why does my shark robot keep stopping

Wondering why does my Shark robot keep stopping? Let’s find out!

There is no doubt that Shark vacuums are extremely efficient when it comes to automated cleaning.

Occasionally, the Shark robot could get stuck or keep stopping in the middle of a cleaning session, and in this guide, we’ll find out why. 

The solution only takes a few minutes!

The Shark robot stops cleaning when something is stuck in its wheel, brush roller, or in its way. The solution is to clear dirt or obstruction from the robot components if there is any and observe the device’s path for anything that makes the robot stop.

Why Does My Shark Robot Vacuum Keep Stopping?

why do my shark robot keep stopping

When the Shark robot is constantly stopping our first task is to look for obstructions

  • Is there anything preventing the Shark robot from reaching the base station?

The obstructions can be in the form of dirt, hair, or any household objects that could have fallen on the floor.

Send the Shark robot on a mission and observe its movement to determine whether something is preventing the robot from moving or it stops on its own.

Besides path obstructions, there is much more so let’s jump into the solution guide!

How To Fix When a Shark Robot Keeps Stopping?

how fix shark ion robot

In order to solve the problem where the Shark robot keeps stopping, we need to inspect ALL possibilities to determine where the issue is coming from.

The solutions below are designed in a way that will help us with this task so let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Check For Obstructions!

The first step is to inspect for any obstruction in the robot’s surroundings. Maybe your robot keeps stopping because there is an object that has fallen on the floor or something corners the robot.

Also, have a look if the robot is on a dark carpet/floor. Shark robots may face issues while cleaning on a dark floor because they are unable to process IR rays.

In case you find your robot stopped always on a dark surface, then perhaps the lack of lightning causes the issues. 

In case your robot stops at a random place each time, let’s proceed further!

Solution #2 Inspect Shark Robot Bumper

inspect the bumper

After clearing the obstructions, if your robot still keeps stopping, then you will need to fix the bumper sensors.

When the bumper is not assembled properly on the robot, dust starts piling up on the robot sensors. This way the robot becomes unable to move!

  • Solution: Fixate the bumper into place so no dust will accumulate on the sensors!

Here is how you can fix your robot bumper sensors:

  1. Flip the robot down, so the bumper and screws face up.
  2. Take a 2mm screwdriver and carefully remove the bumper screws.
  3. Life up the thin bumper layer from the robot after removing all screws. 
  4. Place the bumper aside from the robot. 
  5. Take a clean microfiber cloth. 
  6. Clean the bumper sensors and properly remove all debris.

Carefully check it out if there is any damage or breakage on the bumper or not.

In case you identify bumper issues, it’s best to purchase a replacement as soon as possible!

Tip: Find a replacement bumper for the Shark robot at the bottom of this guide!

Solution #3 Clean Robot Bin And Filters

clean the filter

When the Shark robot bin gets full the robot will stop cleaning until it’s emptied.

This is why we can’t proceed further in the guide before emptying the bin and cleaning the filters.

However, this time we’re going to follow a step guide to properly clean the robot and restore functionality!

Here is how you can clean your robot bin and filter:

  1. Turn OFF the robot by pressing the Power Switch.
  2. Tap on the Bin Removal Button from the robot. 
  3. Pull it out of the bin from the robot. 
  4. Pinch the bin to open its two slots. 
  5. Empty the bin into the trash.
  6. Take a clean fiber cloth and clean the bin area properly. 
  7. Close the bin. 
  8. Pull out the Bin Filter from its back. 
  9. Tap on the Filter to clean the dust or debris from it.
  10. Wash the filter and let it dry completely.
  11. Place back the filter into the robot and fix it into the bin. 
  12. Insert the bin into the robot. 

After cleaning the bin and filter, now turn on the robot and start its cleaning session.

With a bit of luck, this is what the solution required and now the robot won’t stop again. In case it does, proceed with the next solution!

Tip: It’s recommended to empty the bin and clean the Filter every week!

Solution #4 Clean The Brush Roller!

clean brush roller

In case you’ve reached so far and your robot is still unable to move, clean the robot brush roll

With continuous cleaning for a long time, debris and hair get stuck in the Shark robot brush roll, which could become quite an obstruction.

This way, a time comes when the brush roll gets jammed and unable to spin when the main roll is tangled, hence, the robot keeps stopping.

  • Solution: All you have to do is to clean the robot’s main brush roll. 

Here is how you can clean the Shark robot brush roll:

  1. Switch OFF the Shark robot. 
  2. Flip the robot upside down.
  3. Unscrew the brush roll by using a screwdriver.
  4. Take out the brush from the robot.
  5. You will see hair, debris, and dust there.
  6. Clean the hairs using scissors or by hand.
  7. Clean the dust using compressed air.
  8. Clean the roller place using a cloth.

When you’re ready, place back the brush roller to its place and tighten the screws.

This is when it’s time to send the robot on a cleaning session and check whether it will now stop working.

Note: The installation of brush rollers may vary depending on the Shark robot model.

Solution #5 Apply Lubrication

apply a lubrication

After cleaning the brush roll, it is important to lubricate the robot components including the gears.

When the gears are continuously used for a long time, they become dry and face difficulty in moving or spinning. So, it is important to lubricate the components!

Lubricating doesn’t mean that you can grease the whole robot. You only need to grease the robot’s main brush roll gears, which are responsible for the movement.

Here is how you can lubricate the robot brush roll gears:

  1. Turn OFF your Shark robot.
  2. Remove the brush roller by unscrewing it.
  3. Clean the side gears using a cloth.
  4. Lubricate the gears using any Grease Oil
  5. (Important) Do not apply too much lubricant.
  6. Install back the brush roller.
  7. Close the cover.

As soon as you have implemented the above solution, turn on the robot and let it begin its cleaning session.

If the robot is not responding, proceed to the next and final solution!

Solution #6 Factory Reset Shark Robot 

factory reset the robot

After cleaning the robot sensors and main brush roll, if your device is still randomly stopping, then there might be a glitch with the device.

To fix any software-related problems or even connection issues, we need to perform a Factory Reset.

Alert: A factory reset will erase all of your robot-saved settings from the app!

Here is how you can factory reset your Shark robot:

  1. Go to the SharkClean app.
  2. Navigate to the app Settings.
  3. Look for the Factory Reset option from the list.
  4. Click and Confirm to begin the reset process.
  5. Within a couple of minutes, the robot will reset.
  6. Now set up the robot back to the SharkClean app.

This should be enough to prevent the robot from randomly stopping no more. 

In case the issue continues, keep reading!

Why Does My Shark Robot Keep Stopping Still…

why my robot still stopping

If your Shark vacuum is stopping again and again during the cleaning session, perhaps something with the device is out of order.

In case you’ve skipped any of the solutions above, it’s strongly recommended to scroll up now and fill in. 

Need Professional Help?

Maybe the robot malfunctioned, and that’s why the robot is not working. Don’t panic, because Shark Support is available 24/7.

Simply reach out, report your problem and attempt to use your warranty. Also, share what you’ve already tried in this guide to save as much time as possible!

Quick Recap:

Thus, to prevent the Shark robot from stopping, clear the route of any obstructions, clear the filters and empty the dustbin. It’s also important to untangle hair from the robot’s bumper and wheels and in case nothing helps, perform a Factory Reset.

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, we have covered why does my Shark robot keep stopping. We’ve also learned how to identify the culprit and appropriately address the issue.

We hope our guide helped!

Any damage on your Shark robot bumpers can result in hair getting tangled, hence, obstructing the robot.

In case you’ve identified damage on the robot’s bumpers, or they turned out to be the reason for the random stops, we recommend the Robot Vacuum Bumpers

Don’t miss out!

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