tcl roku tv wired connection not working

In case the TCL Roku TV wired connection not working or your device keeps losing internet, you’ve come to the right fix guide!

Here you will learn what could be causing the issue with the wired connection of your TV and how to solve it quickly and efficiently.

Furthermore, we’re going to expose the cause and help you prevent it from appearing in the future.

If the TCL Roku TV wired (Ethernet) connection is not working, restart your TV and check the signal strength from the settings. Next, solve issues with your network transmitting device and reduce the bandwidth usage.

That’s only how to start, so keep reading to learn more about what could be causing the problem and then how to resolve it in a matter of minutes!

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Why Does TCL Roku TV Wired Connection Keeps Losing?

If the wired connection of your TCL Roku TV is now working, there could be two possibilities for that happening.

It’s either the Ethernet cable or your network device (router).

The very first thing to start with would be to check if you’re connecting both devices properly so let’s learn how it’s done.

How To Connect TCL Roku TV Via Ethernet Cable?

Here is how to hook up your TCL Roku TV to your networking device via Ethernet cable:

  1. Locate the Ethernet port on the back of your TCL Roku TV
  2. Connect the Ethernet cable to that port.
  3. Connect the other side of the Ethernet cable to one of the yellow inputs of your router or the Ethernet port on your modem.
Note: In case you have no internet connection this way, make sure to test if there is internet reaching your router at all. 

Use other devices to connect to the router/ modem and confirm.

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How To Fix TCL Roku TV Wired Connection Not Working?

fix tcl roku tv wired connection not working

Before we move on, make sure to give your TCL Roku TV a restart. This could easily solve temporal bugs or glitches that are messing with your wired connection.

In case a simple restart did not help and the internet is still not there, proceed with the solution guide.

Solution #1 Setup Wired Connection Properly

There’s a chance that you’re setting up your Roku TV’s wired connection improperly.

You must access and choose specific settings when having your internet cable connected to the TV to make the internet work properly.

Here’s how to set up the wired connection on your Roku TCL TV:

  1. Ensure the cable is securely attached both to your router and TV.
  2. Go to the settings of your TV and enter the Network tab.
  3. Choose Set up connection.
  4. From the two options, choose “Wired” as your internet preference.
  5. Wait for your TV to finish scanning and connecting.
Note: Many users set the connection wrong, by choosing the “Wireless” option over the “Wired” one, even if an Ethernet cable is involved.

Solution #2 Power Cycle Roku/Network Device

power cycle device tv

You should attempt to solve the problem by power cycling your Roku, along with the network device (router, modem, or gateway).

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The power cycle or also known as a “hard reset” will discharge your device and restart ALL services which in most cases is helpful.

Let’s begin with power cycling your Roku TV first.

How To Power Cycle TCL Roku TV?

  1. Turn OFF your TV using the Roku remote.
  2. Unplug the power adapter of your device.
  3. Wait for around 5 minutes until your device is completely discharged.
  4. Re-attach the adapter to the source and turn on your TV.

How To Power Cycle Network Your Device?

  1. Shut down your network device with the power button.
  2. Disconnect the power supply of the device.
  3. Again, wait for ~5 minutes before reconnecting the cable.
  4. Turn ON your network device.
Note: Remember to test the internet after each of the power cycles you’ve made to your setup to determine if the issue has been solved.

Solution #3 Use Different Port & Reconnect Cable

You should use a different port on your router and reconnect the cable to solve the problem you’re having with the wired connection.

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If the issue is with the port on a network device, you should attempt plugging into an alternative Ethernet output.

Since your Roku device only has one Ethernet port, use a different port on your network device.

Simply connect your Ethernet cable to another yellow port of your router.

Pro Tip: In case you’ve got another Ethernet cable to test with, make sure to bring it now and attempt to hook your TV and network device.

Solution #4 Resolve Network Issues

fix network

The wired connection on your Roku TCL TV could not be working due to network issues with your router/modem.

That’s why you should run complete troubleshooting on your network to identify and resolve any problems.

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Here are some working solutions against network problems:

1. Reduce Bandwidth Usage

Your internet might be overloaded, therefore your Roku TV will lose connection.

Reduce bandwidth usage by preventing high-data downloading and uploading, along with high-quality streaming.

2. Restart Network Device

Power cycle your router/modem by unplugging the device from the power outlet for about 5 minutes.

3. Contact Your Provider

In case you’ve identified network issues that you cannot solve at home, you should always contact your ISP for help.

Pro Tip: Test your setup by plugging the Ethernet cable into a computer or laptop, instead of your TV to justify that there is an available internet connection.

Solution #5 Factory Reset Roku TV

In case your TCL Roku TV wired connection is still not working, you should perform a factory reset to revert the default state of your device.

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That operation will re-install the operating system and permanently erase ALL constants and configurations.

roku tv reset

Here’s how to reset your Roku TV device in easy steps:

  1. Go to the Settings of your Roku TV.
  2. Select System and scroll to Advanced system settings.
  3. Choose Factory reset and confirm the following prompt.
  4. Wait for your Roku to be reset.
Note: Your TCL Roku TV will restart as an indication that the reset is complete.

TCL Roku TV Wired Connection Still Not Working…

In case the problem persists and the wired connection is still not working, we highly recommend acquiring a new (proven-to-work) Ethernet cable.

This way you will be able to tell whether the problem is because of your TV or not.

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In case the issue is found with the TV, ports, or functionality, you should check if your warranty is intact and take advantage of it.

Otherwise, you would need a professional inspection and possibly repair.

Note: If you can confirm that your network device is not the problem, you can always contact TCL Roku TV customer service for more help towards the solution of the issue.

Thus, to resolve the problem with your Roku’s wired connection, power cycle both your TV along with the network device. Replace the Ethernet cable and fix issues with your network device. Use a different Ethernet port on your networking device to factory reset the TV.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you know why the TCL Roku TV wired connection not working and how to resolve the problem, the rest is up to you.

Following our solutions should at least help you identify the cause and appropriately take the next step.