do lorex cameras have audio

Do Lorex cameras have audio? When planning your home security system, you might wonder whether some cameras have audio enabled. 

Regarding Lorex cameras, plenty of models have a microphone to capture audio. In addition, many have the 2-way talk, which allows you to speak to anyone close to the cam.

If you want to learn everything about audio-enabled Lorex cameras, you must read this article.

Plus, we will comment on the legality of such cameras, which is an important matter.

Do Lorex Cameras Have Audio?

do the lorex cameras have audio

Lorex cameras are very popular for monitoring systems. For example, suppose you install security cameras on your house or around it.

In that case, you probably might be thinking about including Lorex models. 

However, many customers ask the following: Are Lorex cameras capable of recording audio? 

After all, recording audio adds some layer of security.

Especially if you must hear what is happening around your house, that can prevent many bad things from happening.

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One issue is that recording audio is not legal everywhere. Because of that, you must know the legislation where you live before committing to an audio-enabled Lorex camera.

Is it Legal To Install Cameras With Audio?

is it legal to install camera

You must have noticed that many Lorex cameras don’t have a built-in mic. Unfortunately, that is also true for many other brands.

The reason is simple: legislation about recording or receiving audio via surveillance cameras varies depending on where you live.

Before buying an audio-enabled Lorex camera, you must learn whether you will be authorized to install and use its full capacities.

Legal Responsibilities

In the US, you can install audio-enabled cameras outdoors as long as they are not hidden.

People caught on camera must be aware that there’s a camera around.

On the other hand, the law will vary regarding the legality of recording. For example, some states don’t allow you to record audio without people’s consent.

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That means you should not keep recording settings on, even if you think that will be useful in court.

However, to ensure whether you can or cannot keep the recording activated, you should refer to your state’s legislation.

You can contact a specialized lawyer if the legislation is unclear (sometimes, there is too much jargon).

Audio-Enabled Lorex Cameras

the audio enabled camera

Do Lorex security cameras have audio? Now is the time you must pay full attention: not all Lorex cameras have audio capacities. 

Some Lorex cameras have built-in microphones. Each model might have a mic with different potency and features.

Other cameras, however, are for video only. 

Why is that? Lorex is attentive to legislation; thus, the brand sells cameras that adapt to different customer zones. 

You can choose very simple models with regular microphones among cameras with audio capabilities.

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However, you can also find those with omnidirectional mics, meaning they will catch audio no matter the direction it comes from. 

Check below the most popular audio-enabled Lorex cameras.


a C861MB

This camera counts with 4K resolution, a night vision range of 135 feet, and a whopping 105º field of view.

Plus, it has an audio-enabled mode, as that is what matters in this article.

Since it is a premium camera, you can rely on its motion detection completely.

So if you install your cameras outdoors, they will detect whatever thing or person moves nearby. Plus, since it has a built-in mic, you will listen to the sounds. 

For example, are there trees at the back of your house? You will probably listen to the birds’ singing via the app, and sometimes even squirrels roam around.

Cameras in front of your house shall capture the sound of cars.

When there is suspicious movement within your property, the app will alert you so you can check or call the authorities.

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Thanks to audio enabled, you can decide if there is any threat by listening closely.

Tip: Check your legislation before enabling audio on your security system.


a U424AA-E

Suppose you don’t want to go professional but still need a reliable security camera with built-in audio. In that case, this one is the way to go.

Lorex made this camera so its installation becomes easy for anyone. In addition, since it is a wire-free model, you don’t need to deal with electricity to set it up. 

However, you must always keep its batteries charged. You probably should keep two sets of batteries: one installed and the other charged when replacement is necessary.

The overall features of this camera model include the following:

  • 2K resolution
  • 140º field of vision
  • IP66 (will not suffer when it rains)
  • Built-in mic
  • Two-way talk
  • Rechargeable battery
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The two-way talk is impressive. It not only allows you to listen to sounds around you but also allows you to talk back.

That is amazing when you have visits come over, for example.

Beyond that, it has motion detection to alert you when people enter your property. If those “visits” are unwanted, it will shine a LED warning light.

Note: This model is very user-friendly and presents great cost-benefit among Lorex cameras.


a U471AA-E

This model is cheaper and simpler than the ones featured above. Its features are almost the same as the U424AA-E, but its format is different, meaning you will get different angles.

Also, you will probably want to position it in different places.

Here are the most important features it sports:

  • 2K resolution
  • 140º field of vision
  • IP65 (will not suffer when it rains)
  • Built-in mic
  • Two-way talk
  • Rechargeable battery
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Beyond that, it also boasts Night Color Vision! So instead of seeing gray night footage, you will see the colored video even at night.

Its battery is rechargeable, but its built-in compatibility with solar panels can make it last forever. 

Tip: This model is perfect if you want a camera to place on your house entrance. You can welcome visitors via two-way talk.


a W881AAD-E

This is one of the newest Lorex cameras. As such, it includes a two-way talk feature.

Plus, it supports WiFi 6, making it one of the fastest cameras on the market.

As is the standard for the best Lorex cameras, its field of view is 140º. When comes the night, you will be able to see footage in color, meaning you won’t miss any details.

Do you want to be alerted by any movements around your property? Lorex helps you out with special alerts for:

  • Visitors
  • Vehicles
  • Animals
  • Package being received
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Other incredible features you will love about it include:

  • Support to Lorex Home app
  • IP65 weatherproof
  • Motion-activated LED lights
  • Customizable LED colors
  • Remote-activated siren
  • 4K resolution


a F461AQD-E

If you are looking for a pan-tilt 2K outdoor camera, this is the one for your house. 

Even though its resolution is not so great, it has an awesome feature: the camera rotates 360º, granting a wide field of view.

In addition, since it has a built-in mic, it will be able to truly capture anything going on around your property. 

Installing several of these on strategic spots will grant maximum security for you and your family. 

Other features are:

  • WiFi compatibility
  • Smart Home compatibility
  • Support to Fusion recorders
  • Warning lights and sirens
  • 2-way talk
  • Reduced false notifications
  • Color night vision
  • IP66
Tip: When installing this model, ensure you have a 2.5GHz network. It is not compatible with 5GHz connections.


a W461ASC-E

This model is only meant for indoor use. 

That means you should install it strategically where you think too much action could go on, such as doors where uninvited people could break in.

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Its resolution is 2K, which is not bad for an indoor camera. 

Since it is an indoor camera, it can work with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. That makes for a great smart security system inside your house.

Other features include:

  • Person detection notifications
  • Local storage without fees
  • 2-way communication
  • Lorex Home compatibility
Note: If you do not possess a smart hub, you can still use this camera to its full extent because of its proprietary app.


a W482CAD-E

If you are looking for a versatile 2K camera with a built-in mic, you just found it.

As many other models included above, this one also has 2-way talk, meaning you can speak to whoever is near the cam.

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You can use the camera simply from the Lorex app or include it on your smart hub (Alexa and Google Assistant supported only).

Whether you want to use it indoors or outdoors, its IP65 will guarantee the weather does not damage it. 

Other features are:

  • Person, vehicle, and animal detections
  • Support to Lorex Security Center
  • Color night vision
  • Smart deterrence
  • Safeguard


a W282CAD-E

In the 1080p department, this model delivers a great experience.

Although the resolution is not the greatest, its other features more than make it up for it:

  • Smart deterrence
  • Color night vision
  • 2-way talk
  • Dual-band WiFi
  • 129° diagonal field of view
  • HEVC / H.265 Encoding
  • App compatibility
  • IP65

As you can see, this camera has everything that makes Lorex cameras great, except for the 4K resolution.

But, of course, that affects the price, making it cheaper than other models

Note: This is the camera to buy if you are on a budget but want to enjoy the best security features.

What We Learned

Do Lorex cameras have audio? Not all Lorex cameras have audio, but plenty of them do! 

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You should check each model carefully if you are looking for the best audio-enabled camera for your security system.

That way, you will find the perfect fit.

Nicole B