roomba doesn't pick up dog hair

Is your Roomba doesn’t pick up dog hair? You are not alone!

Roomba is one of the most commonly used robot vacuum cleaners. It cleans your home surface and removes all the dirt, hair, and all tiny materials.

Users with pets experience the “hair” Roomba problem more frequently and in this guide, we’ll unwrap the solution!

In most cases, Roomba cannot pick up dog hair if there is too much fluff already tangled in the brush or the dustbin is full. Another reason would be when the dog hair is too much during the shedding period, especially when there is more than one pet.

Let’s next learn how the Roomba Robot handles dog hair and whether the device is good:

Is Roomba Good For Dog Hair?

is this good for dog hair

Roomba is perfect for cleaning dog hair. It comes up with a rechargeable battery, strong suction, and a good navigation system.

In comparison to other vacuum cleaners, the Roomba is quite effective at cleaning the floor and especially the dirt and hair from carpets or from places that have a lot of texture.

Although Roomba is very useful for dog hair some things get… stuffed. Unfortunately, the Roomba has a lot of components that can easily get clogged due to longer pet hair.

This is why once in a while every Roomba Robot has to be maintained, therefore cleaned.

Let’s next learn the most-frequent reasons why Roomba Robot doesn’t pick up dog hair!

Why Doesn’t My Roomba Pick Up Dog Hair?

why doesnt roomba pick up dog hair

Many factors might cause your Roomba not to pick up dog hair, such as when the vacuum dustbin is full, humidity in the environment, or the Roomba’s capacity. 

Let’s discuss some of the most frequently reported reasons:

  • Roomba Dustbin is Full – Robot will not be able to pick up more hair than its capacity.
  • Brush Is Stuck – When there is hair tangled around the brush, it has to be cleaned.
  • Clogged Filter – Excessive pet hair often clogged the filter, preventing the robot’s operation.
  • Too much hair at your home – Roomba might not be able to pick up ALL of the dog hair!

It’s important to know that your specific situation could be related to one or more of the aforementioned possibilities.

However, in the guide that’s coming up, we know how to fix it!

Now that we are aware of the causes, let’s move forward to solutions…

How To Fix When Roomba Doesn’t Pick Up Dog Hair?

how to fix the roomba issue

We can now discuss solutions that will help you to fix your Roomba once we know the reasons for the problem.

Be sure to follow every step and recommendation for the most efficiency in the troubleshooting session.

With a bit of luck, the problem will be solved in a matter of minutes!

Solution #1 Remove Tangled Hair From The Brush

When Roomba cleans all the hair from the floor, all the collected particles go to its dustbin. 

When Roomba is sucking too much dog hair, it starts to wrap on the vacuum brush, and dust is starting to build up, further clogging the mechanism.

That’s why the brushes got stuck or blocked and were unable to work, therefore Roomba stops picking up hair.

Here are the steps to remove tangled hair: 

  1. Turn the Roomba vacuum upside down.
  2. Lift the hanging tabs and open the brush guard.
  3. Take out the Roomba brushes from the inside.
  4. Take off the brush caps from their sides.
  5. Remove the hairs from the brush using a scissor.
  6. Reinstall the brushes back into the Roomba.
  7. Close the brush guard.

That’s enough to unclog the brushes, and for your Roomba robot to start picking up the dog hair as normal.

In case, however, the problem persists, jump to the next solution!

Tip: Make sure to clean the brushes at least once per week!

Solution #2 Clean The Ports and Sensors

clean the ports and sensors

Roomba is a robotic vacuum and is developed using sensors. For the Roomba to acknowledge whether the trash bin is full or not, a bin sensor is used to send signals.

Whenever the dustbin is full or blocked, the sensor is unable to communicate with the Roomba. 

  • The best option is to clean the sensor!

Follow the steps below for cleaning the bin sensor:

  1. Remove the Dustbin from the Roomba Robot.
  2. Take a foam, fiber cloth, or magic eraser to clean the dustbin.
  3. Wipe the ports and sensors.
  4. Place the dustbin back in its position.
Note: There are 6 sensors there, so clean all of them.

Solution #3 Clean The CHM GearBox

If you have tried the above solution, but still having the same problem, then try this one.

There are gears in the Roomba CHM (Cleaning Head Module) that are responsible for the vacuum.

Whenever the dust or hair collected in the CHM is preventing the component’s operation, you just need to clean the gearbox to get things going!

clean chm gearbox

Here are the steps to clean the CHM gearbox:

  1. Remove the gearbox from CHM by unscrewing.
  2. Pull off the gearbox plate by unscrewing the other six screws.
  3. Clean all the dust from the gearbox.
  4. Close the gearbox plate after installing all the gears back in. 
  5. Tightly screw the plate.
Alert: Be gentle when cleaning dust off the gearbox to prevent damaging the component.  

Solution #4 Clean The DustBin

As we have discussed above, the bin sensor is responsible for telling whether the dustbin is full or not.

Whenever the Roomba dustbin gets full of hairs and dust, its light becomes red.

To maintain its working schedule, the Roomba automatically goes to the station to dispose of it.

When Roomba is unable to dispose of the DustBin, the cleaning operation will stop!

clean the dustbin

Follow the below steps to clean the dustbin manually:

  1. Tap on the Release Button from the back of the vacuum.
  2. Take off the dustbin and click on the door Opener Button.
  3. Clean the dustbin and remove the Filter.
  4. Use warm water to wash the dustbin.
  5. Allow the dustbin completely dry.
  6. Install back the dustbin into the Roomba vacuum.

You’ll then immediately notice that the Robot will start picking up the dog hair.

However, keep observing the robot to determine whether the disposal system works and proceed accordingly.

Alert: Before washing the dustbin, don’t forget to remove the filter. Also, confirm whether your vacuum Dustin bag is washable or not.

Solution #5 Clean The Filter

After cleaning the dustbin, we suggested also cleaning the Roomba’s Filter.

Because of the dust and hairs that are collected in the filter, the opening might be clogged, preventing the cleaning.

In that regard, we need to check whether the Filter is clogged and then clean it.

Let’s clean the filter by following the below steps:

  1. Take out the dustbin by following the steps from the above solution.
  2. Take out the filter and shake it to clean the filter from the dog hair and dust.
  3. Reinstall the filter in the Dustbin.
  4. Close the Dustbin.
  5. Test whether Roomba will now pick up dog hair.

Solution #6 Install A Humidifier

install the humidifier

Using a static guard or humidifier can help a Roomba to pick up dog hairs.

In light of the fact that the Roomba manufacturers claim that if the environment is dry or prone to static, the Roomba cannot pick up dog hairs. 

The humidifier or static guard prevents humidity, helping Roomba to pick up hair!

Here are some steps to install a humidifier:

  1. Purchase a humidifier from a trusted source!
  2. Install the humidifier in your house. 
  3. Make sure to keep the device 2-4 feet above the ground.
  4. Turn ON the device 15 minutes before Roomba’s schedule.

With the Humidifier, you’ll definitely notice a big difference. The Robot should now be able to collect as much dog hair as possible! 

Note: Wet spots in combination with dog hair, makes it hard for Roomba to suck in!

Quick Recap:

There are many reasons why Roomba not picking up pet hair, such as when the brushes are clogged with hairs, the dustbin or filters are clogged, or simply because the room is too wet. The solution requires addressing each possibility to discover the true cause!

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned why Roomba doesn’t pick up dog hair, make sure to apply all the above solutions to resolve the problem permanently.

It’s important to remember that when there are pets living with us, the Roomba robot should be cleaned more regularly than normal.

We hope that the solutions in this guide helped and for more relevant content, check our blog!

Nicole B