vizio tv keeps changing input

If Vizio TV keeps changing input, you may need to look into a number of things. This issue can be very embarrassing when listening to your favorite audio then it occurs.

Anyway, in this case, you should not worry since you can fix it without spending too much on it.

You may first need to find out why the issue occurs even before trying to solve the problem. Reading the tips below will help you understand some of the reasons for the issue and various ways you can use to solve it.

If your Vizio TV keeps changing input by itself, you may need to change any faulty cables. They always cause the auto-detect function to change the input randomly.

Reasons Why Vizio TV Keeps Changing Input by Itself

Various reasons may cause your Vizio TV to change input by itself. Check the most common ones below.

  • Your TV is incompatible with the settings of the device you are using.
  • Your cables are faulty.
  • Your remote is faulty or does not function well.

Note: Apart from the issues most technology devices have, Vizio TV is one of the best you can opt for in terms of its price.

Other than streaming via the internet, you can stream using the inputs available on the TV. A regular cable, HDMI, DVI, and USB are some of the options you can use to stream.

How to Fix the Vizio TV Keeps Changing Input Issue

fix vizio tv keeps changing input

Now that you know why Vizio TV keeps changing input, you need to solve the problem. Check below some of the methods you can use to fix the issue quickly.

Method 1: Power Cycle Your Vizio TV

You can give your TV a break by power cycling it. Maybe a rest from too much streaming will bring it back, having fixed the input issue. These simple steps will help you power cycle the TV.

  1. Unplug your Vizio TV from the power cord.

2. Hold your TV’s power button for around 20 seconds.

3. Release the button, then plug in your TV to its power source.

4. Turn on the TV.

In most cases, power cycling TV fixes most of the common issues. Just ensure you perform it the proper way.

Method 2: Check Your Connections

Your TV might have loose connections in one port that fluctuates, causing it to load automatically. You will need to disconnect all cables for each device connected to your TV via the input ports.

Clean the ports using these steps.

  1. Look for something like an earbud then, insert it in the ports to remove dust and dirt.

2. Reconnect your cables and check if the input is still changing.

Most times, dust and dirt are usually the problem. So, after removing the dirt, you should have your device working again.

Method 3: Reset Your Remote

Your remote might also be the cause of this issue. Exposing your remote to high humidity or heat causes it to malfunction.

The remote’s input button may also be stuck, hence failing to function. Therefore, you will need to reset the remote.

These steps can help.

Step #1. Remove the batteries from the remote.

Step #2. Press and hold the remote’s power button for 4 seconds to drain any remaining power.

Step #3. Press each button on the remote to loosen any that is stuck.

Step #4. Return the batteries in the remote, then cover with its lid. If your batteries are old, kindly replace them.

Step #5. Try using the remote.

These steps should solve the problem. If not, you may need to try controlling your TV with another remote to see if the issue is still there. If not, replace the remote.

Method 4: Update Your TV to the Latest Firmware

If your Vizio TV is using the old firmware, you are bound to get issues. You must have the latest firmware on your Vizio TV if you do not want any issues to occur.

Use these steps to update the firmware.

  1. Press the menu key on the remote.

2. Select system followed by Check for updates.

3. If you see an update available, click ‘update’ to download the latest firmware.

If your former firmware had bugs like changing inputs, the updated version would solve them.

This is because the updates are released mainly to resolve the “common bugs”. Hence, it is very essential to always keep your TV updated.

Method 5: Factory Reset

Factory resetting wipes away all data on your device, including all settings and connections. It is a solution that works for most devices with this and many other issues.

You can try to reset using the steps below.

Step #1. Press the menu icon on your Vizio remote

Step #2. Go to settings, then ‘Reset and admin.’

Step #3. Choose the option ‘Reset to Factory Defaults,’ then enter your Vizio TV’s passcode.

Step #4. Click the option ‘Reset’ to confirm that you want to reset.

Step #5. Wait for the reset to finish then the TV will restart automatically.

Note: Factory reset of TV will erase all your downloaded apps and personalized settings. So, keep note of anything that you may need to use later on.

Vizio TV Still Keeps Changing Inputs

The above methods should stop the Vizio TV input from changing itself. If this issue persists, there might be a problem with your HDMI ports. Hence, you will need to change the mainboard.

The best thing is that you have your Vizio TV warranty. Please do not ignore it.

Since the problem is beyond your ability, contact Vizio Support, explain to them this situation and let the experts handle it.

Ensure that the cables connected to your Vizio TV ports are not faulty if you do not want your TV to keep changing inputs. If they are faulty, you should replace them.

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If your Vizio TV keeps changing input, you should try any of the above-listed methods. If the first one does not work, do not hesitate to try the second, third or fourth.

You need to ensure that you do not have faulty cables since they interfere with the connection.

Power cycling your TV most of the time fixes any issue such as this one. However, never ignore your remote because it might also be the root cause of the problem.

Hence, you can change it if need be.

Faulty cables are most of the time the cause of your Vizio TV changing input by itself. Ensure that you correct any faulty cables before trying to reset your TV.

Nicole B