disney plus not working on tcl roku tv

Is the Disney Plus not working on TCL Roku TV? Such a thing happens occasionally and could happen to other apps too.

Your kids don’t need to stay away from their favorite Pixar movies, so let’s see how to solve it.

If the Disney Plus app won’t work on a TCL Roku TV, check the network and managing the app. Further, clear the cache, verify the TV’s storage, check your account details, or even handle the TV’s firmware.

The problem looks software-related, but other causes could contribute to it. Because of that, we have put up a full troubleshooting guide below.

Disney Plus Not Working On TCL Roku TV – Why?

why the disney plus not working on tcl roku tv

The TCL Roku TV devices are great due to the many features available. But what if something is not working as it should? Sometimes an app will not work.

Let’s investigate this: why is Disney Plus not working on Roku TV?

Here are some possible reasons:

Bad Internet Connection

Usually, the internet connection is the culprit whenever some app doesn’t work. That can be true even when only one app is showing issues.

Issues on the App

Apps installed on any device might have corrupted cache, outdated version, or some other problem that you need to assess.

Problems with the TV’s Firmware

Your TV not allowing the Disney app to function might also be due to a problem in the TV’s internal firmware.

Servers Are Down

If the Disney Plus servers are currently down, there is nothing you can do but wait.

Fix The Disney Plus App On Your TCL TV

how fix disney plus not working on tcl roku tv

Simply learning the reasons for the trouble won’t magically solve the issue. So below, we will help you troubleshoot your TCL TV.

Each solution goes a bit further into investigating the causes. 

1. Check The Network

The first thing you must consider when the Disney Plus app fails on your TCL TV is the network connectivity.

Here are some guidelines to troubleshoot it:

  • Check if your TCL TV is connected to the 5GHz frequency of your router. If it is connected to the 2.4GHz network, switch to the 5GHz.
  • Restart the router (turn it off, wait a bit, and turn it back on).
  • Move the router closer to the TV (if possible).
  • Connect the router to the TV with an Ethernet cable.

2. Manage The App

It is safe to say that some apps on your Roku TV stop working because of a full cache. The cache data is what the system uses to make applications open quicker.

manage the tv app

However, the cache can get full or corrupted, preventing correct functionality. Do this:

  1. Press the Home button on the TV remote;
  2. Hover the cursor over the “Home” option on the screen;
  3. Press the “Home” button again, but five times consecutively;
  4. Press the “Up” button;
  5. Press “Rewind” twice;
  6. Press “Fast forward” twice.

That will clear the cache on the TV. After a few seconds, the TV should restart. If it doesn’t, that means the process hasn’t worked.

Reinstall The Disney Plus App

If clearing the data cache doesn’t make the Disney Plus app work, you might consider reinstalling it.

Here is how:

  1. Go to the apps section in the Roku system;
  2. Locate the Disney Plus app;
  3. Uninstall it;
  4. Go to the app store;
  5. Find Disney Plus and download it again.

3. Verify The Device’s Storage

verify the tv storage

Beyond cache data, your TV also stores the apps you have downloaded. As with any device, there is a limit on how much data you can store.

If there is too much data, applications might get slower, and some won’t even work.

Here is how you can check the storage on your TCL Roku TV:

  1. Open the menu;
  2. Find the Settings;
  3. Choose “My TV,” “System,” or anything similar;
  4. Select “About”;
  5. Enter “Storage”;

Since it is Roku we are talking about, your TV probably has 8GB of total storage available.

However, you should not fill it with 8GB of content. Rather, you should allow at least 1GB of free space. 

How To Free Space

There are many ways you can free storage on your Roku TV. Here are some of them:

  • Uninstall apps you don’t use anymore;
  • Delete downloads from some apps;
  • Clear the cache;
  • Delete other sorts of files you have downloaded into your TV that might be consuming storage needlessly.

4. Check The Permissions

check the tv permissions

The Disney Plus app is likely blocked due to other users’ restrictions on the TV. Otherwise, it might be a glitch, or you have forgotten about the block.

Here is how you can remove or bypass the restriction:

  1. When trying to open the app, insert the PIN;
  2. If you don’t know the PIN, ask the TV’s main owner for it;
  3. If that’s a glitch, ignore the above.

Is the app restriction an unintended glitch? In that case, you need to do the following:

  1. Press the Home button on the remote;
  2. Head to the Settings;
  3. Choose Parental control;
  4. Enter the 4-digit personal PIN;
  5. Find the Disney Plus app and unblock it.
Note: If you are the TV owner but don't remember your PIN code, you will need to go to Roku's site and log into your account. On your account details, you will be able to check and change the PIN code.

5. Power Cycle The TV

power cycle your tv

A simple yet potentially effective solution is power cycling the TV. Power cycling it correctly allows it to eliminate electromagnetic interference that disables some functions.

  1. Unplug the TV from power while it is on;
  2. Wait a few minutes;
  3. Plug it back into power;
  4. Turn the TV on.

Next, try opening the Disney Plus app.

6. Check Your Account Details

Perhaps the Disney Plus app opens, but you can’t log into it. In that case, you must ensure that your account is active and the login details are correct.

check the account details

Here are some tips:

  • Open a browser on your PC or phone and head to the Disney Plus site. Check your payment details to see if everything is fine. 
  • While on the Disney Plus site, verify your password and change it if necessary.

Allow Access On The TV

Further, the Disney Plus app might be blocking the account on the TV because it doesn’t recognize the logging attempt as legitimate.


  1. Open your email app;
  2. Look for notifications from Disney Plus;
  3. If any notification asks to allow access from the TV, click to allow it.
Alert: Is this an account issue, but none of the above has worked? Then it is time to contact Disney Plus support.

7. Update The TV’s Firmware

One alternative we must consider when facing the issue is that the problem might stem from the TV’s firmware.

Before resetting it and wiping all data, you need to check if an update is available.

update your tv firmware
  1. Go to the TV’s Settings;
  2. Open the “System” menu;
  3. Choose “System Update”;
  4. Select “Check Now”;

If an update is available, you can download and install it.

8. Reset The TV To Factory

Is the problem persisting, and is no firmware update available? In such a scenario, we recommend resetting your Roku TV to its factory defaults.

Here are the steps:

  1. Locate the TV’s settings;
  2. Enter “Device preferences”;
  3. Choose “Reset”;
  4. Confirm on “Factory data reset”;
  5. Choose “Erase everything.”

All the apps will be uninstalled, and your personal information will be erased. When the process is complete, you must log in with your Roku account again.

What We Learned

What explains the Disney Plus not working on TCL Roku TV? You have seen that there could be different explanations. Fortunately, there also are multiple solutions.

Sometimes the issue is truly on the firmware, but you should wait for Roku to push out an update. But you should only reach such a conclusion after trying all possibilities.

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