lorex camera keeps disconnecting

Your Lorex camera keeps disconnecting and you’re wondering why?

Lorex cameras can keep disconnecting due to issues with the network or the camera’s connectivity itself.

In this guide, we will lead you through the best solutions to prevent your Lorex camera from going offline by itself.

To fix a Lorex camera that keeps going offline, move it closer to the network router and troubleshoot the internet connection. Hard reset your camera and check the power supply of the device. Lastly, perform a factory reset on your Lorex camera.

Let’s now review what are the possibilities that will make your Lorex camera constantly disconnect from the network.

Why Does The Lorex Camera Keeps Disconnecting?

One of the many possible reasons for your Lorex camera to disconnect is a problem with the power supply.

More accurately, if your Lorex camera shuts down by itself, it will respectively disconnect from the network so you should check the power first.

Here are all of the causes that your Lorex camera could be disconnecting from:

1. Insufficient Range

If you’ve positioned your Lorex unit too far away from the network device, you may find the device often disconnecting.

2. Network Problem

An issue with your network could also not only disconnect your Lorex camera but all paired devices.

3. Power Issues

A problem with your Lorex camera that is causing the device to shut down will disconnect it from the internet.

4. Over Exceeded Users

There is a limit in regard to how many users can connect to the camera and observe. If the number is exceeded, the device may disconnect from the network.

Now that you know what is causing the constant disconnecting of your Lorex camera, let’s proceed with the troubleshooting guide below.

How To Fix Lorex Wireless Camera Keeps Disconnecting?

fix lorex camera keeps disconnecting

Before we proceed with the solutions, ensure that you have the Lorex home app installed on your smartphone.

It is used to optimize the settings of your camera, set up the configurations, and more additional app-specific options that you will need!

Here’s how to fix your Lorex Camera from disconnecting:

Solution #1 Reconnect To Internet Correctly

There’s a chance that you’re doing the entire internet setup process for your Lorex camera incorrectly.

In that regard, you should re-do the entire setup, with the correct guideline and instructions provided by us.

Here’s how to reconnect your Lorex Camera to the internet correctly:

  1. Open the Lorex app on your smartphone.
  2. Head to the Devices Screen and tap “Scan QR Code”.
  3. Go over to your Lorex camera and open the camera tab on your phone.
  4. Scan the QR code on the back of your camera.
  5. Allow the WiFi setup prompt that appeared on your screen.
  6. Create a password for your camera and choose your own network.
  7. Input the WiFi password and tap on “Connect”.
  8. Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to complete the setup.
Note: Make sure that you choose your own network and you’re inputting the correct password for your internet.

Solution #2 Reduce Lorex Camera Traffic

reduce camera traffic

Your camera has limitations in regard to how many users can connect and observe through the device.

That’s to say because if more than 3 users are connected, your device could disconnect, especially if your network doesn’t support a reliable internet connection.

To disconnect your Lorex camera from certain devices, you must delete the Lorex home app that’s installed on the respective device.

This will cause the receiver of your Lorex’s camera (the given device) to disconnect and you will preserve additional resources.

Note: Leave 1, maximum 2 devices connected to your Lorex camera until the end of the guide to determine if it would still disconnect.

Solution #3 Charge Your Lorex Camera

You should attempt to fix the issue by charging your camera for long enough until it can run all required services.

As you probably know, if your camera is running out of battery, it will shut down periodically and disconnect from the network of your home.

To charge your Lorex camera, follow these instructions:

  1. Disengage your camera from the wall stand.
  2. Pull the battery latch to expose the battery unit.
  3. Eject the battery out of your camera.
  4. Using the supplied charging adapter from Lorex, connect it to a power adapter.
  5. Connect your Lorex camera’s battery into the adapter and wait for 30-60 minutes.
  6. Once charged, reassemble the battery inside of your camera and test.
Note: Ensure that you have your camera plugged for the least 30 minutes for the device to receive a sufficient charge.

Solution #4 Update Your Lorex Camera

update lorex camera

Updating your Lorex camera can fix issues with the network.

When running an outdated version on your Lorex security unit, it could cause incompatibility with the network, which by itself will cause the camera to disconnect.

Here’s how to update your Lorex camera to the latest available version:

  1. On your smartphone, open the Lorex home security app.
  2. Go to Settings > System > Upgrade.
  3. In the following tab, click on “Check for Updates”.
  4. Wait for the checker and tap on “Download” if any new updates are found.
Note: If the disconnects are too frequent for you to update the camera, jump to the next solution!

Solution #5 Reinstall Lorex Home App

The next thing you have to do is to reinstall the Lorex home app.

If there’s a bug or glitch with the application, you can easily solve the disconnecting issue by reinstalling the application from your smartphone.

Here’s how to reinstall the Lorex home app on your phone:

  1. On your smartphone, head to the Settings and access the storage unit.
  2. Go to the app section and locate the Lorex Home app in the given list.
  3. Access the settings for the app and choose “Uninstall”.
  4. Confirm the uninstallation and wait.
  5. On your phone again, go to the App Store/Google Play.
  6. Download Lorex again and reconnect to your camera, following the instructions in solution #1.
Note: When reinstalling Lorex, make sure that your phone doesn’t update or download any additional apps during the time to avoid exceeding the available storage.

Solution #6 Reset Lorex Camera

reset lorex camera

If nothing worked for you from the solutions so far, perform a factory reset on your Lorex camera.

This operation will erase all software configurations you’ve made to the device, along with bugs or glitches causing the camera to disconnect.

Here’s how to perform a factory reset on your Lorex camera:

  1. Go over to your camera.
  2. Locate the reset button on the top panel of the device.
  3. Hold the button for 10 seconds.
  4. Release once you hear the chime sounds.
Alert: Don’t let go of the button before you hear the chime sounds, since this would mean that the reset hasn’t started yet.

Thus, to fix a Lorex camera that keeps disconnecting, charge the device and reconnect it with the Lorex home app. Reinstall Lorex Home and update your camera to the latest available firmware version. Lastly, perform a factory reset on the device to solve the problem.

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Bottom Line:

After learning why the Lorex camera keeps disconnecting and supposedly being aware of how to approach the problem, proceed with our proven solutions!

If you struggle to solve the problem and you’re still where you’ve started, contact Lorex support for more information and help.

Nicole B