how to connect samsung smart tv to wifi without remote

Wondering how to connect Samsung smart TV To WiFi without remote? Search no further, because in this post you’ll learn 2 different ways to do so.

We will explain in detail these ways and completely bypass your remote, so you connect your Samsung TV to WiFi!

To connect Samsung TV to WiFi without using a remote, you can either download & install the mobile app or use a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for the purpose. Since your device is smart, connecting the keyboard and mouse is eligible and you will be able to access the WiFi settings through them!

Let’s learn now what are the alternatives for connecting your Samsung TV to WiFi without using the assistance of a hardware remote!

How To Connect Samsung TV To WiFi Without Remote Step-By-Step

The by-far easiest method of connecting your Samsung TV to WiFi without a remote is through the mobile app available in both the Google Play for Androids and App Store for iPhones.

Check the steps down below to learn how to connect your TV to WiFi through the mobile Samsung app.

Connecting Samsung To WiFi Through The Mobile App

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In order to use the Samsung app, your smartphone MUST be connected to a WiFi network already.

You would be fine if you’re using mobile data, as long as your phone has an active internet connection.

Keep in mind that the Samsung app is named “SmartThings” in all app stores.

We assume that you will be fine with writing “Samsung app” down, but you might as well use the original name.

Follow these steps to set up and use the mobile Samsung app in order to connect your TV to WiFi.

Step #1 Download The App

The first step is to download the app. Depending on whether you’re using an Android or iPhone, go to the corresponding app store and get yourself the Samsung app.

Here are some quick steps on how to do it:

  1. On your smartphone, head to the App Store.
  2. Click on the search field and write “Smart Things”.
  3. Download the first result, which should have more than 100 million downloads.
  4. Wait for the app to install.

Once installed, click on the app in order to run it and proceed with the next step.

Step #2 Register In The Samsung App

If you haven’t already, you must create a registration in the Samsung app.

Samsung usually creates a default registration upon buying one of their devices, but we recommend creating a new account to re-connect the TV easier and not look for old credentials.

Here is how to register in the Samsung app:

  1. Once opened on your phone, click on the “Register” button in the SmartThings app.
  2. Insert your full name, email, password, and mobile number in the appropriate fields.
  3. Confirm your email by going into the inbox and copying the code into the Samsung app.
  4. Login to your account.

In addition, if you want to bypass logging in each time you open the Samsung app, you can tick the “Remember Me” field so your credentials can be automatically inserted.

Step #3 Connect With Your TV

Once logged in to the SmartThings app, it is now time to connect with your TV.

Follow the steps down below to make a connection with your Samsung TV:

  1. In the SmartThings app, click on the dashboard.
  2. From there, your TV should be auto-discoverable.
  3. To use the digital remote service, click on the blue button labeled as “Remote”.

Note: If your TV wasn’t in the dashboard, then you must head to the Devices tab and click on “Add New Device”.

Your phone will start automatically searching for your Samsung TV and upon finding it, you must click on “Connect”.

Step #4 Connect Samsung TV With WiFi

Finally, once you have your phone connected to the WiFi, here is how to connect it with the WiFi:

  1. Open the SmartThings app and below your Samsung TV, click on “Remote”.
  2. Wait for the digital remote to load and press the “Menu” button once.
  3. Go to the settings and click on “WiFi and Connectivity”.
  4. Enable the feature if you haven’t done this yet and locate your household’s WiFi.
  5. Click on the WiFi, insert the password credential and click on connect.

Easy as that, your Samsung TV is now connected to the WiFi via the mobile app!

Connecting Samsung TV To The WiFi Via Keyboard & Mouse

connect samsung smart tv to wifi without remote

If the mobile app didn’t work for you, there is an alternative way of setting up the WiFi connecting on your Samsung TV.

This will be done via keyboard & mobile which you will directly connect to your TV through USB.

Follow the steps down below to learn more about how to connect Samsung smart TV To WIFi without remote, by using keyboard & mouse.

Step #1 Check For Recommendations

Since not all mouse & keyboards are compatible with your Samsung TV, you must open the Guide and check for compatible gear.

Here is a quick list of potentially compatible mouses & keyboards:

  • Logitech K750
  • Logitech K400
  • Logitech K360

Note: You can see recommendations specifically about your Samsung TV model in the Guide > Devices > Mouse & Keyboards.

Regardless of the recommendations, you can test whatever gear you have available in your home, as long as they have a USB connection.

Step #2 Connect Your Devices

Once acquired, you must connect your mouse & keyboard to your TV, via USB.

Most users choose wireless mice & keyboards due to their inability to stand close to their Samsung TV.

If you’re fine with a wired mouse & keyboard, it would also work so don’t get discouraged.

Once connected, your mouse & keyboard will automatically connect so you don’t have to do anything in advance.

Step #3 Connect Your TV To WiFi

Your final step is to connect to your TV’s WiFi. Follow the steps down below to do it:

  1. Hold the Lone Button on your Samsung TV.
  2. On the pop-up window, click on “Input”.
  3. Click “Live TV”.
  4. Select “Recommended” below “Channel”.
  5. Click on “Configure Network”.
  6. Select “Router SSID” and enter your router’s password.

Keep in mind that these steps must be executed via your mouse & keyboard once connected to your TV.

At this point, you will have your TV connection to WiFi without having to use the remote.

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To connect Samsung TV to WiFi without using a remote, you could either use the mobile app or mouse & keyboard. Either way, the next step is to go to the settings with your alternative remotes, click on “Configure Network” and set up the WiFi connection.

Bottom Line:

Now that you know how to connect Samsung smart TV to WiFi without remote, it is up to you to choose what alternative you’re going to use.

Since most users prefer the mobile app due to its compatibility, it would be best for you to download that app and get your Samsung TV connected!

If this post was helpful to you but you’re having more issues that you need to take care of, make sure to check our blog and discover the solution you need.

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