why is my ring camera pink

Why is my Ring camera pink? Sometimes the Ring camera shows weird behavior, such as the color of the footage being pink.

Fortunately, we know all about the issue and how to fix it!

When the Ring camera displays a pink image, you should look into the settings for Night Vision and the physical IR filter light. If none of those are at fault, then power cycle the camera.

We understand that the pink image on your camera might distort the footage entirely, so you have to get rid of it. Below we will teach you all the solutions for the issue.

It should take only a few minutes.

Why Is My Ring Camera Pink?

why does my ring camera is pink

The Ring camera is awesome for those who seek a convenient yet feature-full security/surveillance camera.

But just like any smart device, some problems can show up along the way.

For example, why is my Ring camera showing pink? That’s what we will find out: 

False Color Glitch

Depending on your Ring camera model, it might use false colors to turn black-and-white images into colorful ones.

However, a glitch could cause it to make the video entirely pink or some similar color.

Stuck IR Filter

Cameras with night vision use IR to capture footage in the dark. If the IR filter gets stuck, the reddish or pinkish color might not vanish.

Hardware Issue

The issue might be related to the camera’s hardware being at fault. A correct power cycle might solve it.

Firmware Issue

On the other hand, we might suspect the camera’s firmware is glitched. That might call for an update or reset. 

Fix The Pink Footage On Your Ring Camera

how fix pink footage on ring camera

The reasons listed above lead us to believe that the issue on your camera will be very easy to fix. First of all, let’s check some settings that could be wrong.

Then, we think you will take only a few minutes to figure out the culprit.

1. Check The False Color Settings

Why is my Ring camera picture pink? The occurrence likely has to do with the settings on your camera’s app.

The night vision feature uses false colors to turn black-and-white footage colorful. For example, it is the same process used for photographs of outer space.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Open the app;
  2. Click on the Menu icon;
  3. Choose “Devices”;
  4. Choose the glitchy camera;
  5. Go to the “Device Settings”;
  6. Click on “Video Settings”;
  7. Adjust the “Color Night Vision” setting.

Once you have toggled the setting on or off, check the camera’s footage again to ensure it looks correct.

2. Manage The IR Filter

manage the ir filter

Suppose that adjusting the Color Night Vision setting on the app doesn’t change anything in the camera’s footage.

That might mean that the IR filter is stuck. That’s because the IR filter is a physical feature on your camera.

Here are some tricks you can try:

  • Get a bright flashlight and shine it over the IR light/filter on the Ring camera. That should reset the IR filter;
  • Tap the camera slightly to see if the IR filter’s mechanical parts will work again. 

Disassemble The Camera

Perhaps the IR filter is stuck and won’t get unstuck with any of the options considered so far.

disassemble ring camera

If the camera’s warranty is over, you might consider checking the internal components.

  1. Remove the external screws;
  2. Detach the battery cover;
  3. Remove the internal component to find the IR filter;
  4. Check for any faulty mechanical parts;
  5. Fix whatever is possible.
Note: All the internal parts are very fragile, so you must only disassemble the camera if you feel comfortable dealing with small electronic components.

3. Power Cycle The Device

If you do not entertain the idea of disassembling your camera to take a look at its mechanisms, you could power cycle it.

That will allow the hardware and firmware to refresh, hopefully getting rid of the pink screen.

Here is how:

power cycle the device
  1. Open the app;
  2. Click on the Menu icon;
  3. Choose “Devices”;
  4. Choose the glitchy camera;
  5. Ensure it is on the network;
  6. Click on “Device Health”;
  7. Find the “Reboot This Device” option;

Once you confirm the option, the camera will take a while to completely restart.

Slide The Battery Out

Some Ring cameras can have their batteries easily slid out. If that matches your camera’s layout, you can use such a method for a quick reboot.

Do this:

  1. Find the battery’s cover;
  2. Slide it out;
  3. Wait a minute;
  4. Put the battery back in;
  5. Turn the camera on.

4. Reconnect To The App

reconnect to ring app

Perhaps the annoying issue still hasn’t gone away. Before attempting to reset the camera, you might try disconnecting it from the app and then adding it again.

Here are the steps to do that:

  1. Open the app;
  2. Click on the Menu icon;
  3. Choose “Devices”;
  4. Choose the glitchy camera;
  5. Go to the “Device Settings”;
  6. Go to “General Settings”;
  7. Click on “Remove This Device”;

Add The Camera Again

Now it is time to add your camera to the app again. Don’t you remember how?

Here are the steps:

  1. Open the app;
  2. Tap the three lines;
  3. Select “Set Up a Device”;
  4. Choose the correct sort of camera;
  5. Click on “I’m Ready To Scan”;
  6. Scan the camera’s QR code.

If scanning is impossible, type the numbers visible under the QR code.

Note: Once you reconnect to the app, the camera might find a new update. Follow the steps on the next solution to check for that.

5. Update The Firmware

update ring camera firmware

Sometimes a glitch appears in the camera’s firmware, but there is a fix for it in the next update.

Perhaps the glitch is caused precisely because the camera failed to update.

In any case, here is what you will do to try and update your Ring’s firmware:

  1. Open the app;
  2. Click on the Menu icon;
  3. Choose “Devices”;
  4. Choose the glitchy camera;
  5. Click on “Device Health”;
  6. Locate “Firmware”;

Once you enter that option, it should say if your camera is up to date. If it is not, a number will appear, and then you can choose to update the device.

Tip: You could disconnect and connect the camera to the network again. That can trigger the camera to communicate with the servers again and find a new update.

6. Reset The Camera

Finally, it is possible to reset your Ring camera if none of the solutions suggested so far has worked.

Resetting it entails getting rid of all its data and associated preferences.

Check below how to reset your model.

Ring Stick Up (1st Gen and 2nd Gen)

the ring stick up

Here is how you can reset the Ring Stick Up 1st Gen camera:

  1. Lift the small cover on the camera’s back;
  2. Hold the orange button for 20 seconds (1st Gen)/10 seconds (2nd Gen);
  3. Wait for the light on the front to flash several times;
  4. When it stops flashing, the reset is complete.

Stick Up Cam Battery (3rd Gen) and Plug-In

Here are the steps to reset any of the Stick Up Cam Battery (3rd Gen) or the Cam Plug-In:

  1. Remove the battery cover;
  2. Hold the orange button for 10 seconds;
  3. Wait for it to enter setup mode.

Ring Spotlight Cam Battery

Resetting the Ring Spotlight goes a bit differently:

  1. Find the battery cover on top of the camera;
  2. Remove it;
  3. Hold the button for 10 seconds;
  4. Wait for it to enter setup mode.

Once the camera has been reset successfully, you must add it to the app again according to the steps provided in Solution #4.

What We Learned

Why is my Ring camera pink? We hope that you are no longer worried about that. By following the solutions listed in this guide, you must have been able to solve the issue.

If the problem is not gone, your camera is defective, and you must contact Ring support.

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