can i use blink outdoor camera inside

Do you want to know – Can I use Blink Outdoor camera inside?” You’re in luck!

Assuming you’ve got yourself an outdoor camera and are thinking about using it inside your home. This complete guide will show you if you can do it.

To use Blink outdoor camera inside – first get the camera kit, download the application and create an account. Then, add the Sync Module to create a system. From there, click on the plus and add the camera.

That is why we are here to give you a complete guide on whether or not you can do it and how.

We’ll be answering questions like “can I use Blink Outdoor camera inside?” How to set up a Blink camera?

And more.

Are Blink Cameras Any Good?

YES, Blink cameras are good. They do not only offer you a fantastic quality. But they also come at an affordable price.

There are various models of the brank security cameras. Most security cameras serve a different purposes and come at various prices. But for one, they all offer good quality to price ratio.

Owned by Amazon, Blink has become widely popular over the years. Many people buy them to make their homes safer.

The quantity of sold products and the positive client feedback means that they are worth it. 

Note: Blink cameras are excellent and affordable.

Can I Use Blink Outdoor Camera Inside?

use blink outdoor camera inside

Yes, you can use a Blink outdoor camera inside the house.

Blink Outdoor is a fantastic security camera. It is wireless, works with the cloud, and has a stunning battery life that can last up to TWO years.

This great security camera is widely popular due to its features:

  • Blink Outdoor works fine in any weather conditions.
  • Alerts on your phone – detects motion.
  • HD and can record audio.
  • Nothing can pass its sight in the dark – Night Vision.
  • Can make friends with Alexa – Voice Commands.

Is There a Blink Indoor Camera?

Yes, there is a Blink indoor camera designed to increase the security of your home from the inside.

The indoor model of this camera is perfect if you want to observe your home while at work or on vacation. Blink Indoor works the same way as the outdoor model.

They share most of their features like battery life (two years), complete HD video records, two-way audio, and motion detection.

The main difference between the two models is that the outdoor version is water and weatherproof. The indoor one doesn’t have these features.

What else is different? The price, Blink Outdoors, cost about $20 more than the Indoor version ( about 70 dollars).

What is the Main Difference Between Outdoor and Indoor Cameras?

The main difference between indoor and outdoor security cameras is that outdoor ones are waterproof and have a more comprehensive motion detection range.

Of course, that is not all about the differences between both types of cameras. The indoor ones are often smaller and more secretive. They tend to activate in a shorter range.

For example, when someone enters the room.

In contrast, the outdoor ones are visible – intending to prevent robberies and have broader coverage. However, both can be equal in terms of video and audio when it comes to quality.

How Does a Blink Camera Work?

how blink camera works

Blink outdoor camera works on batteries. Yep, it needs two lithium-ion (AA) batteries and wi-fi.

The camera has excellent features like full HD, infrared night vision, and two-way audio. These features allow you to observe everything happening outside and feel safer.

If that is not enough, Blink Outdoor has an excellent 110-degree view. Packing two or three of them in your system, you can observe your house’s whole perimeter.

The cameras work by:

  • Using batteries for a charge.
  • Depending on the Internet to operate.
  • Detect motions – day/night no matter the weather.
  • Record videos for 5 to 60 seconds.
  • Send an alert when triggered.

Are There Any Other Alternatives?

Of course, there are alternative Blink models, aside from Blink Outdoor and Indoor. In addition, there exist Blink Video Doorbell and Blink Mini.

These two alternatives serve almost the same purposes as security cameras. The only difference between them and Blink Outdoor or Indoor is the price and some features:

1. Blink Video Doorbell

The video doorbell of Blink is an affordable yet well-working alternative to many of the competitors.

This doorbell features terrific 1080p video, double-way audio, motion detection, and long battery life.

2. Blink Mini

Again you can see similar features to the main Blink Indoor. The mini version has the audio’s full HD video and can detect motion day and night. It still uses the internet to operate, but the battery life is longer.

Why? It is a wired model.

Both alternatives are good; they may lack in one way or another compared to Blink Outdoor or Indoor but can still do the job you need them.

In addition, they come at a lower price – less than half their pricier counterpart.

Tip: Combining the doorbell and the outdoor camera is better for the security of your home.

Should I Use Blink Outdoor Camera Inside?

using blink camera inside

YES, you can use Blink Outdoor Camera inside the house!

Great, right?

You can definitely use the Outdoor model inside but should you? Both models offer great features like full HD video, motion detection, and two-way audio.

They also have an excellent battery life which can last tons of time, and they have night vision. However, they are identical when it comes to INDOOR use.

The only differences are that the outdoor model is weatherproof while the indoor one isn’t. So, in short, you can bring Blink outdoor inside, but not the opposite with its counterpart.

Aside from that, if you check the prices, you will see a difference of about 20 to 30 dollars. Thus you can, but you should not bring Blink Outdoor Inside.

Note: Buy Blink Indoor if you need a security camera to operate inside your house.

How to Set up a Blink Outdoor Camera Inside?

Setting up a Blink security camera is easy and happens in about a few minutes.

You do not need any special preparation. You have to make sure that you got all parts required.

For example – wi-fi connection, the app, complete kit – sync module plus cameras, and you are ready to go.

To set up your Blink Outdoor camera, do these steps:

  1. Get the Blink App on your phone.
  2. Create an account.
  3. Set up the Sync Module.
  4. Open the App and press add device.
  5. Find your Blink Outdoor camera and tap on it.

After you complete these steps, you will be able to get alerts and observe what is happening at and around your home when you are not there.

Tip: Make sure to set specific alerts about detected movement.

How to Buy Blink Home Security Cameras?

This one is the best part. To buy a Blink camera, you first have to think about and decide on a few things.

For example: Which model – Outdoor or Indoor? How will you store your video data – Cloud or Locally?

Once you decide where you need the camera, you will quickly pick a model. After that, all you have to do is select whenever you will buy storage to store it locally.

Or pay for the cloud services and save all your data on the cloud. After you are done with the choices, all left is to visit Amazon and buy the camera.

Note: Always make sure for what reasons you need the camera before buying it.

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Bottom Line:

Now that you have learned the answer to “can I use Blink Outdoor camera inside.”

It is time to decide whether to get one or stick to the more obvious – indoor choice.

Reading this guide, you can comprehend which model suits your needs better. How to select what is the best for your case. And finally, how to buy your Blink camera.

Nicole B