why does hulu start episodes at the end

Being a lover of movies/series is only sweet when nothing interrupts the flow, but why does Hulu start episodes at the end?

If you are one of Hulu’s users, I know how frustrating this issue can be.

When watching your beautiful series and your eyes are glued to the screen, you would always wish nothing happened between the episodes.

You deserve to enjoy every episode without disruption, especially after paying for it. This article takes you through the reasons for this occurrence and how you can solve it.

If Hulu starts episodes at the end, you should first clear your watch history. Besides, you can also log out, then log in later to your account to solve this issue.

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Reasons For Hulu Starting Episodes At The End

If Hulu keeps starting episodes in the middle or at the end, these are some reasons for the occurrence.

  • You are watching the series/show for a second time or many times.
  • You have lots of watch histories.
  • The problem is Hulu software.

Note: Hulu provides streaming in the US only. Some of the content it offers include series divided into episodes and hit TV shows.

Users pay for the service monthly in exchange for the content library. You can also spend some extra dollars monthly, approximately $4, to enjoy a free commercial experience.

You can use an app downloadable on Android or iOS or a browser to watch the content.

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Why Does Hulu Start Episodes At The End? Fix Methods

fix hulu start episodes at the end

Below are some of the methods you can use to prevent Hulu from starting episodes at the end.

Method #1: Clear your Watch History

Once you watch series or shows, you can still access them on your Hulu watch history later.

Random bugs happen and cause the history to misbehave playing random episodes or cause them to start in the middle. You may need to clear your watch history to see if you can solve the issue.

You can clear the history using these steps.

  1. Go to your web browser and search Hulu to access your account.
  2. Go to private settings followed by California Privacy Rights
  3. Select manage activity, then select watch history.
  4. Click the icon ‘clear selected’ to complete this process.
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Try watching a series on Hulu screen to check if the next episodes would start at the end.

Method #2: Log Out Then Into Your Account

Some unexpected errors may corrupt user data. Closing your current session and logging out may resolve the issue.

Log out using these steps if you are using an android.

  1. On your phone, open the Hulu app.
  2. Click your icon at the bottom of the page to access your profile.
  3. You will see a logout button at the end of the page; click it.

If you are using a browser, follow these steps

  1. Search the Hulu website on your browser.
  2. Using your mouse cursor, click your profile icon then you will see the selection menu.
  3. A drop-down menu will appear with a logout option. Click the button to log out.
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You will need to wait for around 3 minutes for Hulu data to reset. Sign in to your account, then access your media library to watch a series and see if the problem is resolved.

Method #3: Clear Data on Hulu app

Several issues may corrupt Hulu’s data causing the problem to occur. Clearing the app’s data may resolve the glitch.

These steps will help you clear the apps’ data on your Android

  1. Access the settings menu on your device.
  2. Click the Apps tab, then search for the Hulu app from the list and select it.
  3. Click the Storage tab.
  4. Click the icon, clear data at the lower part of your screen, and you will have finished the process.
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Sign in to your Hulu account to check if the problem is resolved.

Method #4: Update the App

The Hulu version you have may be outdated, hence causing the glitches. You may need to update it to a newer and latest version to see if there will be a change.

To check if an update is available, please follow these steps:

Update in Android

To update the app on Android, follow these steps:

  • Go to your app drawer and tap Google play store.
  • Select the menu key followed by My apps and games.
  • Locate Hulu from the list, then click update.

Update on IOS

To update the app on iOS, follow these steps:

  • Go to your screen, then tap on the app store.
  • Click your profile on top of your screen’s left side.
  • Next to Hulu, you will see an update button; kindly click it.
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After finishing updating the app, go back to watch the show to see if the next episode starts at the end.

Method #5: Reinstall The App

You may need to reinstall the app if the issue does not stop. You might not have followed the correct process while installing the app, or the installation files could be having a problem.

Use these steps to reinstall on Android.

  1. Search for the Hulu app from your app list.
  2. Select the app, then press it until the uninstall icon appears.
  3. Tap the uninstall icon to delete the app.

Wait for a few minutes, then download the app again on your phone from Google Play Store.

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On iOS

Use these steps to reinstall on iOS.

  1. Open your home screen, then select the Hulu app.
  2. Press the apps‘ icon until you see the options menu.
  3. Click the remove app button, and the app will uninstall.
  4. Visit your app store on your phone to reinstall the app.

Open the app to see if the episodes are still starting at the end.

Hulu App Still Starts Episode at the End

Any of the methods above can help you watch your episodes from the start without skipping at any point.

If none resolves the issue, it is now time to allow the experts to take over. Hulu has a customer support platform that you can visit to address the problem by speaking to an agent.

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You may need to provide details like your device type, your account information, and, if possible, the series you are watching.

These details will help to solve your problem faster. People with the same issue may post on the Hulu community, so you can browse to see how they resolved it.

If you want to watch series on Hulu without an episode starting at the end, ensure you clear your watch histories more often. You can also sign out then log in to your Hulu account to resolve this issue.

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If you have read through the methods above, you may not ask again, ”why does Hulu start episodes at the end?” You can now watch your series from the first to the last episodes without worrying that you will lose the flow.

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Ensure that you clear your watch history in your app or browser more often. If you are using an app, you can opt to uninstall then reinstall it later. If the problem persists, update the app but do not hesitate to let an expert help you out.

You can watch episodes on Hulu without any starting in the middle if you clear your watch history. Sign out of your Hulu account, then sign in later if the first solution does not solve the problem.