how to fix error 2 on shark robot

Wondering how to fix Error 2 on Shark robot? It only takes 5 minutes of your time!

No doubt that Shark robot vacuums are very efficient in cleaning and are one of the most used devices on the market.

However, Shark robot users, understand the struggle of error codes and in this guide, we’ll unwrap error “2” and its solution.

Let’s learn more!

Shark robot error code “2” appears when something happens to the vacuum, which prevents the robot from moving. Some of the factors that may stop the movement could be clogged brushes, low battery, path obstructions, or the device’s wheels.

Let’s next learn more about error “2” and when the code appears!

Why Shark Robot Error 2 Appears?

why error 2 appears

The shark robot displays error “2” when it is facing any obstructions during the cleaning sessions.

Occasionally, it may happen due to many reasons, including full bin, dirty brush roll, or dry brush gears.

Let’s take a deep dive!

1. Clogged Roller

With time, the hair gets clogged around the brush roller and the robot can face difficulty while spinning the gear.

Also, sometimes dust and hair tangle around the brush roller gear, preventing the component’s operation even further.

2. Full/Dirty Bin

The error “2” on the Shark robot might also appear when the bin is full, and the robot could not return to the base.

the dirty bin

The solution is to empty the bin, but we’ll discuss more this later!

3. Faulty Wheels

If your robot is cleaning your home for a long time, and haven’t been maintained regularly, the wheels might not be able to spin.

Flip the Shark robot upside down and check whether the wheels are obstructed in any way. 

4. Software Issue

There may be a chance that there is nothing wrong with your robot components, but with the system.

The connection between the robot and the app is crucial to the robot’s behavior and orientation so in this guide we’ll inspect this as well.

Now that we know what’s causing the problem, let’s jump into the solution guide!

How To Fix Error 2 On Shark Robot?

how to fix the error 2

We’ve already clarified that error “2” on the Shark robot means an obstruction!

The obstruction could be impacting any of the components involved in the robot’s movement so we need to inspect everything.

This is why following our solutions in order is mandatory!

Let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Clean Robot Side Brushes!

The Shark robot’s side brushes are one of the reasons for error 2 when they are clogged.

If any hair is entangled in the robot’s brushes, obstructing their spinning rotation, the robot would stop the cleaning session.

As a result, you’ll see the error “2’” without further notification.

Here is how you can clean the robot side brushes!

  1. Turn OFF the robot by clicking the Power Switch
  2. Flip the Shark robot upside down. 
  3. Grab the plastic tab of side brushes from the base.
  4. Lift up the plastic tab. 
  5. Take a dry microfiber cloth and clean the brush’s base properly. 
  6. Install back the plastic tab to its place properly.
  7. Turn on the robot and start the cleaning session. 

In case the Shark robot is now cleaning without the error, congratulations!

However, in case of error “2” appears soon after the session starts, jump into the next solution!

Solution #2 Unclog The Brush Roll

unclog the brush roll

If after cleaning the side brushes, error 2 appears again, then clean the Shark Brush Roll

With time, dirt and hairs get entangled and clogged in the brush roll, which in turn, stops the roller from moving.

To solve the problem, all you have to do is thoroughly clean the brush roll. 

Here is how you can clean the Shark robot brush roll:

  1. Turn OFF the Shark robot
  2. Flip the Shark vacuum upside down.
  3. Take a screwdriver and unscrew the brush roll.
  4. Gently pull out the brush roll. 
  5. You will see a lot of hair clogged on the roller. 
  6. Clean them with your hand or even use scissors. 
  7. Also, clean the dust from the brush roller gears. 
  8. (Optional) Grease the rollers as well. 
  9. Place back the roller in its place, and screw the roller tightly. 

When you’re ready, turn on the robot and start cleaning to check whether it again shows an error.

In case the problem is persistent, perhaps something with the wheels is out of order!

Note: After greasing the brush roller, the robot becomes louder than before. Don’t worry!

Solution #3 Clean The Drive Wheels

clean drive wheels

Another solution is to clean the robot’s drive wheels.

As we discussed, Shark error “2” appears when something stops the robot from moving so the wheels are the primary suspect.

Here is how you can clean the Shark drive wheels:

  1. Take a screwdriver, and unscrew the wheels.
  2. Grab the wheels with both hands and pull them out. 
  3. Remove the connector from the wheels. 
  4. Clean the wheels and their place properly by using a cloth.
  5. Embed the wheels back into their place and tighten the screws.

When you’re ready, before starting a clean session, test whether the wheels are now spinning with your hand.

In case you can feel something obstructing their rotation, disassemble them again to troubleshoot the problem. Wheels should be spinning freely all the time!

Solution#4 Clean The Dirty Bin!

clean a dirty bin

After cleaning the Shark wheels and brushes if the robot is still on an obstruction error “2”, then maybe the robot’s bin is full of dirt.

In such cases, the robot will not continue cleaning because it has no space and displays error “2”. 

  • Users need to empty the bin and clean the bin and filter as well.

Here is how to empty the bin and clean the filter:

  1. Tap the Dirt Bin Removal Button from the robot. 
  2. Pull out the bin in an upright position. 
  3. Empty the bin by pressing and holding the release button from the lid. 
  4. If you see any hairs or dirt remaining in the bin, remove them using the anti-tangle comb. 
  5. Remove the bin filter by using the pull tabs.
  6. Clean the filter properly by using a cloth or compressed air. 
  7. Now wash the bin, but ensure not to wash the bin filter.
  8. Dry the bin completely and then reinsert the dustbin into the robot. 

The robot should now start cleaning without displaying the error “2”.

In case the error is persistent, check whether the bin has been installed correctly. This might sometimes cause issues!

Note: Shark robots cannot operate with a removed dustbin. 

Solution #5 Reset Shark Robot!

Lastly, you can reset your Shark robot if the error “2” did not go away!

reset the  shark robot

By performing a reset your shark robot revert to its default settings.

This always helps with software complications so we can’t draw conclusions before attempting the factory reset.

Note: Before the reset, ensure that your mobile and the robot are connected to the internet.

Here is how to reset your Shark robot:

  1. Open the SharkClean app
  2. Go to the app Settings
  3. Tap on the Factory Reset option. 
  4. A robot automatically starts resetting. 
  5. Within 5 minutes, your robot will reset. 
  6. Now connect back your robot to the app. 

When the reset is completed, you’ll need to establish a new cleaning session to test.

With a bit of luck, error “2” should no longer appear. In case, however, the error is still there, maybe your robot has encountered a more serious problem.

Contact Shark Customer Service for help!

Quick Recap:

Hence, whenever your Shark robot says “there is an obstruction” and “Error 2”, you just need to clean the side brushes and a brush roller. In case the error persists, then empty and clean the dustbin and perform a factory reset on your robot to solve the problem!

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, we have learned how to fix error 2 on Shark robot in a matter of minutes! 

The most important conclusion that we can make is that when we see “error 2” on the Shark robot we know that something is obstructing the device.

We have learned how to clean the brushes, wheels, dust bin filter, and all components that could be responsible!

In case you’ve identified broken components within your Shark robot, you can acquire replacement Vacuum Cleaner Parts for Shark.

You only need to replace the faulty components when you’re ready and voila.

The problem will be gone in no time!

Nicole B