peloton heart rate monitor not turning on

Peloton heart rate monitor not turning on is a problem that many members of the Peloton fitness community have been experiencing at a certain point.

There are plenty of easy things and workarounds to attempt so remain invested throughout this guide to unwrap them all.

When the Peloton heart monitor is refusing to startup, it could be because the electrodes inside the device are not moving properly.

It’s also possible that you have installed the monitor incorrectly or that the battery of the device is failing to work!

Let’s learn more!

Why is the Peloton Heart-Rate Monitor Not Turning On?

  1. There’s an issue with the battery placement
  2. The electrodes of your monitor are inactive
  3. Your heart pulse monitor’s hardware is inactive
  4. The status lamp of the monitor is not working
  5. The Plenton rate monitor’s battery is worn-out
  6. Your Peloton monitor’s hardware is damaged
why peloton heart-rate monitor not turning on

Peloton Heart Pulse Monitor Blinking Status!

There are two types of blinking patterns in the LED of your Peloton heart monitor:

  • A Blinking red light – means that the device is working properly)
  • A blinking yellow light – means that the battery must be replaced soon)
Note: If your Peloton heart monitor’s lamp has been blinking in yellow for a while now, it is highly likely that the device stopped working due to a worn-out battery!

Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Not Turning On – Proven Solutions!

Tip: Apply the solutions in consecutive order!

1. Stretch the Bands of the Monitor

stretch the bands of the monitor

If not used for a long time, it’s likely that the electrodes in the heart rate monitor may have completely stopped moving.

To quickly bring back the heart rate monitor into action, it is enough to pull the two bands of the monitor towards the left and the right.

  • Simply hold the monitor’s bands in the air and pull the handles on both sides!
Alert: Be careful, since applying too much force while pulling may disband the handles of the monitor, and the display could hit the ground hard. 

2. Wet the Electrodes Slightly

wet the electrodes slightly

You will be surprised to find out that users fixed the issue with their Peloton monitor by wetting the display a bit.

We don’t mean putting the whole device underwater, but a couple of drops of water may start moving the electrodes and re-activate your device!

  • Place the monitor near a running faucet and spray some water!
Tip: Put several fingers under the faucet and use them to splash a couple of water drops on either side of your Peloton heart pulse monitor.

3. Re-Tighten Heart Rate Monitor

It is possible that the Peloton heart monitor is not activating because the device is not in full contact with your skin.

re-tighten heart rate monitor

This can happen when the stretching bands of the monitor are not moisturized enough or you have not tightened the device on your chest.

  • In order for Peloton to start blinking in red, it must be touching your skin!

How to Use Peloton Heart Monitor Correctly?

The heart rate monitor must be tightly strapped around your chest, with each end of the handles connected to one another.

If the monitor feels loose or keeps falling down toward your belly, it means that it hasn’t been tightened enough.

Alert: Over-tightening the monitor could irritate the skin underneath!

4. Re-Insert & Test the Battery

re-insert & test the battery

To determine if the battery of your Peloton monitor is giving up, you must take it out and test it if possible.

This way you will discharge the hardware of the heart rate monitor and check whether the battery capacity has been exhausted all the way or not.

  • To test your Peloton battery, use a small-battery tester!

How to Reinsert Peloton Heart Monitor Battery?

  1. Remove the back cover of the heart rate monitor (use a flat object).
  2. Using two fingers, pull out the current battery from the socket.
  3. Place the battery into the tester and activate the tester device.

Battery Tester Reading Patterns

After placing your battery in the tester’s socket, the reader’s arrow will either move to the green area which means that the battery is healthy, or stay at red. 

battery tester

If the tester’s arrow stays red, it means that you must replace the battery of your Peloton heart pulse monitor.

Note: The Peloton heart monitor uses only a flat CR2032 3V Lithium battery.

5. Pair Heart Rate Monitor via Bluetooth

It is possible that your Peloton heart monitor is otherwise working, but there is something wrong with the status lamp.

To test this theory out, attempt to connect your heart monitor via Bluetooth to your Peloton fitness appliance at home.

Info: You only need a mobile phone to use your Peloton heart pulse monitor, although all other Peloton products are compatible and can be paired via Bluetooth.
pair heart rate monitor via bluetooth

How to Connect the Monitor to a Peloton Bikes/Bike +?

  1. On your Bike’s touchscreen, press the Settings icon in the upper corner.
  2. Scroll down and press “Heart Rate Monitor” in the settings of the device.
  3. Choose your Peloton heart monitor from the list of available devices.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to finalize the Bluetooth pairing.

How to Connect the Monitor to a Peloton Tread/Tread +?

  1. Access the Settings of your treadmill device.
  2. Tap on “Heart Rate Monitor” and follow the steps.
  3. Grant your tread device access to use Bluetooth.
  4. Proceed to pair the heart rate monitor.

How to Connect the Monitor to Your Mobile Device?

  1. Press on “Class Details” and tap the heart icon on your treadmill.
  2. Grant Bluetooth permissions if you have not done it already.
  3. Press “Bluetooth Settings” > “Enable Bluetooth”.
  4. Proceed to connect the heart rate monitor.
Tip: For extra clarity on how to use the heart rate monitor with your Peloton fitness appliances, check in with the online or physical user manual that came with your products.

6. Device Reset the Peloton Monitor

device reset the peloton monitor

To address any issues with the software of the Peloton heart monitor, you could also perform a Device Reset by holding the display.

It is a convenient way to resolve any issues with the monitor and also works for all problems related to the hardware/software of the device!

How to “Device Reset” Peloton Heart Monitor?

  1. Press the display of your Peloton monitors for 5 seconds.
  2. Wait for at least 30 seconds before the next step.
  3. Hold the display down for 15-20 seconds and let go.
Info: Your Peloton heart monitor doesn’t have to blink or make a sound to indicate that the factory reset has started. 

Peloton Heart Rate Monitor Not Working After Battery Replacement?

If your Peloton heart pulse monitor was working just fine before replacing the battery unit, then surely the problem has something to do with the battery’s charge and installation.

If the battery is not making clear contact with the monitor’s poles, it will not power the device!

not working after battery replacement

Step #1 Check the Battery’s Placement!

You could have inserted the new battery incorrectly, into your Peloton heart pulse monitor.

To verify that the battery is placed into the socket with the correct side facing the correct polarity field, it is necessary to take off the back cover and take a look for yourself.

  • Take out the battery and place it with the “+” side facing the bottom
Note: If the “-” side of the battery is facing the bottom, the monitor won’t power on!

Step #2 Clean the Battery Compartment

Too much dust or debris inside the battery socket could be preventing the new battery from fitting incorrectly. Some rubbing/cleaning alcohol and a soft wet cloth should make the inside compartments of the heart rate monitor like new.

  • Uninstall the back cover and use the cleaning appliances to remove dust
Alert: Do not use a cloth that is too wet since this could damage the hardware!

Step #3 Install Another Battery!

There’s a chance that an issue with the new battery is preventing the heart rate monitor from turning on.

The only way to determine if the issue is with the current battery is to install a different battery into the heart rate monitor.

Note: Make sure the testing battery is freshly unpacked and hasn’t been used before!

Quick Recap:

We’ve learned that when the Peloton heart rate monitor not turning on, you should first check if the battery is inserted correctly and slightly wet the heart rate monitor.

If the device is still not working, perform a device reset and replace the battery with a new one!

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