why does hulu skip episodes

Can’t figure out why does Hulu skip episodes? There’s a high possibility that the issue might be particularly with your favorite title, so make sure to check whether other users have the same title.

If it’s only you that have an issue, keep reading to uncover the most popular and proven-to-work methods when Hulu is skipping episodes.

If your Hulu is skipping episodes occasionally, you can try restarting your app and erasing your watch history. You can also re-login into your account and check your internet for issues. 

Make sure you are not using any VPN software and that there aren’t any unreliable browsing extensions messing with Hulu’s functionality.

Once you’re ready with the preparation, let’s have a quick look at all possibilities so you can have a better experience when you’re troubleshooting later.

Why Does Hulu Randomly Skip Episodes?

If the autoplay episode is not related to the previous one, your Hulu might have jumped over an episode.

This can be related to plenty of reasons, including issues with Hulu’s content posters and software.

Let’s get started with a quick list of the possible reasons Hulu might be skipping episodes before moving on to the troubleshooting guidelines.

  • Malfunction with Hulu servers – There might be a temporal issue with Hulu itself.
  • Big watch history – Plenty of history can mess up with your playlist.
  • Problem with an account – Improper boot can cause the skipping of episodes.
  • Bad internet – Slow or non-existent networks can mess up Hulu’s playlist.
  • Country censoring – The episode might not be available in your country.
  • VPN or browser extension – This software can differentiate your Hulu playlist.
  • Outdated Hulu – There could be changed in the new version of Hulu
  • Corrupted data – corrupted data might cause problems in Hulu’s playlist.

Your problem is most likely to be related to one of the above-listed occurrences. Next, we are going to address each of them and even if your issue is not related, you can’t go wrong.

How To Fix Hulu Skipping Episodes?

how to fix hulu skip episodes

After taking a quick look at what might be the problem with your episode skipping, let’s now find out why does Hulu skip episodes and get it fixed.

We recommend applying the solutions one after another in the order they are listed so you can find out where your issue hides and which exact approach managed to get it fixed.

Solution #1 Reinstall Hulu

You should begin with the reinstallation of the Hulu app.

After all, this could be an inconvenience after a faulty update, or changes in the app’s directory so by reinstalling you should be able to fix any related issues.

If you are using the desktop app of Hulu on your computer, this solution could also apply to you too.

Most of the users are either watching Hulu on TV or smartphone, so don’t hesitate to apply this method if you are on a computer as well.

  1. Go in your options or control panel, locate Hulu and click on Uninstall.
  2. Go back to the app store on your TV, PC, or phone and download Hulu again.
  3. Launch the app and enter your credentials to log in.
  4. You’re ready to go!


Keep in mind that reinstalling Hulu on your PC might be a little more complex than on another device. 

You would also have to delete the logs from the file’s directory to benefit from a fresh reinstall. Otherwise, you would still keep the same settings and configurations.

Solution #2 Delete Hulu Watch History

Deleting browser history is actually getting rid of the information about episodes you have already watched or you still haven’t seen yet.

Random occurrences of episode skipping could happen if your watch history is overflowing.

Here is how to erase your watch history:

  1. Access Hulu through a web browser or desktop app.
  2. Go to privacy settings and locate the Menega Activity tab.
  3. From there, click on watch history and select everything inside the directory.
  4. Lastly, click on the Clear Selected button to finalize the process.

Restart the Hulu app once you’re ready and check if the issue is gone. If Hulu is still skipping episodes, let’s take one step further with our next solution.

Solution #3 Disable VPN and Web Extensions

VPNs are web extensions that can scramble your IP address constantly.

For instance, VPNs are known to use foreign IPs in other countries, but in these countries, the next episode of your show might not be available for some reason.

If you got bad luck with your VPN software to choose a country in which your TV show is not available you won’t be able to watch it until your IP changes again.

In that regard, disable or even better, uninstall any VPN software on your devices and test if Hulu continues to skip episodes.

Solution #4 Check If You Have Watched the Episode

Another occurrence that may be the reason for the issue is the fact that you have watched the episodes already.

Many users fall asleep during their Hulu watch sessions and don’t remember the next day that they had already viewed the episode.

Hulu will resume your episode to where you have left off, so make sure to check if you’ve watched it already.

The other possibility would be that the service or show you are watching is currently down. Try with other series to identify if there is an issue.

Solution #5 Check Internet

The internet could be the main issue for this occurrence and making sure that you are running a good and reliable connection is of great importance while streaming.

Sometimes the video you are trying to watch might have greater quality and Hulu won’t play it if your internet does not meet the minimum requirement of 3 Mbps.

To fix and speed up your internet, you can try restarting and relocating the router. If it is suitable for you, feel free to connect the router and your TV with an Ethernet cable for the best results.

Test Hulu on another device to test your connection really quickly. If you identify an issue with your network, you can call your internet supplier for additional assistance.

Solution #6 Check for Malware

Hulu might be skipping episodes because it is an object of malware.

These annoying viruses are known to interfere with your playlist and cut it short or hide some of the content Hulu has prepared for you.

Unfortunately, malware software can impact Hulu if you are running it from a desktop computer.

In that regard, we suggest using antivirus software to find and hopefully resolve any issues.

For the ones you using Hulu on TV or mobile, we recommend updating your device firmware to the latest possible solution.

If it does not work, go ahead and restore your device back to factory settings with the intention to flush to software and hopefully resolve the issue.

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If you still don’t know why does Hulu skips episodes the issue could be a temporary problem from the Hulu services.

Wait for a few hours and if the problem still persists feel free to reach out to Hulu customer service for additional assistance.

Nicole B