how to hook up a soundbar to a vizio tv

Looking for a detailed guide on how to hook up a soundbar to a Vizio TV?

Well, we won’t only let you know the essentials of the process, but also share with you some user experiences and tips you should definitely know.

The way you hook up a soundbar to your Vizio TV is by connecting one end of the HDMI cable to the port, located on the back of your TV. Then, connect the other end into the port of your Vizio soundbar and you should be all set up. 

You can also connect the Vizio soundbar using Bluetooth, but we will talk about this later in the post.

Before we jump into the ways to connect a soundbar to your Vizio TV, let’s take a look at how soundbars work so you can have an easier time hooking it up.

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Need of Soundbars

The Soundbar is an all-in-one speaker system that will deliver high-quality TV sound without taking much space.

You will be spared the complexity, expense, and large space an average home theatre will take if you have decided to use the Soundbar.

The soundbars are long, the cabinet contains two or more speakers which can provide your audio system with either stereo or surround sound, depending on your preferences.

How Do Soundbars Connect?

These devices have different ways to connect depending on the model, and year released.

Most soundbars use a wired connection to transmit sound, others have inbuilt Bluetooth that you can use. 

Depending on your model, feel free to check online what types of inputs it does support and navigate through the article to the heading describing your supported type of connection.

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Once the soundbar is connected to your TV, all of the audio output will be transmitted through the soundbar.

In case you have got trouble connecting your soundbar or there is no sound, below is the complete guide including more than one way to hook up your soundbar so let’s move on!

How Do You Hook Up a Soundbar to A Vizio TV?

how to hook up a soundbar to a vizio smart tv

There are several ways to connect your soundbar to a Vizio TV and the approach in your case really depends on the model soundbar you have got.

Unfortunately, we cannot know what type of soundbar you have, so you will need to check this on your own.

When you know the exact way that you are going to connect your soundbar to the TV, simply jump to one of the headings below describing your sort of connection.

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Connection Via HDMI Cable

Let’s take a look at how to hook up a soundbar to a Vizio TV using an HDMI cable.

First, take a look at the back of your soundbar, does it have an HDMI port?

If yes, take a proven-to-work HDMI cable and plug it into the HDMI output of your TV. Then go to your Vizio TVs settings and find the CEC Settings. From there make sure to enable Audio Control.

While HDMI cables are known to transfer video, their audio transmission quality is not bad, and using such a connection would not be a mistake. 

If your soundbar does not emit sound, try switching your HDMI cable sides or using another HDMI port on both sides.

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If the HDMI connection did not work for you, feel free to jump to the next type of connection.

Connection With Ethernet Cable

As you have probably figured out, for the process you would require an Ethernet cable and working port within your soundbar.

This method basically works by hooking up your TV and soundbar using an Ethernet cable where the audio output should be pretty clear.

The port you will be looking for in your soundbar will either be in yellow or blue color and must be connected with the one on your TV.

If your soundbar is more expensive, there should be available on-screen instructions related to the process.

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Otherwise, simply wait a few minutes and see if your soundbar will be connected to your Vizio TV.


If you are using an Ethernet cable, you will be less likely to experience signal interference and outages.

If you have no Ethernet cable in your household, let’s check how do you hook up a soundbar to a Vizio TV using Bluetooth.

Connection With Bluetooth

To connect your soundbar via Bluetooth, on your TV first locate and tap the Apps menu.

Then you would have to find the Settings icon and select Bluetooth. Keep in mind that if Bluetooth doesn’t appear, you may have to click on Connections.

After you have accessed those options, click on the list of available devices and wait for your soundbar to appear.

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Ensure that the soundbar is working and turned on and select it from the list in order to pair it. Keep in mind that when using Bluetooth, a large object could block the signal if it is in the way so pay attention.


If you don’t know the Bluetooth name of your soundbar, you should be able to find more information on that in the documents that came with your device. 

There should be a specific name of the model and more information about wireless connectivity.

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Can’t Connect Soundbar to Vizio TV?

If you are not able to connect your soundbar to your Vizio TV with none of the approaches we’ve discussed above, there are several things to make sure of.

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If your soundbar does not emit sound under any circumstance, you might want to inspect for any hardware-related issues concerning the ports, the power, or the functionality.

Depending on whether you are using a wired or wireless connection, check whether there is a problem with the cable or the Bluetooth of your devices. 

Test your soundbar on another device to tighten the circle of possibilities and even contact Vizio customer support for further assistance and compatibility information.

We also recommend scrolling up and giving our methods another shot as it is highly unlikely none of them will work if your soundbar and Vizio TV are working properly.

Lastly, you can perform a power cycle to prevent any power issues from interfering.

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Bottom Line

After reviewing the essentials of how to hook up a soundbar to a Vizio TV, executing the process should not be as complex as it was before reading this post.

When having something clearly explained definitely eases up your experience and significantly helps you with the process.

For more posts related to soundbars and Vizio TV, make sure to visit our technical blog, where you will find a solution to any problem with your smart home devices.