wyze camera won't turn on

Your Wyze camera won’t turn on? Well, don’t worry because this is a widespread issue!

Wyze cameras are a popular choice among homeowners for home security and monitoring.

However, some users face difficulties turning on their Wyze cameras, even when connected to the power, so in this guide, we’ll walk you through simple steps to troubleshoot this problem.

If your Wyze camera is not turning on, power cycle the unit for 5 minutes while checking the USB cable and power adapter connection. In case you can’t turn on the Wyze camera, test with a different electrical outlet, a different USB cable, and a different power adapter!

Let’s dig deeper to discuss more details!

Why is the Wyze Camera Not Turning On?

why the wyze camera won't turn on

Many factors can prevent your Wyze camera from turning on, which can be frustrating and concerning for your home security.

Therefore, identifying the potential causes is the first step toward resolving the problem, so let’s review all possibilities in a summarized list of causes:

  • Loose USB cable connection input.
  • A disconnected power connection.
  • Defective USB power cable/adapter.
  • Fault with a power outlet or a circuit.
  • Incompatible USB or power adapter.
  • Temporary electrical A/C insufficiency.
  • Hardware or internal camera damage.

Now that we know what may be causing the problem, let’s quickly start troubleshooting! 

How to Fix When a Wyze Camera Won’t Turn On?

how fix wyze camera won't turn on
Note: We recommend testing all solutions!

1. Check the Wyze Camera’s Power

The very first thing you should do is run a quick test on the Wyze camera to see if it is receiving power.

This step is crucial because sometimes the Wyze camera indicator light gets defective and doesn’t light up while your device is actually turning on without you knowing…

Here is how to perform a power test on your Wyze camera:

  1. Plug your Wyze camera into the power outlet.
  2. Then, locate the Setup button on the camera.
  3. Press and hold down the Wyze Setup button.
  4. Wait for the prompt to pop ready to connect.”
  5. Determine the results:
  • If your Wyze camera says “ready to connect,” it means your camera is getting power.
  • If your Wyze camera doesn’t say “ready to connect,” the unit has no power.

If you are sure that your camera is not receiving power, continue reading to troubleshoot it!

2. Verify Wyze Equipment Compatibility!

verify the equipment compatibility

When your Wyze camera is not turning on, it is crucial to check and ensure the compatibility of the USB cable and power adapter.

Wyze cameras have a specific USB cable and adapter to provide the correct voltage and current for proper functioning. 

Info: Using incompatible components can lead to power-related issues!

Here are some reasons why using compatible devices is essential:

  • Voltage and current: Wyze cameras have specific voltage and current requirements that must be met to function correctly. 
  • Quality assurance: Wyze provides quality-tested cables and adapters designed to work seamlessly with their cameras.
  • Overheating and safety: An incompatible USB cable or adapter can impact the Wyze camera due to overheating or internal malfunction.
  • Secure data transfer: Wyze cameras require compatible firmware updates or data transfer components. 
Info: Third-party USB cables and adapters may not meet the same quality standards!

3. Power Cycle Your Wyze Camera

power cycle the camera

Sometimes, the Wyze outdoor camera won’t turn on due to temporary electrical or software (OS) glitches due to recent power outages.

In rare cases, the camera won’t turn on simply due to an operating system bug, so a power circulation should resolve such issues in minutes! 

Here’s how to power cycle the Wyze camera:

  1. First, unplug your camera from the power source. 
  2. Leave your Wyze camera unplugged for 2 minutes.
  3. Connect the Wyze camera directly to the wall outlet.
  4. Wait a few moments for the camera to boot up fully.

Check to see if your Wyze camera’s indicator light is on, or press the “Setup button to see if it says “ready to connect.”

If your Wyze camera performs any of these actions, it receives power from a wall socket, so the device should be turning on.

Otherwise, continue reading the guide for further troubleshooting! 

4. Inspect the USB Cable Connection

inspect the usb cable connetion

Suppose power cycling your Wyze camera doesn’t help. In that case, you must check the USB cable connection with the camera and the involved power adapter. 

This is essential because a damaged or loose cable connection can disrupt the flow of the AC power supply and eventually prevent your camera from turning on.

Here’s a quick way to test the USB cable connection:

  1. First, disconnect the camera from its power source.
  2. Locate the USB cable connection port on the camera.
  3. Unplug the USB cable from the camera and adapter.
  4. Inspect the cable’s entire length and USB connectors.
  5. Plug the microUSB connector into the Wyze camera.
  6. Connect the USB port of the cable to a power adapter.
  7. Finally, plug the Wyze camera back into a power source.

When your Wyze camera reinitializes, check whether the unit is turned on.

If not, something else might be causing the power problem, so try to identify any faults with the USB cable.

We recommend closely inspecting the ports for bents, physical damage, or dust accumulation.

Tip: If dirty, thoroughly clean the USB ports of the involved cable and securely plug the connector into the Wyze camera.

5. Use a Proven A/C Electrical Outlet

use a proven electrical outlet

Power sockets can sometimes malfunction or lose functionality due to overuse, wear, damage, or electrical issues.

Now that you are unsure of your Wyze camera’s outlet status, it is a good idea to attempt a different power outlet to see whether it will power on and work…

Here’s how to plug your Wyze camera into a different outlet:

  1. Look for another nearby functional power outlet.
  2. Tip: Test the wall outlet using a secondary device.
  3. Verify that the selected outlet is on a different fuse.
  4. Unplug your Wyze camera from the power source.
  5. Inspect the USB cable connection on the adapter.
  6. Plug your power adapter into a new power outlet.
  7. Test whether your Wyze camera is now powered on.

Important – Third-Party Connectors!

Connecting your Wyze camera directly to the power outlet is crucial without any third-party wall outlet plugs, strips, or dividers.

This will guarantee a sufficient power supply, and your Wyze camera should turn on and start working.

Note: If the camera won’t turn on even when connected to a proven outlet, the issue comes from after the outlet, either in the equipment or the camera.

6. Try Using a Different USB Cable!

try use different cable

When your Wyze camera is not turning on, the USB cable you are using to power your camera might be defective.

If you have another Wyze camera, try using its USB cable to turn on your non-working camera, which will justify whether the problem comes from the current USB cable.

Note: Make sure to use the same Wyze camera's USB cable model!

To switch your Wyze camera to another USB cable, follow the steps below:

  1. Unplug the camera’s power adapter out of the socket.
  2. Remove the USB cable from the camera and adapter.
  3. Acquire access to another, proven to work USB cable.
  4. Connect the camera and power adapter with the cable.
  5. Plug the power adapter into a proven-to-work wall outlet.

If your Wyze camera turns on with a different USB cable, your original USB cable is faulty.

So, get a replacement to continue using your Wyze camera security system…

Try Using a Different Power Adapter

use a different power adapter

If your Wyze camera still doesn’t turn on even after using a different USB cable, the only piece left to replace is the power adapter.

We recommend checking whether the Wyze camera will start working with a different power adapter, which supports an input port for the USB cable!

You simply need to remove one end of the USB cable from the original adapter and plug the USB cable into a different power adapter.

You can use the power adapter of your mobile phone as long as you don’t intend to utilize the non-original adapter permanently due to compatibility.

Note: If your camera works with a new power adapter, purchase a replacement, so contact Wyze Support to request a replacement adapter.

Quick Recap:

Hence, when your Wyze camera won’t turn on, check the indicator light, inspect the USB cable connection, and power cycle the camera for 2 minutes.

In addition, test your Wyze camera using a different wall outlet, another USB cable, and a proven-to-work adapter.

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