vizio tv sound and picture out of sync

Sometimes you are watching your favorite shows but notice that the lips of the actors move while the sound is odd.

Why are the Vizio TV sound and picture out of sync? That has many causes and different fixing solutions.

The sound and picture out of sync can be fixed by adjusting the lip sync feature on your TV or resetting the network connection. However, if those don’t do the trick, you must manage the app, change some audio settings, update the TV’s firmware, or update it.

All of the causes behind the issue you are facing involve software. That being said, you can fix them from the comfort of your sofa by pressing a few buttons.

Keep reading to find the solution!

Vizio TV Sound And Picture Out Of Sync – What Are The Causes?

causes picture and sound not sync

Vizio TVs have many useful features, which make them widespread across homes.

However, sometimes you will notice the sound and picture are out of sync on Vizio TV. That will raise the question: what is wrong exactly?

We have nailed down the main reasons for such an issue:

Badly Adjusted Lip Sync

Newer Vizio TVs have the option to adjust the sync between audio and video.


If you are watching through a streaming platform, the connection may be unstable and not deliver all the data correctly.

An Issue on the App You Are Using

Some apps glitch, causing issues with the sync between audio and video.


It is possible that your TV needs a firmware update or a reset to refresh its system.

Fix The Vizio TV Sound And Picture Sync

how fix picture and sound not sync

We have just checked the main causes behind the lack of sync between your Vizio TV sound and picture.

As you can see, the solution should be as simple as pressing some buttons.

So let’s check which solutions you can apply.

1. Adjust The Lip Sync

The first function you can access on your TV to try and get audio and video to sync is “lip sync.”

That can force the TV to balance the audio and video being played.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Go to the TV’s “Settings”;
  2. Find the audio settings;
  3. Select “lip sync”;
  4. Adjust the level of lip sync;

Usually, the lip sync level is set to 2. However, suppose that option on your TV is already set to 2. In that case, you might want to increase it to force a better sync between audio and video. 

2. Check The Network

check the network

Nowadays, most of the content we watch on our TVs is streamed via the internet.

That means your network connection plays a very important role in the quality of sound and video and their sync.

So if adjusting lip sync didn’t work, try doing this:

  1. Disconnect your other devices from the Wi-Fi;
  2. Turn the router off;
  3. Wait a minute;
  4. Turn the router back on;
  5. Test the TV’s streaming.

You must wait to reconnect the other devices to the Wi-Fi. By doing that, the router will prioritize the TV’s request for data. 

3. Manage The Malfunctioning App

One possibility that explains the situation is that the app you are using is malfunctioning. In that case, you will want to try a few things. 

Clear The App’s Data

The first thing you can try is clearing the app’s data. Here is how you do it:

clear the app data
  1. Select “Settings” on the TV menu;
  2. Choose “Apps”
  3. Navigate to “System apps.”
  4. Choose the malfunctioning app;
  5. Click on “Clear cache”;

After the cache is cleared, you must try starting the app again. But first, check if the sync issue has been solved.

Reinstall The App

If clearing the cache doesn’t make the issue disappear, you must also try reinstalling the app.

First, uninstall it:

  1. Select “Settings” on the TV menu;
  2. Choose “Apps”
  3. Navigate to “System apps.”
  4. Choose the malfunctioning app;
  5. Click on “Uninstall.”

Next, you will have to install it again:

  1. Press the V-shaped menu button on the remote;
  2. Choose “Connected TV Store”;
  3. Use the search bar to find the app.

4. Investigate Digital Audio Options

investigate digital audio options

Perhaps the app you are using on the TV doesn’t support the current digital audio option.

On the other hand, some updates on the TV might have changed the digital audio option to one that doesn’t work so well for your hardware.

Here is how you can adjust it:

  1. Locate the TV’s “Settings”;
  2. Navigate to the audio settings;
  3. Choose “Digital audio out”;
  4. Switch the format to “PCM.”

PCM is an audio format that intends to reduce lag. Lag is one of the causes of delayed audio or video.

However, if PCM is already selected, you might want to try a different option and see if it works.

5. Check The Surround Audio

check the surround audio

Surround audio is a great technology that has seen a lot of advertising.

However, sometimes it also makes the audio of your TV glitch. That can happen if something inside the hardware or software is no longer working as it should.

So here is how you adjust such an option:

  1. Locate the TV’s “Settings”;
  2. Navigate to the audio settings;
  3. Enter the “Surround audio” option;
  4. Disable it if it is active/Activate it if it is disabled.
Tip: Do you have a soundbar or speaker connected to the TV? Try unplugging it to determine if the issue is on the TV.

6. Update The TV Firmware

Sometimes, the TV’s firmware causes some apps to glitch, compromising the sync between audio and video.

update the tv firmware

In such situations, you must check if an update is available for your TV.

Here is how you can do it:

  1. Make sure your Vizio TV is connected to the internet;
  2. Press the V button on your TV remote to open the Vizio SmartCast menu;
  3. Select “System” from the menu
  4. Select “Check for Updates”;
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to check for available updates.
  6. Select “Install Update” (if available);
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to download and install the firmware update. 

Note that the updating process might take a while. Don’t turn the TV off even if you think it is taking too long!

7. Reset The TV

reset your tv

Other times, the firmware is causing issues on your TV, but no update is available. Then you must reset the TV to refresh the firmware. 

Soft Reset

There are two ways to reset a Vizio TV. You must first try a soft reset and see if that sorts out the issue.

Here are the steps:

  1. Press the Menu button on the remote;
  2. Choose “System”;
  3. Choose “Reset & Admin.
  4. Choose “Soft Power Cycle.”

The TV will turn off and on again. After that, check if the sound and video are back in sync.

Hard Reset

hard reset the tv

If a soft reset doesn’t work, you must try hard resetting it. You must remember that a hard reset will erase all the data on your TV. You will need to download and log into the apps again.

  1. Disconnect the TV from the Wi-Fi network;
  2. Press the Menu button on the remote;
  3. Navigate to “System”;
  4. Choose “Reset & Admin”;
  5. Find Reset TV to Factory State and select it;
  6. Input the PIN code of your Vizio TV (if you don’t have a custom PIN, the default is 0000);
  7. Select Reset;

After selecting the option, the TV will shut down and power on again. Then, you will need to reconnect it to the existing Wi-Fi network.

Note: If even this method doesn't work to eliminate the sync glitch, you must contact Vizio support.

What We Learned

What to do when the Vizio TV sound and picture are out of sync? The guide above has shown you that the issue stems from some settings on your TV.

Thus, you will have to learn how to adjust audio configurations so that the streaming content keeps syncing between audio and video.

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Nicole B