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Having TCL TV volume problems? Well, there could be a really simple explanation why your TCL TV’s volume isn’t working correctly.

You either turned down the volume, muted the TV or there is a more complex issue.

Either way, in this post you are going to identify and hopefully resolve the issue, so without further ado let’s jump right in!

First, you would have to confirm your audio settings. This is done by heading to the settings and scrolling down to Audio mode. Next, make sure that the setting is at Stereo and press the confirm button.

You could also verify all of your cable connections because volume issues are well-known to be due to a loose HDMI cable.

Before getting into the process of fixing your TCL TV volume problems, we figured it would be more appropriate to discuss the origin of those issues.

Why Are There TCL TV Volume Fluctuations?

Some of the volumes issues your TCL TV might be experiencing could be due to a simple malfunction.

Sometimes a simple restart might be able to resolve the problem and get your TCL TV volume back working as it should.

As we have mentioned above, one of the general reasons for volume malfunctions with your TCL TV is a loose HDMI connection.

Since your TV doesn’t require a separate cable, you would have to check all connections to different devices.

If a faulty connection isn’t the problem here, you shall next head to the TV settings and set the Audio settings to auto. 

This way you will allow your TV to configure all of the volume features correspondingly on its own.

Now when you have tried all of that and the issue is still there, we shall proceed with applying all troubleshooting methods we’ve found.

How To Fix TCL TV Volume Fluctuations?

how to fix tcl tv volume fluctuates

Now when you know more about the issue it would be easier to troubleshoot and hopefully resolve the problem as fast as possible.

The guidelines below will be designed according to the reasons located above, so make sure to apply them in order.

Method #1 Check Mute Button

The first and most simple method would be to check your mute button.

Some users forget that they had previously muted their TCL TV and they won’t have any volume until they figured it out.

In that regard, our first recommendation would be to simply click the mute button. If your TCL TV is being unmuted afterward, this would mean that your TCL TV was muted.

If you cannot find the mute by any means, you could locate it on your remote.

After all, it is quite easy to accidentally hit the mute button without even realizing it and it takes a while to find out.

Method #2 Check Cables

Another cause for volume issues is a faulty cable connection throughout your TCL TV.

A slightly loose HDMI connection could significantly interfere with your volume. It will either greatly decrease the volume’s hearing or disable it at all.

To fix it though, you can try to plug the HDMI cable into another port. This way you will determine whether it’s the cable’s fault or the port.

If your volume is now functional, the port your cable was previously plugged into wasn’t working correctly, but if you still don’t have a volume, try with a working HDMI cable to justify the theory.

Also make sure to inspect all cables connected to another device, such as external devices that can significantly interfere with the volume of your TCL TV.

Method #3 Identify Channel Volume Issues

If the mute button and cables weren’t the case, there might be an issue with the channel you are currently watching.

Sometimes the player that is being queued in the channel software might not have volume and you wouldn’t be able to hear anything from the broadcast whatsoever.

Simply switch to another channel to see if your TV would have volume. If you can now hear the broadcast, then the issue was with the previous channel you were watching.

Method #4 Reset Power of TCL TV

Another quite universal way to approach your TV’s volume is the so-called power cycle.

This method is well-known to resolve any temporal power issues with your TV, which might interfere with the volume.

However, make sure to pay attention because this method could be useless if not applied correctly.

  1. Turn off your TCL TV using the remote.
  2. Unplug the power cable from the power source.
  3. Wait for at least 3-5 minutes for the best results.
  4. Plug the power cable back into the power source.
  5. Check if the issue is still there.

Make sure to wait enough time for the power cycle to take effect.

After all, this method is meant to cool down your TV and provide you with a cold boot that might significantly help with bringing your volume back.

Sometimes malfunction with the strip device could cause power malfunctions and vile interference with your TV’s functionality.

Method #5 Change Volume Mode

Another way to deal with TCL TV volume problems is to change the volume mode.

If your TV is a newer model, there is a feature that will automatically change the volume mode depending on what time of the day it is.

If it is night, for instance, the volume will be on night mode, which can decrease hearing significantly.

This feature works perfectly with movies or home cinema, but if you are willing to enjoy the full sound capacity of your TCL TV, simply head to the options and put the volume to day mode.

Day mode has all the volume stages available, and you will be able to hear your TCL TV perfectly.

Method #6 Confirm Audio Settings

Our last suggestion to fix your volume is to confirm your TCL TV’s audio settings.

If your TV is selected to another output device for instance and not your Stereo Speakers or TV Speakers, you must confirm the settings and change the device.

You can do this by applying the following steps.

  1. View the home screen with your remote.
  2. Enter the settings and press the right arrow.
  3. Enter Audio and select Audio mode.
  4. Highlight the option and change it to Auto.
  5. Confirm the changes.

This way your TV will automatically identify any output speaker device and put it to use as soon as possible.

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TCL TV Volume Problems Still Persist…

If nothing has helped so far in the troubleshooting process, the last thing you may do is seek further assistance related to changing or repairing hardware.

If you have determined that your HDMI cable is faulty for instance, don’t hesitate to change it as soon as possible.

Faulty cables could cause more damage than only disabling your volume if it is of great importance to have fully functional wiring.

Bottom Line:

TCL TV Volume Issues are occasionally reported from all amongst the Roku community.

However, this is why there are plenty of things that will fit perfectly in your situation and help you get your TCL TV’s volume back.

For more content on TCL, visit our technical blog, which specializes in answering and resolving such issues.

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