring doorbell automatically updates, when connected to a WiFi at the time of the next event, so if there was an outage the previous time, the device could not update.

In that set of thoughts, assuming the internet is now okay, the device should automatically update.

Note: If you see no numbers and it only says “Up to date”, proceed with the next step!

5. Re-Setup the Ring Doorbell

re-setup the ring doorbell

If the white light on the Ring doorbell is persistent, one of the best ways to deal with this issue would be to remove and re-add the Ring doorbell from the app.

Sometimes, the Ring can’t connect to the network due to wrong password, which we can resolve with the following steps:

  1. Open the Ring app on your mobile device.
  2. Select the Ring doorbell for the removal.
  3. Tap on the Gear Icon at the top corner.
  4. Choose the “Remove” option from the list.
  5. The doorbell will be removed from the app.
  6. Go back and tap on “Set Up a Device”.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions ahead.
  8. Select the network and insert the password.
  9. Customize the in-app settings to complete.
Info: If the white light appears again, then the WiFi password is wrong, the doorbell can’t connect to the WiFi, or the system encounters a failure.

6. Factory Reset the Ring Doorbell

factory reset the ring doorbell

In case you’ve attempted all of the previous solutions in the guide and the Ring doorbell flashing white light, perhaps there is a system fault that has to be fixed.

The best way to address all the left possibilities at once would be to perform the factory restoration on the Ring doorbell.

Alert: The factory reset will remove the doorbell from the app and erase all settings!

Here’s how to factory reset the Ring doorbell in easy steps:

  1. Ensure that your Ring doorbell is plugged in and working!
  2. Locate the Orange button on the Ring doorbell corpus.
  3. Press and hold the button for about 20 seconds.
  4. Release when the LED on the doorbell starts flashing.
  5. Wait until the LED stops flashing and the reset is complete.
Info: When the reset is complete your Ring doorbell will be brand new, hence you would need to re-add the device into the mobile app. 

Follow the steps from the previous solution!

Need More Help?

If the Ring doorbell continues to flash in white, even after attempting all of the steps in this guide, it’s not excluded that your product is faulty.

The best course of action would be to contact Ring Support or the local merchant in an attempt to claim the device’s warranty!

Tip: Don’t forget to share what you’ve attempted in this guide!

Quick Recap:

We’ve now learned all possible reasons why the Ring doorbell flashing white light, as well as the respective solutions.

They involve soft resetting the doorbell as well as updating the software (if possible), and in case nothing helped, the factory reset will.

We hope that this guide helped so follow us for more relevant topics!

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