Lorex DVR to factory settings without password

If you don’t know how to reset Lorex DVR to factory settings without password then you’re at the right place to acquire that information.

It’s a common practice for many users to forget their DVR passwords over time.

Luckily there is a way to reset the DVR and remove the old password so you can use your device.

To reset a Lorex DVR to factory settings without having a password, you would need to disengage the panel and locate the power reset on the motherboard. By holding the reset button you will perform a force reset without using a password.

Let’s now learn more about the possible resets without a password and proceed with the detailed step guides.

How To Reset Lorex DVR To Factory Settings Without Password?

Lorex DVR to factory settings without a password

Unfortunately, resetting the DVR on your own through the software without a password tends not to be possible with Lorex units.

You will have to call the support team and demand your DVR’s password be temporarily altered to reset the DVR.

However, there is an easy way to perform a factory reset through the hardware of the device which works just fine without a password.

Before we move on, make sure to test the default DVR password, which is “00000” or “000000” for some models of Lorex DVR. It’s either 5 zeros or 6 zeros.

Note: If the password didn’t work, we’ll open the Lorex DVR device in the first method.

Method #1 Reset The Lorex DVR With Reset Button

reset lorex dvr

In this method, we’ll be opening the Lorex DVR device to use the reset button on the motherboard.

With this button, you can factory reset the device without a password.

Alert: It’s strongly recommended not to skip any of the steps to ensure safe operation.

Step #1 Power Off Your System

Before interacting with the hardware of the DVR, you must completely power off your system.

That includes turning off the DVR and unplugging its power adapter, in order to avoid any complications.

To power off your system entirely, press the power button on the DVR and wait for the device to shut down.

Once you can no longer hear your DVR working, unplug the power adapter and wait for around 5 minutes for the DVR to discharge completely.

Tip: It’s recommended to unplug the power adapter from the DVR as well while working on the unit.

Step #2 Uninstall The Back Panel Screws

uninstall back panel screws

The screws that hold the back panel of the DVR, must be taken off to expose the hardware of the device.

The screws are located on each end of the back panel and you must use a philips-headed screwdriver to take them off.

Grab a screwdriver and undo all of the screws until you can eject them.

Note: Make sure to preserve the screws, because you will need to re-insert them later.

Step #3 Remove The Back Panel

Now that you’ve undone the screws from your Lorex DVR, you can take off the back panel from the device.

Use slight force and pull the cover towards you, until you hear a click.

If you’ve heard the click, the panel is disengaged from the latches and can freely be taken off. The hardware of the DVR will become exposed.

Alert: While taking off the cover, be extremely careful not to damage the internal parts of the DVR or there will be complications.

Step #4 Locate The Reset Button

locate reset button

For this step, all you have to do is locate the factory reset button inside of your DVR.

Here is where the factory reset button is located on the motherboard:

This is the reset button that you’re looking for. It’s next to the passive cooler of the DVR, supposedly on its right side.

It’s really small, so if your DVR’s motherboard looks different from the one in the picture, look around the coolers. The button is attached to the DVR with a metal plate and latches.

Notice: You don’t have to disengage any components rather than the back panel to expose the factory reset button.

Step #5 Hold The Reset Button

And now for the final step, you have to press and hold down the reset button for an approximate time of 15 seconds.

Lorex says that the reset takes about 10 seconds, but it’s recommended to hold it down for longer than that.

Once you’ve held the button for at least 30 seconds, let go of it and re-install the back cover of the DVR.

Plug the power adapter of the DVR and your DVR will be reset!

Tip: For easier installation of the back panel, use a magnetic phillips-head screwdriver.

Method #2 How To Factory Reset Lorex DVR With Support Team?

factory reset with support team

If you’ve forgotten the password for your DVR’s login and don’t seem to find the reset button on the hardware, you can get a temporary password from Lorex’s support team.

Of course, you will have to prove your ownership over the DVR by providing them with the serial code of the unit as well as your name.

Here’s how to reset your DVR with the benefits from the support team:

Step #1 Go To Lorex Site

To avoid using phone calls, Lorex has made it easier for its users by receiving new passwords via email.

You will first have to navigate to www.Lorex.com and log in with your account credentials.

Tip: Forgotten Lorex site credentials can be recovered by tapping on “Forgot my password/username”.

Step #2 Tap On “Send Reset Instructions”

tap reset button

Once logged into your account, on the Lorex site, there should be a button labeled “Send Reset Instructions”.

By tapping on that button, you will initiate a process for sending a new password to the associated email with your web Lorex account.

Notice: If there are any on-screen instructions when tapping on the reset button, make sure to follow them carefully.

Step #3 Acquire New Password

Wait for a bit and the new password from Lorex should appear on your email.

Note that they may take a while to undergo your order and send you an email with a newly generated password for DVR login.

Tip: Check your email frequently and once you’ve received the email, save the new password.

Step #4 Reset The DVR

reset dvr

And now for the final step, once you have your new password, you can reset the DVR through the settings.

Here’s how to reset a Lorex DVR through the settings in easy steps:

  1. First, login into your DVR using the new password.
  2. Go to the Maintenance tab.
  3. Click on Load Default.
  4. Select all of the checkboxes or some of them, according to your preset preferences.
  5. Tap on Confirm and wait.
Alert: Once the reset is complete, the password will be reverted back to its default value “000000”.

Thus, to factory reset a Lorex DVR without using a password, you need to open the device’s panel and hold the reset button on the motherboard for more than 10 seconds. The other workaround would be to contact the support team and acquire a temporary password to reset the DVR.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to reset Lorex DVR to factory settings without password, you can freely use your device.

Even if you forget the password again in the future, you can always come back to this guide and get control over the situation.

Nicole B