wyze camera app not working

Wondering why is the Wyze camera app not working. Let’s learn the solution!

Wyze cameras are one of the best products of Wyze because they can be controlled remotely via its mobile application from anywhere.

But sometimes the Wyze camera app does not work, and it’s a time of concern since your home security depends on the app.

The Wyze camera app is not working because of bad network connectivity, a mobile device issue, or an outage on the Wyze side. No matter what the problem is, you can fix the issue within a couple of minutes by performing a good inspection of your setup!

Let’s next learn more about why the Wyze camera app is not working!

6 Reasons Why Is Wyze App Not Working?

reasons my wyze app not working

The Wyze app will not work when there is any glitch either from the user end or from the Wyze end.

This is why to understand the problem better we’ve gathered ALL of the possibilities and categorized them for better orientation.

Here’s what could be causing the Wyze application issues:

  • The Device is Disconnected From the Internet
  • Internet or WiFi issues in your Network
  • Unsupported 5Ghz WiFi Frequency
  • Wyze Application Data Corruption
  • Outage in Wyze Server Status
  • Wyze app, host-device Problem

The problem with your Wyze application is 100% related to one of the bullets above.

Luckily, we’ve found a solution for each of the possibilities, so let’s jump right in!

How To Fix When Wyze Camera App Not Working?

how to fix wyze app

Usually, the Wyze cam app does not load when it faces difficulty in reaching out to the Wyze server due to poor network connectivity.

Let’s begin to fix the app back to its normal working so you can easily control your smart monitoring cameras.

Solution #1 Check Wyze Server Status!

If your Wyze app is not working, then the first step you have to take is to check the Wyze server status.

Sometimes your access to the app could be interrupted when there is a server outage on the Wyze side.

An offline server affects not only your app but all Wyze users’ applications!

To justify where the problem is coming from, check the Wyze Server Status!

This is the official page where Wyze would announce planned maintenance, to inform users prior to the outage.

Check whether the dates and timings align with the moments when you were unable to access or use the Wyze app.

In case there is no outage, the problem appears to be on your side! Let’s proceed further!

Solution #2 Reboot/Power Cycle Your Device

reboot your device

Sometimes the mobile device, used for hosting the Wyze application is the culprit of the issue.

There are many applications that are already running in the background which makes the mobile OS slow to operate with further apps.

As a result, some apps start hanging or not working!

  • Simply restart your mobile to give its memory a fresh start!

Here is how you can restart your mobile:

  1. Press and hold the Power button on the mobile right side.
  2. Wait until a slider screen comes up.
  3. Move the Power OFF slider to the right side.
  4. Turn back on the device by holding the Power button
Tip: Refresh your Wyze app login session by signing out and in the application,

Solution #3 Inspect Your Internet Connection!

inspect your internet

Even after restarting your phone, your network connection may be the cause that your Wyze app is not working.

Since the Wyze app uses your device’s internet connection to connect to the Wyze server, it’s important to make sure that your internet is intact. 

When your internet connection is slow or unavailable, the app will be unresponsive!

Monitor your security system timely by switching to cellular data or to another network!

Tip: In case of an internet issue with your network, perform a restart on your router!

Solution #4 Switch To 2.4GHz Network

switch your network

The reason why the Wyze app appears to not work could be the strength of your internet connection.

The signal strength depends on several factors such as WiFi frequency and distance between the transmitter and receiver. 

Maybe in your case, the problem is incompatible network frequency.

The Wyze cameras only support 2.4GHz of network frequency.

In that set of thoughts, our mobile device should also be connected to the 2.4Ghz WiFi broadband of your network device.

Here is how you can check your Wifi frequency:

  1. Open WiFi settings. 
  2. Tap on the icon in front of your connected WiFi name. 
  3. Confirm that the frequency is 2.4Ghz.

If your network has a 5GHz frequency, then immediately switch to a 2.4GHz network.

Simply reconnect your device and restart the Wyze Camera app. This will refresh the connectivity and now the application should start working like magic. 

Tip: The 2.4Ghz WiFi works better with long distances than the 5Ghz WiFi broadband.

Solution #5 Check For Device Compatibility

check the device compatibility

After trying the above methods, if the Wyze app not working on your mobile, then check for your device compatibility.

Since the Wyze Camera app does not support all Android and iPhone firmware versions, you might have to update!

  • The Wyze app is only compatible with Android-7+ and iOS-14+ versions only! 

In case you don’t know your device version, here is how you can check:

  1. Go to mobile Settings
  2. For iPhone, click on General > Software Update
  3. For Android, About > Android Version
  4. Check your device version. 

In case your device is running an unsupported OS version and it’s not eligible to update, the Wyze app will never work.

This is the time when you switch devices and give up on the troubleshooting since it would be pointless to continue.

Note: The Wyze app is incompatible with Windows tablets and other mobile devices. 

Solution #6 Clear Wyze App Cache

clear the app cache

Sometimes the Wyze app’s cache data becomes corrupted or overloaded, rendering the app and phone not working properly.

In such cases, the only solution is to clear the cache data on your Wyze application to start fresh and re-establish the connection.

Here is how you can clear the Wyze app cache:

Clear Wyze App Cache – Android:

  1. Go to mobile Settings.
  2. Look for Apps & Management.
  3. Navigate to the mobile Apps list.
  4. Locate your Wyze app from the list.
  5. Tap on Clear Cache to delete all cached data.

Clear Wyze App Cache – iPhone:

  1. Open iPhone Settings
  2. Got to the General > iPhone storage
  3. Locate the Wyze App app from the list. 
  4. Tap on the “Offload app”

When you open the Wyze Camera app later, you’ll notice that you’re signed out of your account.

This is a justification that the cache clearance was successful so sing-in and test whether the Wyze application is now working as expected.

Solution #7 Reinstall the Wyze App

reinstall the wyze app

The final and most efficient solution is to perform a clean reinstallation on the Wyze app!

It’s really easy. Simply Uninstall the app from your device and download the software back from Google Play or the App Store.

This is a fresh start, which often solves issues with almost any application. This is why to be able to draw a conclusion we can’t skip this method.

When the reinstallation is over, the Wyze app should be working normally!

Issue Still There?

After trying all the above troubleshooting solutions, if the Wyze app is still not working then there may be a chance that there is a development problem.

Try to update the app, in case there is a pending upgrade in the application store. 

In case that doesn’t help contact Wyze’s Support Team and report your problem.

Share what you’ve already attempted in this guide to save time and hopefully they will be able to help!

Good Luck!

Quick Recap:

Thus, if your Wyze mobile app is not working, restart your phone and ensure that your device’s internet is working fine. Meanwhile, reboot the router for a network refresh and clear the Wyze app Cache Data. In case nothing helps, perform a clean reinstallation.

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, we have covered why the Wyze Camera app not working and how you can fix it within minutes.

We’ve learned that we need both the cameras and the Wyze app connected to a 2.4Ghz WiFi for the application to work normally. We hope that this guide truly helped.

For more relevant content about Wyze connection issues, check out our online blog!

Nicole B