how to reset tcl roku tv with black screen

Can’t figure out how to reset TCL Roku TV with black screen? Luckily, you have come across the right post!

Here we will discuss what might cause your Roku TV to go black and what you can possibly do in order to resolve the issue.

The black screen problem is common for Roku users, and resetting your TV might be challenging.

Well, we are here to help you!

Your TCL Roku TV screen might be black either because your TV is not working at all or just the screen.

One of the few things you can do in order to fix the unknown black screen on your Roku TV is to perform an overall reset. In other words, power cycling your TV and then waiting for around 5-10 minutes.

If you haven’t done any of that before, keep reading to learn how.

Before we jump to the reset methods, let’s discuss what might cause your Roku screen to go black.

How To Perform A TCL Roku TV Black Screen Reset?

tcl roku tv black screen reset

Black screen issues could essentially occur when specific parts from the TV are faulty.

For instance, if the power cable of your Roku TV isn’t working correctly, your screen will go black but the audio could remain.

Another reason would be the backlight of your screen, in which case nothing but a repair will help.

Regardless of your circumstance, you can never be sure where the issue is coming from unless you try fixing it.

In that regard, we have prepared several methods to help you identify and hopefully resolve your issue.

Method #1 Restart TCL Roku TV

If you don’t have a visual but the TV is working, there is a way to navigate throughout the menu in order to perform a reset.

This method is proven to resolve black screen issues and is recommended by most of the community guidelines.

Here is the button combination you are going to use in order to reset your Roku TCL TV:

  1. Click the Home button five times.
  2. Hit the Up Button once.
  3. Then, the Rewind Button should be clicked twice.
  4. Next, click the Fast Forward Button twice.

Then, let the process complete, which shall not take more than a minute or two, depending on your Roku TV’s performance.

restart your tcl roku


The key combination could be different if you aren’t using the firmware version, we have attempted this method.

In order to see for yourself, make sure to check your Roku TCL TV’s software version and execute the key combination based on the firmware.

If you still can’t figure out how to reset TCL Roku TV with black screen, feel free to keep on reading as we will list some more helpful methods you can try.

Method #2 Power Cycle TCL Roku TV and Remote

One of the most efficient methods in such situations is a good restart on your TCL Roku TV.

It is known that a black screen issue could occur upon an improper boot of the TV.

In order to power reset your TCL Roku TV, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off your TCL Roku TV using the remote.
  2. Unplug the Power Cable.
  3. Wait for 5-10 Minutes and plug the power cable again.
  4. Check if the issue is resolved.

In order for this troubleshooting method to take full effect, we recommend also power cycling your remote.

After unplugging your TV, power cycle your remote by taking the batteries out and pressing each button on the remote several times.

This way you will get rid of faulty electricity which could also cause black screens, especially if the issue is related to your remote’s power button.

Then, launch your TCL Roku TV using the remote and check.

If the black screen persists, feel free to proceed with our next method.

Method #3 Verify Cable Connections

Another factor that could cause the black screen is a halfway plugged cable.

In such cases, the black screen could flicker, which means that the video will come back for a few seconds and go black again in a while.

A black screen will appear especially if you have selected an empty source where no input is provided.

In that regard, make sure that all of the cables on the back of the TV are plugged all the way in.

If you are using a device that is connected to the TV via HDMI cable, make sure that both the device and cable are working properly and that they are not the cause.

It is known that a black screen could occur occasionally if the device’s cable you are using on the TCL Roku TV is faulty.

If this doesn’t seem to help, in our next method we will take things one step further to fix the Roku TCL TV black screen reset issue by tweaking your fast start option.

Method #4 Disable/Enable Tweak Fast Start Option

Many users from community guidelines have reported that tweaking their fast start option could resolve any black screen issues.

It is not proven to work in all situations, but this troubleshooting method still wields a great chance of resolving your black screen problem.

When not having a clear vision of the TV’s menu itself it could be really hard to navigate throughout the options.

In that regard, we have provided a specific button combination you have to follow in order to tweak your fast start option.

  1. Launch your TCL Roku TV.
  2. Press the Up Button once and then click OK.
  3. Press the Up Button once again and hit OK.
  4. Press the Down Button 3 times, click OK, and then click it 2 times.
  5. Next, press the OK button and wait for a reboot.

Another way to navigate through the Roku TV menu with a black screen is to find a YouTube video where the menu is clearly shown.

From there, power on your TV to start from the beginning and try navigating using the video as a reference.


Keep in mind that your Roku’s interface could be different, and the button combination could get altered.

In that regard, check your current firmware version, and following the menu of your update, execute the button combination.

Give your TCL Roku TV a couple of minutes and check if the issue persists.

If it does, don’t get discouraged yet and keep reading as we have tightened the circle enough to safely make conclusions.

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Roku TCL TV Black Screen Reset Issue Still There…

If none of the methods we have discussed above seem to resolve your Roku TCL TV black screen issue, we have provided some alternate methods for you.

After trying all of the steps we have included in this post, there could be a chance that this issue could be based on a hardware malfunction.

In that regard, we recommend contacting the Roku manufacturer’s support team in order to justify our statements.


If you had found out that the issue is hardware-type, do not attempt to open any compartments within the TV device, because that could void your warranty.

Instead of attempting any hardware repairs, deliver your TV to the manufacturer and make sure to list everything you have tried so far.

This could really speed up the repair process and get your Roku TCL TV fixed quicker.

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Bottom Line

We hope that now you know how to reset TCL Roku TV with black screen, and it should no longer be an issue for you.

After all, this inconvenience could be hardware-based, and using your warranty should remove the black screen problem.

In case your TV is out of its warranty period a hardware repair seems like the last available option you have.

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