shark vacuum making loud noise

Wondering why is your Shark vacuum making loud noise? It’s simple!

All shark robot vacuums make a suction noise while they are cleaning the floor.

In case you have noticed any change in the noise that was not there before, there is a chance that something is not working properly.

In this guide, we’ll diagnose your vacuum!

The loud suction noise of the Shark Vacuum can be caused by several factors including air blockages, clogged brushes, and ungreased vacuum parts. The solution requires a thorough inspection of ALL components and whether their functionality is intact.

Let’s next get to know why the loud noise appeared and then learn how to solve the issue!

Why Is My Shark Vacuum Making A Loud Suction Noise?

why shark vacuum making loud noise

A vacuum’s loud suction can be caused by a variety of factors. In below’s list, we’re going to explain the most frequent reasons why such noise appears.

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This will help us understand the problem better, which in turn, will help us solve the problem faster. Let’s learn more!

Clogged Vacuum Brushes

If there is a lot of dirt and hair sucked by the vacuum, sometimes these particles get stuck in the brushes and cannot be disposed of.

As dirt and hair accumulate on brushes over time, the brushes stop spinning properly because they are clogged and produce a loud suction noise.  

Faulty Vacuum Hose and Wand

The vacuum’s correct airflow is supplied by the hose and wand. However, as dirt builds up in them, they make it difficult for air to get through.

a faulty vacuum hose

By doing this, the vacuum motor may exert more force to pass the air, which results in a loud noise.

Ungreased Vacuum Motor

When the lubricants are removed from the vacuum due to the long time usage, the the dryness of vacuum metal component produces sound.

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The noise gets louder over time.

Broken Motor Fan

The fan can occasionally sustain damage from the hard dirt suction. Because of this, the airflow cannot properly pass and the vacuum starts overheating.

This produces a loud noise.

Now that we’re aware of the most frequently reported causes, let’s jump to the solution!

How To Fix Shark Vacuum Making Loud Suction Noise?

how fix shark vacuum

You may notice that your vacuum is making a rattling, whistling, or grinding sound.

Take the vacuum out of the outlet and jump into the solutions below to solve the problem!

Solution #1 Clean The Vacuum Filters!

Filters play an important role in vacuum suction. When they compromised due to dirt, or air blockage, they start making loud noises from what you are currently experiencing.

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Here is how you clean the vacuum filters:

  1. Remove the washable filters from the Shark Vacuum. 
  2. Wash them with warm water. 
  3. Leave them for 24 hours to dry completely.
  4. For non-washable filters, clean the layers of dirt by shaking them.
  5. Then clean carefully by using a cotton fiber cloth. 
  6. While cleaning, replace any torn filters.

Solution #2 Unclog The AirFlow

unclog the airflow

One of the main causes of the vacuum’s loud noise is a blockage of the airflow because the vacuum simply sucks air from the wand and hose.

When there is a lot of dirt blocking the airflow from the hose and wand, it makes a lot of noise, as it must exert more force. 

By simply removing the vacuum’s airflow obstructions the noise should go away!

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Here is how you can clear the vacuum airflow blockage:

  1. Remove the wand, hose, and all other vacuum attachments! 
  2. Take a flashlight and examine each one of the components. 
  3. Check whether the airflow is clogged.
  4. Clean all the attachments from the dirt by using a fiber cloth. 
  5. Examine the hose carefully by dropping a coin in the hose. 
  6. If it comes back from the other end, then the airflow is OK.
  7. Replace the hose with a new one if the coin doesn’t come through.
  8. Also, check if the vacuum cover is clogged as well. 

When you’re ready turn on your Shark Vacuum and test whether the noise is there!

Solution #3 Unclog The Vacuum Brushes

unclog the brushes

Vacuum brushes are used to remove dirt, but they become clogged when dist or hair is wrapped around them.

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The brushes get jammed because of clogs, yet they are still moving and creating more and more noise. All you need to do is to unclog the Shark vacuum brushes!

Here is how you can unclog the vacuum brushes:

  1. Unplug the vacuum from the power source!
  2. Turn the vacuum to the side for the brushes can easily be accessed.
  3. By holding the Vacuum Knobs, take off the Vacuum Brushes.
  4. Clean the brushes from the dirt by using fiber cloth or compressed air.
  5. If there are any hairs clogged around the brushes, unwrap them.
  6. Install the brushes back in their place. 
  7. Give them a spin to check whether there is resistance.
Note: In case the brushes are damaged, they have to be replaced to remove the noise!

Solution #4 Replace The Broken Belt

replace the broken belt

If you have unclogged the brushes but the Shark vacuum making loud noise, then you need to inspect the motor belt.

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This belt in the motor supports the brushes spinning and the vacuum will keep rotating the belt, even if it is broken. 

This is one of the scenarios when the Shark Vacuum will produce a loud noise!

Here is how you can replace the broken belt:

  1. Remove the unit from the dock, and place it on the floor. 
  2. Remove the soleplate from the vacuum to get access to the belt. 
  3. Carefully remove the belt, and broken pieces if there are any.
  4. Wrap the new belt around the motor and brush bar. 
  5. Align the belt carefully by manually spinning the brush bar. 
  6. Place back the soleplate into the vacuum by tightening all screws. 

You can find replacement Shark Vacuum belts online for as low as $10.

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It’s easy to find them, so for the best possible offer, scroll down at the bottom of the guide! 

Solution #5 Replace Vacuum Hose

replace the hose

Sometimes, cleaning the vacuum hose is not enough to fix the noise. Because there might be a problem with the hose that we are unable to detect.

Simply, run your Shark vacuum without a hose to check whether the noise is coming from there. In case it is, it has to be replaced.

Note: If the loud sounds persist after the hose has been replaced, move on to the next solution!

Solution #6 Lubricate Vacuum Motor

Sometimes the cause of a vacuum loud sound is direct metal-on-metal contact.

When the components become dry after not being greased for a long time a grinding sound is produced. 

  • The solution is to lubricate the vacuum motor!
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Here is how you can lubricate the Shark Vacuum motor:

  1. Unplug the vacuum from power. 
  2. Disconnect all the vacuum attachments.
  3. Remove the soleplate and locate the motor. 
  4. Lubricate the motor by using oil. 
  5. Make sure to not grease the motor too much. 
When you’re ready place all the attachments back in their place and check whether the problem is fixed. 

In case that does the job, you’re ready, problem solved.

However, in case the issue persists, it’s time to check whether some of the components are broken and making noise.

Solution #7 Replace Vacuum Broken Fan

replace the broken fan

If the sound is still coming out of your Shark Vacuum, then finally we need to check the vacuum motor fan.

When the fan is broken, the motor could be overheating, which produces a loud noise than usual. But this is not the only problem. 

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When the fan is broken, some of its “wings” could potentially be producing the sound even if the components are still spinning.

This is not a healthy operation state for your vacuum and you should now continue using the machine this way.

Note: In case nothing from the guide worked, seek help from a professional to repair the machine!

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Quick Recap:

Thus, to prevent a loud noise on Shark Vacuum, always clean the vacuum brushes and filters. We’ve learned that it’s also important to replace the motor belt or hose if the components have been damaged as well as apply lubricant to prevent grinding noise.

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned why the Shark vacuum making loud noise, we can solve the problem in a matter of minutes by following the solutions above.

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In case you need replacement components for your Shark Vacuum we’ve also got you covered.

We strongly recommend getting a replacement Shark Vacuum Belt or Shark Hose Handle, when the loud noise has been identified to be related to one of them.

This will definitely keep your device fresh and ready for work. Good Luck!

Nicole B