tcl tv remote not working

If your TCL TV remote not working, then you have found the right post. Here we will discuss many common issues that are well-known to cause a TCL TV remote not to work.

You will learn how to troubleshoot your remote in order to resolve any possible issues and our tips and recommendations will guide you throughout the methods.

There is a wide range of possible causes that might be responsible for the non-working TCL TV remote.

To fix your remote you might have to apply several troubleshooting steps such as power cycling and restarting your remote as well as taking a look at the batteries.

This is just a small fraction of what could be happening and to learn everything you need to know keep reading.

Why My TCL TV Remote Is Not Working?

Your TCL TV remote might not work because of several possible occasions. Your batteries could be worn out or maybe there is something in front of the TV receiver.

Regardless of the cause here we will try to determine exactly what is the problem with the remote.

Do This Before Troubleshooting!

Here are a few things to do before you start with our troubleshooting steps:

1. Ensure there is Nothing in Front of the TV Receiver.

If there is something blocking the signal your remote won’t be able to interact with your TV.

2. Check if Batteries have a Charge.

The best way to ensure that the batteries you are using are not the cause is to try with fresh batteries. Sometimes you can resolve the issue by switching the battery slots, but note that if this helps, it is a sign of a battery dying.

3. Restart your TV.

The issue could be coming from the TV and not the remote. In that regard, we recommend restarting your TV by unplugging it from the power outlet for about 5 minutes.

Once ready try if your remote is working.

If none of the above-listed steps managed to resolve the issue, then you are definitely dealing with a problem with your remote. Next, we will discuss some possible causes and how to resolve them.

How To Fix TCL TV Remote Not Working Easily?

fix tcl tv remote not working

So far in the post, we tighten the circle of possible causes down to your remote. Now it is time to troubleshoot and hopefully resolve the problem.

We recommend applying out steps one-by-one in the order they are listed below. Also, check if your remote is working after you successfully complete a step.

Step #1 Restart Your Remote

To restart your remote, you should navigate to the batteries compartment, open it and take the batteries out. Let the remote aside for about 5 minutes and in the meantime plug out your TV from the power outlet.

Leave the TV out of the power supply for about 60 seconds. Try to be patient as this method might not work if you don’t wait long enough.

Once ready, put the batteries back in your remote control department and plug the TV back into the power.

Try if your remote is working. If the issue is still there, feel free to proceed with our next step of this troubleshooting guide.

Step #2 Try to Pair the Remote (Enchased Model)

This method applies only to Roku users that have the enhanced version. If you are using the Infrared (IR) remote, which is the older one, please skip this step.

The pairing button is located on the bottom of the remote, where the battery compartment is or inside it. Press the pairing button to pair your TCL Roku remote.

Step #3 Power Cycle Your Remote

If restarting and pairing did not resolve the TCL Roku TV remote not working issue, this time we are going to perform a power cycle on your remote.

This method is proven to solve a variety of issues concerning the functionalities of the Roku remote.

To perform a power cycle on your TCL TV remote, follow the steps below:

  • Take the batteries out of the compartment on the button of the remote.
  • Once the batteries are out, press each and every button on the remote several times.
  • Once ready it is recommended to wait for a while and then put the batteries back in.

Sometimes dust builds up and some buttons get stuck. This is what may be causing your remote to malfunction. Once done, feel free to test if the issue is still there.

Step #4 Replace the Batteries

We understand that the majority of you skipped the first part of the article, but without changing the batteries with a fresh pair, you cannot be sure.

We highly recommend replacing both batteries with ones that are at least proven to work on other devices.

If your remote is still not working, even with a new pair of batteries, the issue might be more complicated than it seems at a first glance.

Step #5 Contact Customer Service

As a last resort, you can contact the customer support service for additional troubleshooting on the TCL Roku TV remote not working issue.

Explain in detail what you are experiencing and the steps you’ve applied from this post to spare time applying the same steps.

The support team will most likely come with a solution that has still not reached the technical communities online.

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What To Do If TCL TV Remote Still Not Working…

If nothing so far managed to get your TCL TV remote working, you can always purchase a new remote.

This way you cannot go wrong, but we recommend doing research if you are going to purchase a universal remote.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can always head to Amazon and find a universal remote that supports your TCL TV. Top-rated remotes start from just $12, so there is nothing to be concerned about.

Another thing you can do is download the TCL TV Roku remote application that is available for both Android and iOS. 

The remote application will basically allow you to use your smartphone (any smart device) as a remote.

So, if you don’t have spare money to buy a new remote, the mobile application will certainly get the job done.

Reset Your TLC Roku Remote

Here is our last shot and hopefully you are able to perform it. If you have got the mobile app working and you have control over your TCL TV, you can reset your remote from within the settings.

This reset will revert the remote OS to its default state, which means that any keybinds, settings, and configurations will be permanently lost.

Here is how to reset your TCL Roku remote in a few simple steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings of your TCL Roku TV.
  2. Locate and press on System.
  3. Choose Advanced System Settings.
  4. Go to Factory Reset.
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to apply the code.

Once you are ready, wait for about a minute and your remote should be restored. Check if the issue is still there.

You might have to press the pairing button, which is located on the bottom of the remote or within the battery compartment. Press the pairing button to pair the remote and check if it is working.

If now your remote is working, congratulations you have solved the issue. If not, we are sad to inform you that your remote might be broken.

Bottom Line

We hope that our post was able to help you with the TCL TV remote not working issue and now you are able to enjoy your favorite shows.

If you found the content helpful, we recommend checking our blog where you will find a wide range of related troubleshooting posts for you to read.

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