how to reset tcl roku tv with black screen

If you’re wondering how to reset TCL Roku TV with black screen, then first you should identify if your television is working at all.

A TCL Roku TV that is not receiving power and not working, can’t be reset, except for discharging the power inflow.

To reset a TCL Roku TV that is working but frozen on a black screen you need the remote control. Then you need to press the Home button five times, followed by pressing the UP arrow once and the Rewind button two times.

reset tcl tv

Lastly, press the Forward button twice!

How To Reset TCL Roku TV With Black Screen

The reasons why television would only show a black screen could be a lot and we can narrow down the possibilities quite easily.

The most important thing to do first is to check whether the front TCL TV LED is lit, meaning that the television is turned on.

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tcl roku with black screen
  • Turn OFF the TCL Roku TV using the power button remote!
Info: Then check the front led lights and whether they will turn on when your press the power button on the remote again. 

Why TCL Roku TV Screen is Black?

Tip: Test all different ways of resetting the TCL Roku TV!

  1. TLC Roku TV Power Insufficiency.
  2. Brightness set to “Darker” setting.
  3. A faulty video input connection.
  4. An enabled Power Saving Mode.
  5. Defective TCL Roku TV backlight.
why tcl roku tv screen is black

4 Ways to Reset TCL Roku TV Black Screen!

Soft-Reset the TCL Roku TV

The quickest way to reset the TCL Roku TV would be by turning off the television using the remote and unplugging the device from the power outlet.

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The power circulation requires at least 60 seconds and then you can reconnect the TCL Roku TV to the power again.

Reset TCL Roku TV via Remote:

This method of factory resetting your TCL Roku TV only requires pointing the remote toward the TV, even when the screen is black.

Follow the steps below:

  1. Press the remote’s Home 5 x times.
  2. Press the “UPArrow 1 time.
  3. Press the Rewind two times.
  4. Lastly, press Forward 2 x times.
Tip: Repeat the steps in case the TCL Roku TV screen does not light up!
4 ways to reset tcl roku tv black screen

Factory Reset via Panel Button:

Some models of TCL TVs have an inbuilt reset button, next to the USB port. You should check whether there is a such button, near all input ports on your TV, and if, yes, reset the TV this way.

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Simply, press and hold the Reset button for 15 seconds!

Note: The TCL Roku TV should restart, then you can release the reset button!

Factory Reset via TV Settings:

This method of performing a factory reset is only possible when your TV is working and you can navigate through the menus.

You won’t be able to see the settings, because the screen is black but, using the remote you can access the necessary settings, with the correct steps!

Here’s how to *blindly*, factory reset a Roku TV in easy steps:

  1. Press the “Back”⬅️ button several times.
  2. Tip: Located near the power button.
  3. This will bring you to the Home Screen.
  4. Press the Down Arrow exactly 7 times.
  5. Press OK on the remote to enter Settings.
  6. Press the Right Arrow 1 time.
  1. Press the Down Arrow 7 times again.
  2. Press the OK button on the remote.
  3. Now you’re in the Factory Reset menu.
  4. Tap OK two more times to start the reset.
Info: In case the screen remains black even after the reset, proceed with the solution guide!

How to Fix TCL Roku TV Black Screen?

Follow the steps in chronological order for the quickest solution!

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1. Increase the TCL TV Brightness!

increase the tcl tv brightness

When your TCL Roku TV is working and we can navigate through the menus, it’s easy to increase the brightness even if the screen is black. 

Follow the steps below to blindly increase the TCL Roku TV brightness:

  1. Press the “Back”⬅️ to go to the Home Screen.
  2. Press the Down Arrow 7 times + OK to go into Settings.
  3. Then press the Down Arrow 7 more times.
  4. Then tap the OK button to enter TV Picture Settings.
  5. Press the Right Arrow once to enter the brightness variations.
  6. Press OK on the remote to select the first “Brighter” option!
Info: The brightness options are respectively, Darker (on the bottom), Dark, Normal, Bright, and Brighter (on the top).

2. Switch the TCL TV Power Source

switch the tcl tv power source

It’s highly likely that the TCL Roku TV power income is fluctuating, which ultimately leads to a black screen, and the reset not always helps.

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That’s why the best next step would be to unplug the TCL Roku TV from the power strip and connect the TV directly to the wall outlet.

Note: If possible, carry out a proven-to-work power strip from an outlet of another room, thus electricity from another AC circuit fuse.

3. Disconnect Video Input Devices!

The screen on the TCL Roku TV might be black due to faulty input from a currently connected video source device.

disconnect video input devices

The fastest way to exclude this possibility would be to unplug all (video) cables from the back of your TCL Roku TV.

Here are all possible video inputs on a TCL Roku TV:

  • RCA (Component)
  • SDI Input Port
  • Display Port Input
Note: Without any connected devices, on a “Live TV” the screen should light up!

4. Inspect the TV Power Equipment

inspect the tv power equipment

In case your TCL Roku TV turns on but the screen is black, it’s highly likely that the problem comes from the power cable, power ports, or the adapter.

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The TCL Roku TV screen might go black after a recent power outage or power surge. In addition, the power adapter might have been impacted, so it’s best to acquire a replacement.

Note: Consult the user’s manual and acquire a replacement of the TCL Roku TV Power Cords, based on the type of the device’s power port.

5. Disable the “Auto Power Saving”

disable the auto power saving

In case you didn’t know the TCL Roku TV has a power saving feature that is typically found in the Power Settings.

Hence, if your TCL Roku TV screen is occasionally going black, here we’ll learn how to navigate and disable the setting.

Here’s how to disable Auto Power Saving on TCL Roku TV:

  1. From the Home screen, go to Settings.
  2. Then go into System and then Power.
  3. Untick the “Turn off after 4 hours”.
  4. Untick also the “Reduce power after 15 minutes”.
Note: After the steps above your TCL Roku TV will not automatically turn off or sleep!

6. Prevent TCL Roku TV Overheating!

Even if rarely, the TCL Roku TV screen might go black, when the device is overheating, in order to preserve the hardware components.

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prevent tcl roku tv overheating

It’s called “throttling” and it’s normal for the TV to entirely turn off and not only for the screen to go black.

To prevent overheating on your TCL Roku TV, you should ventilate the television’s room and clean the vents from the accumulation of dist.

In addition, unplug the TCL Roku TV from the power for about 5 minutes to ensure that the device will cool down and refresh.

Tip: Keep the TCL Roku TV away from heat conductors such as electrical heaters!

7. Test the TCL Roku TV Backlight

We can’t exclude that the TCL Roku TV backlight is the reason why the TV screen is black. This could be a hardware-related issue that we can’t address at home but we sure can justify it!

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test the tcl roku tv backlight
  • Use a flashlight to shine on the TCL Roku TV screen from a close!

In case you’re able to see what’s on the screen, using the flashlight, it’s highly likely that the TV backlight is faulty and needs servicing.

In case your warranty is expired, there is surely a repair service for TVs in your town, otherwise, keep reading!

Final Steps!

In case nothing in this guide helped, perhaps you would need a qualified TCL TV inspection by a professional.

The best course of action would be to check whether the warranty is intact and contact TCL Customer Service for additional assistance.

Good luck!

Quick Recap:

Here we’ve learned how to reset TCL Roku TV with black screen and how to navigate through the menus without seeing anything.

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In conclusion, we can say that TCL Roku TV with a black screen can be reset via the remote, settings, or the inbuilt reset button.

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