tcl roku tv color problems

If you’re having TCL Roku TV color problems, in most cases the cause turns out to be a bad TV’s refresh rate setting or with the source you’re currently viewing.

Luckily for you in this post, we covered ALL possible causes and their respective solutions!

To fix the color issues on your TCL Roku TV, auto-adjust the refresh of your TV and perform a power cycle. Then unplug ALL devices connected to the TV and test by switching to another source. Lastly, you can inspect all cables and perform a factory reset.

The fix might seem easy at first glance but there is much more behind the solution that you should know.

Next, we’ll check what turned out to be the cause for other users having the same issue, and how they managed to resolve the problem.

Why Are There TCL Roku TV Color Issues?

First things first, it is good to determine whether you have damaged the TV’s display in any way.

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Potential hardware malfunction is a potential cause for the color issues and it is good to take a look at the TV’s screen surface for any form of damage.

If we exclude this possibility, here is what else might have happened:

1. Source Problem

If the source you’ve chosen to broadcast has color issues, it will be reflected on your Roku TV screen.

2. Incorrect Refresh Rate

Whenever the refresh rate of your TV does not align with the actual supported rate, you might start observing disbalance in the colors.

3. Cable Issue

Damaged video cable that is used for the TV source might generate false-colored frames.

4. Port Problem

If it’s not the cable, then it could be the port of your TV. In case the port was overused, it might be damaged, thus producing video/color issues.

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5. Bad Picture Settings/Mode

Misconfigured picture settings are a primary suspect for weird screen colors.

Now when you’re familiar with the main causes, you’re ready to start troubleshooting!

How To Fix The Color On A TCL TV?

fix tcl roku tv color problems

Before you jump to the solutions, you can attempt to solve the color problem by performing a simple TV restart.

You can do so by pressing the power button on the remote control or the inbuilt power button on the TV panel.

If you’ve already tried restarting and it didn’t help, let’s start with our first solution method:

Solution #1 Use Default Source

It is possible that the source playout that you’ve chosen is broadcasting weird colors and the issue is not with your TV.

We recommend switching back to the default source (Watch TV) and changing channels to determine whether the problem is with the source or TV.

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The defaultsource can be accessed Menu > Settings > Source > Source Menu > Cable/Channel.

Use the source of the channels since this way you can tell whether the issue is generally with the TV or a problem with a specific source.

Note: Make sure that you’re not watching content from any third-party device, that is faulty, you’ll see the device’s colors and not your TVs.

Solution #2 Hard Reset Your TV Device

The hard reset is the widely popular approach to almost any TV problem so you should not continue any further before performing this technique.

This method will discharge your device completely which tends to be really helpful in most cases.

Here is how to perform a hard reset on your TCL device:

  1. Unplug the device’s power adapter.
  2. Wait for 5 minutes in order for the device tocompletely discharge.
  3. Plug the power adapter back in position and turn on your TV.
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Once your TV has booted, test it as you do regularly to determine if there are still color issues.

Solution #3 Change The Display Refresh Rate

If you’re still experiencing Roku TCL TV color problems, it is most likely to be a wrong refresh rate configuration.

It is possible that you’ve misaligned the TV screen-supported refresh rate with the one you’ve set, while you were playing with the picture settings.

Here are some steps to fix your TCL TV display refresh rate:

  1. Open the menu on your Roku TV and head to the Settings.
  2. Move to the System tab and find the Advanced system settings button.
  3. Navigate to the advanced display settings tab.
  4. Locate the Auto-adjust display refresh rate.
  5. Toggle the feature OFF and ON.
  6. Make sure to leave it Enabled.
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Feel free to restart your TV if you cannot see any change, and if the problem is gone, then you’ve found the reason.

If however, the colors are not on point, proceed with the next step.

Solution #4 Inspect Cable Connections And Ports

This solution applies only if the problem appears when you’re watching a certain source hooked up with an HDMI or component video cable.

If your problem appears even when you’re at the TV menus, please jump to the next solution.

If the color problem appears only when watching a specific source, the cable and the port could play a vital role in how colors are presented on the screen.

Try moving the video cable while plugged into the TV port to check if there will be any changes in the colors.

If there are, the problem is clear. You’ll either need to replace the cable or change it to another source input.

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Solution #5 Change Picture Modes

The incorrect colors might be this way because you’re using an inappropriate TV picture mode.

There are quite a few different modes to choose from and if you’ve selected a mode that does not look well on certain types of shows you might see a significant color change.

To enter the TV picture modes menu follow the steps below:

  1. Press the Star (*) button on your remote.
  2. Scroll down the menu until you find the Picture mode.
  3. Select the Picture mode.

Here are the picture modes to choose from, Low Power, Normal, Vivid, Sports, Movie, and Gaming.

Depending on what type of shows you’re watching you might want to change to the most appropriate picture mode.

We recommend trying all of them to find out if the color problems are because of the picture mode or not.

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Solution #6 Adjust Picture Settings

There is a variety of options concerning the picture settings on your TCL Roku TV.

If there were changes in those settings, they are capable of disbalancing your colors to a point in which you’ll believe there is something wrong with your TV.

Here are all available options:

  • Backlight – Adjusts the backlight level of the screen.
  • Brightness – How bright the screen would be.
  • Contrast – The white intensity.
  • Sharpness – Changes how soft/sharp the object’s edges appear.
  • Tint – The skin tones.
  • Dynamic contrast – Manually adjust the backlight.
  • Color Temperature – How warm colors appear.

Depending on the way your colors are wrong, using our explanation, try changing the most convenient setting to check if that will help.

If however, you cannot fix the problem by any of those settings, in the next step we’ll revert them to default!

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Solution #7 Factory Reset Roku TCL TV

If nothing has worked so far and there are still TCL Roku TV color problems, then you should try resolving the issue with a factory reset.

Keep in mind that a factory reset will erase all temporal configurations and apps you’ve downloaded to your Roku so proceed with caution.

Here is how to factory reset your TCL Roku TV:

  1. Open the main screen on your Roku.
  2. Select the Settings tab.
  3. Press the right arrow button on your remote and select System.
  4. Go to Advanced system settings once in the system tab.
  5. Press the right arrow again and select factory reset.
  6. Confirm the on-screen message for a reset.

After initiating the factory reset, it should take no longer than several minutes for it to conclude. Once your TV reboots, determine if the color issues remain.

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Solution #8 Remove Speakers (Bonus)

Lastly, an unusual occurrence that could happen to your TCL Roku TV is magnet interference with nearby speakers.

If you’ve installed sound configurations lately to your Roku TCL TV with speakers that have a magnet integrated, this can cause disruptions with your TV’s display and make distortion with the colors.

We recommend temporarily unplugging the speakers or any other sound devices that can be causing the interference.

Once you’re done, run the same apps as usual on your TV to determine whether the issue is fixed.

To fix distorted colors on a TCL Roku TV, first hard reset the device and inspect all wirings. Adjust the picture mode and change the picture settings to see if that will help. Next, you should align the refresh rate and if nothing works, perform a factory reset.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know what could be causing the TCL Roku TV color problems, with the assistance of our proven solutions, you should face no bumps in the road of fixing the issue.

If however, the color distortions proceed even after this troubleshooting guide, maybe it is time to reach out to TCL customer service for additional help.

Nicole B