how do i know if my shark iq robot is charging

Wondering how do I know if my Shark IQ robot is charging? Allow us to explain! 

In case you’re struggling to understand whether the Shark IQ robot is charging or not, chances are that the unit is not changing.

There are LED indications that users should understand to know what’s exactly happening to their robots.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything!

To know when the Shark IQ Robot is charging, users need to take a look at the LED indicator on the top of the unit. When the light is blinking from blue to white in a loop, it means that the robot is charging. Any other indication means no charging!

How To Properly Charge Shark IQ Robot?

how properly charge shark robot

To charge a Shark IQ robot,  it is necessary that you place the robot at its charging station in the correct position.

First, ensure to plug the charging station into a working power outlet. Then will see a green light that indicates that the station is working. 

Use the power button to turn ON the Shark IQ robot and embed the unit in the base station!

How Can I Tell If My Shark Robot Is Charging?

If you see a pulsating blue light, it means that your Shark IQ robot is charging!

If you don’t see any blue light on the robot, and instead a red light is flashing, that indicates your robot is not charging.

In case you suddenly started to experience this problem we’re about to learn what the solution includes.

Stay with us to fix the charging of your Shark IQ robot.

Why Shark IQ Robot Is Not Charging?

why shark robot not charging

The reasons why a Shark IQ robot won’t charge are the following:

  • Faulty Station Power Source!
  • Temporary Shark IQ robot Issue
  • Obstructed Robot Charging Ports 
  • Faulty Shark IQ robot batteries!
  • Base Station Is Not Leveled

Now that we know why the Shark IQ robot is not charging, let’s solve the problem!

How To Fix When Shark IQ Robot Is Not Charging?

Now that we’ve learned how do I know if my Shark IQ robot is charging, we’re going to attempt to solve the issue when the device is not charging.

Let’s jump right in!

Solution#1 Check The Dock Power Outlet

check the power dock outlet

If your robot is not charging, then the first thing that you need to check is the power outlet

Since your Shark IQ robot uses the Base Station to charge its battery, we need to inspect whether the station is connected to a reliable power source.

When the charging station is not receiving electricity, the Shark IQ robot won’t do also. Let’s learn more!

Alert: Make sure to turn ON your Shark IQ robot before proceeding with the steps!

Here are some things that you need to check:

  1. Take the detachable power cord out of the charging station!
  2. Plug the power cord tightly into the Base Station input port.
  3. Check to see if the cable is worn, if so, replace it with the new cable.
  4. Connect the cable to the power outlet. 
  5. Check whether the green light appears on the dock. 

In case, instead of green light, a red light flashes, then plug your charging station into another power outlet.

Be sure to also test whether the new power adapter is working!

Note: In case the dock’s green light does not appear, the base station might be faulty!

Solution#2 Power Cycle Shark Vacuum!

power cycle the vacuum

In case the green light on your docking station appears but the Shark IQ robot is still not charging, then perform a power circulation.

Keep in mind, this is not a factory reset and your robot settings will not be removed, we’re only about to discharge the device for a fresh start!

Here is how to power cycle the Shark IQ robot in easy steps:

  1. Flip the robot upside down.
  2. Turn OFF the device using the Power button.
  3. Wait for at least 60 seconds.
  4. Press the Power button to turn ON the robot.
  5. Flip the robot into an upright position.
  6. Embed the robot back in the charging station! 
  7. Double-check if the station is connected to a working power source.
Note: Ensure that the Shark IQ robot correctly fits into the base station!

Solution#3 Clean The Dock Station!

clean the dock station

Cleaning the sensors on the docking station is equally as important as cleaning the components of the robot.

Because with time dust accumulates on the sensors and makes a layer, the robot won’t be able to contact the base station.

This essentially prevents the unit from charging!

Here is how you can clean the Shark IQ charging  station: 

  1. Unplug the charging dock from the power source. 
  2. Clean the two metal sensors from the station by using a microfiber cloth. 
  3. Also, wipe clean the dock black area using a fiber cloth. 
  4. This is where the IR communication happens. 

If the dock station sensor dirt cannot clean properly by using a fiber cloth, then use an alcohol wipe to clean the dock station and charging contacts. 

Clean the two metal charging contacts on the Shark IQ robot as well, as they are equally important. Remove ALL the hair and dust.

Note: Check whether the metallic sensors are not loose or damaged!

Solution#4 Check Robot Batteries!

check the batteries

After trying the above solutions,  if your robot is still not charging,  then maybe the fault is in the robot’s batteries.

Shark batteries are rechargeable, but depending on how much you use and charge the robot, they last respectively. 

  • According to Shark, the IQ robot’s rechargeable batteries last over 2 years!

Here is the way to check the Shark robot batteries:

  1. Turn off the robot by pushing its Power button
  2. Flip the vacuum upside down. 
  3. Now remove the robot battery cover by using a Philips screwdriver.
  4. Disconnect the batteries from the motherboard (unplug the cable).
  5. Wait for a few moments and re-install the battery.

Replace Shark IQ Battery?

Keep in mind that if you’ve been using the Shark robot for more than two years, your robot battery might be worn out.

The replacement is easy, unplug the old battery, and plug in the new one!

Tip: You can find a Shark IQ rechargeable battery for about $30 online!

Solution #5 Level The Shark IQ Base Station!

level the base station

Shark itself recommends that its robot dock station work best on hard floors.

What they mean is that when your dock station is placed on the carpet, then robots face difficulty to reach the unit.

Uneven terrain makes it even harder for the robot to embed into a charging position!

Here are some key points to keep in mind while you are setting robot dock station:

  1. Place the dock station at the central location.
  2. Set up the station where a working power outlet is available.
  3. Place the robot at least 3 feet away from the wall. 
  4. Make sure that any obstructions are at least 5 feet away! 
  5. Ensure that there is no obstruction around the dock, even its power cord. 
  6. Don’t place the robot behind any furniture or in small spaces. 

To check whether the Shark IQ robot is going to charge, embed the robot in the Base Station manually.

This approach would suggest whether you need to relocate the dock station or not.

Tip: Observe whether the robot is able to reach the base station on its own!

Shark IQ Vacuum Still Not Charging!

shark vacuum still not charging

In case you’ve attempted everything in this guide but the Shark IQ robot is still not charging, then something is wrong.

The best thing you can do is purchase a replacement battery since all odds are against the battery at this point.

However, it’s better to hold on before purchasing! 

Need Help?

Remember that Shark Support is always available to help its customers.

Feel free to reach out and describe the problem you’re experiencing first, and then look forward to a replacement.

Tip: Perhaps that’s your chance to use the Shark IQ robot’s warranty!

Quick Recap:

Thus, the Shark IQ robot is charging when there is a pulsating blue light. When there is red light instead, it means that the robot is not receiving a charge. The solution includes inspecting whether the Base Station is working, which is indicated by a green light.

Wrapping Up:

Now that we’ve learned how do I know if my Shark IQ robot is charging we can recognize, the current state of our cleaning device.

In case the problem is persistent, you now know what’s the next step, which is purchasing a replacement shark IQ battery!

Good Luck!

Nicole B