does wyze camera light up when someone is watching

Wondering why does Wyze camera light up when someone is watching? Don’t panic!

Since many Wyze camera users want to know whether the light that comes up on the camera means that someone is watching, we’re here to help. Let’s learn exactly what light means!

Wyze cameras include a variety of indicator lights that show the status of the camera in various colors. However, a solid red light comes up whenever the camera detects any movement or when it records live streaming, which does not mean someone is watching.

Let’s learn more about the Wyze cameras and the light patterns for better orientation:

How To Tell If Someone Is Watching Wyze Camera?

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Wyze cameras are secure, and nobody without proper authorization can access them.

But when the camera is streaming live, a solid red light appears whenever motion is detected.

To increase the security of your security systems, however, there are several solutions available.

You can receive notifications anytime new device logs in to access your Wyze cameras! 

You can keep track of when your security camera account is logged in on any device with the help of two-factor authentication.

But remember to only share the details about your security cameras with trustworthy people. 

The solid red light will appear whenever someone with whom you have shared viewing access watches the camera streaming.

The light will turn in blue when the external viewer exists.

Tip: Always connect your security systems to a secure internet connection!

Wyze Camera Got Hacked?

the wyze cam got hacked

Without access to the local network, Wyze cameras cannot be easily hacked or accessed.

It’s extremely important to enable authentication through the Wyze app, which enables you to identify whether any other device aside from yours is accessing.

The best part about Wyze, though, is that they care about their users’ security.

As a result, anytime they notice a breach on their end, they let you know right away and request you to change your password.

You’ll receive this notification via email, so don’t lose any time!

Alert: Never disclose the security login details of your Wyze cameras!

Let’s move further to know what you have to do if you notice any suspicious activity!

Does Wyze Camera Light Up When Someone Is Watching?

it light up when someone watching

In case you notice any suspicious activity with your Wyze cameras, or you think that someone is watching your cameras without your permission, then we have a solution for you!

Whenever the Wyze camera detects any activity, it comes to display a solid red light. It basically indicates that the camera’s live streaming is being viewed or recorded.

All you need to do is to take some immediate steps if you are not the person who is viewing the camera footage!

Here are some steps that you have to take if someone is viewing your camera:

1. Confirm Who Is The Viewer

Sometimes we’ve got our security system accessible by family so we need to make sure that the viewer is not external.

Contact anyone that has access to your Wyze system to justify.

2. Change Passwords!

In case your security has been breached, external users will be able to sign in to your account and view the footage of your Wyze camera.

You need to change the password of your home WiFi as well as your Wyze account password. This will take security one step further!

3. Enable Two-Factor Authentication

enable two factor authentication

If you haven’t done already, this is the time to enable Two-Factor Authentication.

This will help you to know every time whenever any device is logged in to your Wyze camera account. 

To enable Two-Factory Authentication:

  • Open the Wyze app > Account.
  • Go to Security > TwoFactor Authentication.
  • Choose SMS Verification.
  • Insert the mobile number to receive notifications.

Now you will have to confirm when someone attempts to watch your camera’s view.

4. Disable Motion Detection

If you haven’t shared your Wyze camera details with anyone, also your local network is secure then there might be a problem.

In case you have implemented all of the security measures but still solid red light comes up on the camera, then simply disable the motion detection

Another thing to keep in mind is that, when viewing Wyze recordings, if you see any thumbnail images that don’t belong to your home, don’t be worried.

These images are from the Wyze thumbnail library and are being replaced with the recording images.

Note: If you don't have a cam plus or plus pro, then keep in mind that your camera can store the recording in thumbnails rather than the videos. 

Are Wyze Cameras Private?

wyze cameras private

It is safe to install Wyze cameras. Wyze secures the information of its users, which is why every Wyze camera has a secret key for identification.

Additionally, you can keep recordings in the Wyze AWS server cloud that are associated with each account independently.

As long as your local network is not compromised, your Wyze cameras are private!

In addition, keep your Wyze camera’s login information private.

Try to update the Wyze camera or mobile app as the update is released, because every update makes your Wyze more secure.

Can Anyone See Your Wyze Camera?

Upon activation, the owner of the camera is the only one that has access to the device’s live streaming, recordings, settings, and data.

However, anyone with access to your Wyze account can sign in remotely and acquire control over your Wyze system, such as the owner.

Only the people to whom you have shared access or provide account details will be able to be observers of your Wyze camera live stream.

Keeping your Wyze account credentials secure is one of the primary factors to prevent anyone from watching your camera’s footage!

Reminder: Never share your Wyze camera account information!

Sharing Wyze Access?

sharing a wyze access

Yes, you can share your Wyze camera access to another account.

The best thing is that you may share the Wyze system with another user, also allowing them to keep an eye on your house while you are out of town.

Do this only with people you truly trust.

To connect someone else with your devices, all you have to do is select the sharing option from the Account menu and enter their email address.

They’ll then be able to sign in to your Wyze system and be able to utilize the features and view the live footage from the device!

Note: The settings and camera recordings stored on your Wyze camera's microSD card are inaccessible to shared users.

Unidentified Wyze Solid Red Light?

Whenever someone is watching your Wyze camera streaming, a solid red light comes up on the Wyze camera.

In case you’re unable to identify the intruder even after changing the passwords of both your app login and network/WiFi, there is a serious problem.

We can’t allow this!

an unidentified solid red light

Go to the Wyze Contact Us Page, to receive customer support!

Make sure to bold the statement that somebody unattended is accessing your Wyze system and you need immediate help.

Your Wyze account might first get locked until a solution between you and customer service is found.

With a bit of luck, the intruder will be dispatched immediately.

Quick Recap:

Hence, when someone is watching your Wyze camera stream, the solid red light will always come up as a primary indication. This happens when you provide someone with shared access to your system or give them your Wyze account information.  

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned does Wyze camera light up when someone is watching and that the answer is YES, we need to identify who’s watching.

We’ve also learned how to prevent an intruder from accessing our Wyze system and how to dispatch them in a matter of minutes!

In case you’ve found this post helpful, make sure to check our tech blog for more!

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