shark robot vacuum error 9

Struggling with Shark Robot Vacuum error 9? Here’s the solution!

All error codes your Shark Vacuum Cleaner displays have a reasonable explanation for their occurrence.

Either it will be the battery, some of the cleaning components, or in some cases, the storage of the robot.

In this guide, we’ll learn how to identify and solve error 9 on Shark!

To fix when your Shark Robot Vacuum gives error 9, briskly tap the bumper several times and then press the “CLEAN” button. Next, Power Cycle the robot, empty the dust bin, and perform a thorough inspection of the robot’s cliff sensors.

What Is Shark Error 9 on Shark Robot?

what is vacuum error 9

As concisely as possible, error 9 means that the bumper is not moving freely!

This is when your Shark Robot Vacuum is not eligible to move its cleaning parts correctly and therefore collect the dust from all areas.

On some occasions, error 9 could be really easy to fix (by tapping the bumper several times) or, it might take a while.

When diagnosing a particular error code on your device, it could either be caused by hardware or a software malfunction.

In the case of error 9 on your Shark Robot Vacuum, this error is caused by a Hardware Fault with the Bumper.

Now that we know where the issue is coming from, let’s solve the problem in minutes!

How to Fix Shark Robot Vacuum Error 9?

how fix shark robot vacuum

Most of the solutions have been suggested by other Shark Robot users, who experience the same error code on their devices.

This will verify that you’ll end up fixing the error with your Shark Vacuum Cleaner so without further ado let’s jump right in!

Solution #1 Tap The Bumper Several Times

As we’ve clarified, error Number 9 is a Mechanical Problem with your Shark.

Most accurately, if the bumper of your Shark Robot is restricted from moving freely, this error will occur as a result.

The first and most easy solution is to tap out the bumper several times, in order to make it drop all debris and potential blockages of the mechanism.

tap robot several times
  • Turn your Roomba upside down and Jiggle the Bumper several times. Press “CLEAN” to finalize

You’ll know that the bumper has been restricted from moving freely if multiple debris pieces fall out as a result of jiggling, and shaking it.

In addition to that, make sure its mechanism is working as it has to be, by triggering the automated movement by yourself.

Note: The bumper must be able to perform circular movement around the robot at all times.

Solution #2 Power Cycle the Robot

power cycle the robot

The next solution involves a Power Cycle on your Shark Robot.

It is an easy process to do and most of the time would help your robot resolve all types of error codes.

What the Power Cycle does, is have the electricity of your Shark Robot completely discharged, with the goal of refreshing the software.

Although error 9 is strictly related to the robot’s mechanism, a good power discharge may help get the robot running.

How to Power Cycle Shark Robot:

  1. Turn your Shark Upside Down.
  2. Locate the Power Switch.
  3. Press the Power Switch for 2-3 seconds.
  4. Wait for the robot to Shut Down.
  5. Wait for at least 60 Seconds.
  6. Connect the robot to a Charging Base or a Charger.
  7. Let the robot stay on the charger for 3-5 minutes.
  8. Unplug it and test.

In addition, low electrical capacity within the robot’s battery could also cause a variety of errors related to the mechanism.

Let the device charge to at least 50%.

Note: Keeping the robot shut down for longer will result in a better power cycle!

Solution #3 Empty Out the Dust Bin

empty the dust bin

Perhaps, error 9 is related to the Dust Bin issues of the Shark Robot.

  • Dust Bin is being collected in the charging base of the Shark Robot

Many users have suggested emptying out the dust bin of your Shark Robot and then attempting to use the robot error-free.

The emptying does not take much time so here’s how:

  1. Let the robot deliver itself to the Charging Station.
  2. Press the “CLEANButton on the robot discharges all the dust.
  3. Empty out the Removable Dust Bin from the charging station.
  4. Take the robot off the charging station.
  5. Attempt to use the device.

Usually, whenever the robot finishes its cleaning route around your house, it will automatically deliver to the cleaning station and discharge.

However, if the robot is obstructed from doing so, it will not empty out the dust bin and give errors as a result.

If emptying out the dust bin didn’t help, let’s learn more ways to fix Shark error 9!

Solution #4 Restore Cliff Sensors Functionality

restore cliff sensors

Shark Robot error 9 could also be caused due to Blockage in the Cliff Sensors!

If these devices have lost their functionality, the robot will refuse to clean and give errors 6, 7, and Error 9.

However, restoring the functionality of those Cliff Sensors is relatively easy as you restrict the surrounding and environmental objects that could cause this problem.

  • Place your Shark Robot away from stairs and steep surfaces. Clean its hardware

You must make sure that all hardware components on the bottom of your Shark Robot and the Cliff Sensors are completely free of debris.

Only then, you shall put the robot to the test and attempt to use it for cleaning your household, on its regularly scheduled route.

Note: If the Cliff Sensors are working, the robot will stop upon stairs and steep places!

Solution #5 Change the Cleaning Schedule

change vacuum cleaning schedule

Perhaps, the bumpers of your Shark Cleaning Vacuum are unable to execute the cleaning schedule.

In that sense, it would only be reasonable to alternate the pathway of your Shark Robot and where it goes through.

The Shark Robot should evade all types of objects that could interrupt the cleaning or impact trigger the Cliff Sensors.

Make a safe pathway, just to test your robot and determine if it is going to start and not show error 9 on its panel.

  • Launch the Shark App, go to “Schedules” and create a new pathway!

After creating the new pathway, make sure to select it as a current, otherwise, the robot will start cleaning on the old schedule.

Check whether this will still bring up error “9”.

Note: If the robot works, revert back to the old schedule and re-configure it for safety.

Solution #6 Factory Reset the Shark Robot

factory reset robot vacuum

If Shark error 9 is still occurring, you should do a Factory Reset on your robot.

The Shark Robot must be added to the ION App in order to trigger a reset

This will verify that all software settings and hardware regiments are functional since all of them will be brought to their factory setting.

You could trigger a Factory Reset on your robot, by selecting the setting within the ION app on your mobile device.

Let’s learn how:

  1. Launch the Shark ION App on your mobile device.
  2. Navigate to Settings.
  3. Head to “Factory Reset”.
  4. Choose “Select”.
  5. Press “Confirm” to start the Factory Reset.
  6. Wait…

Once your robot goes into a Factory Reset mode, it will take about 3-5 minutes to complete the process.

For the time being, do not interact with the device to avoid canceling the reset by mistake.

Some users accidentally cancel the reset by pressing “CLEAN”.

Note: Once your robot finishes the reset, you’ll have to set it up in the Shark App.

Quick Recap:

Thus, to fix error 9 on Shark Robot Vacuum, Restart the robot and tap out the bumper to clean it off of debris. Next, move the vacuum away from steep surfaces/stairs and empty out the Dust Bin. As a last resort, Factory Reset the Shark Robot Vacuum.

Wrapping Up:

In this guide, you’ve learned how to fix Shark Robot Vacuum error 9 in the easiest manner possible.

If by any chance error “9” is still occurring on your Shark Robot Vacuum, you should get in touch with the merchant and check whether your warranty is intact.

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