the peloton error code b0215

Are you encountering the Peloton error code B0215? Peloton Bikes and Treadmills sometimes present error codes to tell the users that something is wrong.

However, the meaning isn’t always clear, much less what you need to do.

To fix Peloton Bike error code B0215, try power cycling, adjusting cables, checking calibration, or clearing the memory cache. You may also need to update the software or perform a factory reset.

Peloton Bikes are awesome, but the smart functionalities can glitch like any computer or phone.

Thus, you will need some patience to troubleshoot your bike. But we are here to help, so read below carefully.

Peloton Error Code B0215 – What Is Happening?

why the peloton error code b0215

The Peloton Bike and Bike+ are great investments for those that want to exercise without leaving home.

But they might show problems along the way since they are smart devices. Are you facing the Peloton Bike error code B0215?

There are some explanations for it:

Brake Firmware

There could be an issue with the brake firmware, which negatively impacts the resistance knob.

Resistance Knob

Perhaps the issue is not the brake firmware but the knob itself. You might need to calibrate the bike manually.

Software Issues

Some glitches on Peloton’s system might also require your attention.

Full Cache

You need to ensure that Peloton’s cache is not corrupted or filled with too much data.

Fix The Peloton Error Code B0215

how fix peloton error code b0215

As you can see, the error code B0215 indicates some different issues on your bike.

We would say that only one of them is happening, but it is worth checking all the different solutions.

Ensuring that your Bike operates with all the best settings will prevent it from showing errors. Thus, check below what to do.

1. Power Cycle Your Bike

The first troubleshooting step you should take every time your Bike shows some problem is power cycling.

A proper power cycle will refresh the system by discharging any residual electricity that could be in the hardware.

  1. Turn the Bike off;
  2. Pull the power adapter from the Bike’s base;
  3. Wait between 30 seconds and 1 minute;
  4. Plug the Bike again;
  5. Turn it on.

2. Check The Cables

check the cables

Like the power cycle, Peloton also suggests that you check the cables on your Bike.

Doing that requires you to turn the Bike off, so it is sort of a power cycle with additional steps.

Here is how to do it:

  1. Unplug the bike;
  2. Remove all cable connections from the Bike;
  3. Check their integrity and plug them again;
  4. There should be no tension or sharp bends on the connections;
  5. Plug the Bike into the wall again;
  6. Turn the Bike on.

3. Calibrate The Bike

Calibrating the Peloton Bike entails regulating the resistance numbers that represent the resistance knob position related to the magnet brackets and flywheel.

As you adjust the resistance knob, the numbers on the Peloton screen will increase or decrease accordingly:

  • Initial Top position: 0 resistance points
  • Left position: 4 resistance points
  • Down position: 7 resistance points
  • Right position: 12 resistance points
  • Top position again: 15 resistance points

Step #1: Get Prepared

you get prepared

Calibrating the Bike will require the calibration kit that’s come included, as well as a Philips screwdriver and Allen keys (3mm and 4mm).

  1. Get the screwdriver and keys;
  2. Detach the water bottle;
  3. Detach the sweat guard;
  4. Locate the Bike’s screen and touch the three dots;
  5. Click on “about”.

Step #2: Start Calibrating On The Firmware

Now it is time to use the Bike’s touch screen to help you in the calibration process:

  1. Click on “Get Started”;
  2. Twist the knob to the left until you can’t;
  3. Select “Calibrate”;
  4. Select “Calibrate max resistance”;
  5. Twist the knob to the right;
  6. Touch on “Done”
  7. Turn the knob toward the left.

Step #3: Finish The Calibration

finish bike calibration

Remember the wedge tool included in the calibration kit? Now is the time when you will use it:

  1. Introduce the wedge-shaped calibration tool between the second and third magnets on the flywheel;
  2. Twist the knob so it leans on the tool;
  3. Remove the tool;
  4. Place the white disks beneath the knob;
  5. The lines on both disks must align and head to the Bike’s neck;
  6. Touch “Next” on the system;
  7. Click on “set”;

Next, keep turning the knob and watch the calibration numbers on the Bike’s screen. The system should tell you when the bike is calibrated correctly.

4. Clear The Cache

Your bike might be showing the error code B0215 because there is too much data in its storage.

clear the cache

Much of that data is stored as cache data, which helps some functions run faster. However, too much cache makes the opposite.

So do the following:

  1. Click on the three dots on the Bike’s screen;
  2. Find “Apps”;
  3. Click on “Peloton”;
  4. Select “Storage”;
  5. Click on “Cached storage.”
  6. Select to remove the cache data.

Your stored info should not be lost if you synced it to the Peloton account or other app. However, it will be erased from the bike in order to make it function properly.

5. Update The Firmware

Sometimes your Bike shows an error because it needs a firmware update. Updates allow continuous communication between your Bike, other apps, and the Peloton servers.

update the firmware

So do the following:

  1. Go to the “Settings” of your Peloton Bike;
  2. Click on “Device Settings”;
  3. Select “About tablet” (in the System tab);
  4. Choose “System update”;

Update Through The App

Perhaps the current error prevents you from accessing the updated resources on your Bike.

In that case, you can force an update remotely, as long as your Bike is connected to the internet.

  1. Open the app;
  2. Tap on the gear icon (settings);
  3. Find “Bike Settings”;
  4. Touch on “Firmware update”;
  5. Tap on “Update now”;
  6. Confirm and tap on “Update firmware”;
  7. Once done, tap “Finish”>” Restart bike.”

6. Enter Recovery Mode

enter the recovery mode

A very useful function included in the Peloton Bike is the recovery mode. It is similar to a factory reset, and some steps look the same, but it follows a bit of a different route.

It is a great alternative when the Bike is not responding due to an error.

  1. Remove the power cable from the bike;
  2. Leave as it is for 30 seconds;
  3. Plug the power cord back in;
  4. Press the power button;
  5. Stand by until the Peloton logo appears;
  6. Hold these buttons: “Back” and “volume down” (at the same time);
  7. The screen should show “Android Recovery”;
  8. Release the buttons.

You must ensure that you’ve been able to enter the “Android Recovery” screen. Then do this:

  1. Locate and enter “Wipe data/factory reset”;
  2. Choose “Yes” 
  3. The procedure will start.

The recovery mode might take a while. When it finishes, the error on your bike should be gone.

7. Reset The Bike

reset peloton bike

Finally, it might be necessary to reset the bike. That entails erasing all of the data in the device.

If you don’t want to lose workout information, it is a good idea to sync to the cloud or another app such as Strava.

  1. Push the power button on the top of the screen;
  2. Tap on “Shutdown”;
  3. Now press the “Power” and “Volume up” buttons;
  4. Let go of them once the Peloton logo appears;
  5. The Bike enters Recovery Mode;
  6. Find “erase data/factory reset”;
  7. Touch the power button;
  8. Confirm “Yes”;
  9. Click “Reboot system now.”

After resetting the bike, the error code B0215 should not show up again.

What We Learned

After running into the Peloton error code B0215, you will need to take a look at some settings of your Bike.

If you have followed the guide above correctly, now you are probably no longer worried about the issue. 

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Nicole B