ring doorbell flashing blue while charging

Wondering why is the Ring Doorbell flashing blue while charging and what does the light mean?

Well, the blue light often indicates charging, updating, and reconnecting.

Some of the time, your blue light may be glitched even if your device is not in one of the mentioned states so keep reading to learn how to possibly resolve it.

The flashing blue light on your Ring Doorbell generally means that the device is charging. It will flicker for a few hours until the device is fully charged. Then after your device is charged, it will automatically stop.

It could also indicate network reconnecting, booting, restarting, or updating.

If your blue light is flickering even if you’re sure that your device is not performing anything, then let’s find out why.

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Fixing Ring Video Doorbell Flashing Blue While Charging

fix ring doorbell flashing blue while charging

In case your device continues to emit blue flickering light here we will review all possible causes and how to address each of them. In most cases, simply leaving your doorbell aside for a few hours should get the issue solved.

Before you begin, we recommend performing a restart to exclude the possibility of a temporary glitch.

If it does not work, next you will find several straightforward steps to help you identify and hopefully solve the issue.

Step #1 Check If Your Doorbell Is Charging

In plenty of cases, if your Ring Doorbell is flashing in blue it is probably charging. The first thing you have to do is check the battery situation of your Ring Doorbell.

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If you’ve recently plugged it into the charger and the percentage is too low for the device to work the little electricity in the device will make the blue light flash.

This will indicate that the device is charging and there is nothing to worry about.

Tip: At this point, we recommend plugging your device in a standalone wall outlet to exclude the possibility of a failed outlet and power outages.

Step #2 Check If Your Doorbell Is Updating

Another thing that can make the light of your Ring Doorbell flash in blue is if there is an ongoing update.

As you’re probably aware, if your Ring Doorbell is supported, your manufacturers will automatically supply your device with the newest firmware available.

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In most cases, you won’t even notice whenever the doorbell is having an update because it could even be during nighttime if the doorbell is up and running.

Give your doorbell a few hours and let it update the firmware. If the blinking blue light is related to a firmware update, there is nothing to worry about and your Ring Doorbell is working just fine.

Step #3 Check If Your Doorbell Is Booting/Restarting

Whenever there is a power outage or something cuts the electricity flow to your Ring Doorbell and it is unable to charge, it might be flashing in blue as it is starting up afterward.

Blue light is meant to indicate the user for software/hardware action that is taking place. 

Even whenever you start up your Ring Doorbell for the first time, it might begin flashing in blue to indicate that everything is working correctly.

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We assume that you’ve already tried restarting your Ring Doorbell and if you didn’t, make sure to do it now.

After the restart let the device for a few minutes and if the flashing blue light is still there let’s inspect the WiFi connectivity next.

Step #4 Check If Your Doorbell Is Reconnecting To WiFi

It’s important to understand that your Ring Doorbell blue light will not flash if the device is not connected to WiFi, instead, it will flicker whenever the Doorbell is trying to connect.

For instance, if your WiFi is constantly dropping, it could be a reason for your Ring to constantly disconnect and reconnect.

In that regard, we highly suggest checking if the WiFi that your Ring is using has a strong and reliable WiFi connection.

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You can try using your mobile hotspot for a few moments to check if the blue light will go out. Lastly, you can restart your router/modem and see if the issue is still there.

Step #4 Use The Ring App

Another way to fix when the Ring Doorbell flashing blue while charging would be to download and install the Ring App.

The wide customization and configuration tool will allow you to disable all kinds of lighting on your doorbell.

For this purpose, you will only need your phone and internet connection. In the App Store, simply type the Ring Doorbell and the first result should be what you’re looking for.

The pairing process is easy, as your Ring Doorbell is always discoverable to devices connected to the same Wifi as the doorbell.

After installing the app and pairing your phone with the doorbell, you should locate a feature called “disable lighting”. 

The blue flickering light should not bother you anymore, and there is nothing that you should be concerned about as the blue light does NOT indicate issues.

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Should the Ring Doorbell Blinking Blue When Plugged In?

As you’ve probably known the answer is YES. Your Doorbell will definitely flicker in blue while the device is charging as an indication.

This is not an issue and if you want to disable it you can do it in the mobile app as we’ve described in step #4.

If you’re still interested in the blue light, here are some of the most frequently asked questions online.

We’ve figured that it would be helpful to understand Ring Doorbell blue light even further.

How To Tell If a Ring Doorbell Is Charging?

If the blue light is on and you can’t tell if the device is charging, you can determine by removing the battery.

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Then, for the process, you will need a micro-USB charger which you will plug into the charging port.

For this purpose, we’ve created a small step list for you to follow.

  1. Turn off your Ring Doorbell.
  2. Remove the device’s battery by pressing the release tab.
  3. Grab a micro-USB charger and plug it into the battery’s charging port.
  4. You will know that the battery is full if the light of the micro-USB charges lights up in solid green.

This should explain why the light of Ring doorbell is flashing in blue and will notify you to charge the battery of the device fully.

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Will The Blue Light Of My Doorbell Stay On?

Yes, the blue light of Ring Doorbell will stay on, as long as the charger is connected to the device.

The blue light won’t mean anything harmful if it is on while your Ring Doorbell is charging, so don’t worry about the device’s functionality.

After a few hours of charging, the blue light should automatically go off, whenever your doorbell has reached full battery capacity.

We can safely conclude that the blue light of the Ring doorbell is nothing to be afraid of, especially whenever the device is charging. Simply let it charge, update or reconnect with the Wifi and the blue light should automatically go away.

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If not feel free to disable all lightning from the App, and worry no more.


After taking a look at why the ring doorbell flashing blue while charging, we hope that you were able to understand the blue blight. Flickering lights on Ring Doorbell aren’t always meant to be bad, especially the blue one.

However, there is a pretty simple way to disable it permanently so there is nothing you can go wrong with.

If you have any more issues with your smart home devices, you can check out some of the other posts on our technical blog!

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